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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to WolfSamurai in H: Eldar, Wood Elves W: Primaris, Tau, Stormcast   
    I've got a bunch of models I don't want that I'd like to trade for models that I do want. I'll sell if I can't trade. Not interested in splitting each army. I'd like Primaris Marines (anything non ETB), Space Marine non-bike vehicles, Tau infantry or vehicles, or anything non- ETB Stormcast Eternals. I don't even care if it's not a super close trade, as long as it's not an insulting offer. I do have more pics that I can send/post if that's necessary. 
    Eldar (most primed white, a couple partly painted) $100 cash value or so
    2 warlocks
    1 wraith guard
    7 warp spiders
    2 fire dragons
    Fire dragon Phoenix lord (damaged axe)
    9 striking scorpions
    3 weapon platforms + 6 crew

    Wood Elves (mix of painted poorly, bare metal, and primed white) $300 cash value or so 
    16 dryads
    2 treemen
    4 wayfinders
    3 eagles
    14 war dancers
    16 archers (plastic)
    2 archer commands
    15 Glade Guard
    1 spear command complete, 2 partial
    2 scouts, 1 scout champion

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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Andrewgeddon in A Tale of the Deep Woods: Sylvan Elves   
    Yep, I use the concentrate,  good stuff!
    First test model done. Not suuuuper happy with it, not sold on the grey pants. Tried out my first contrast paint, Guilliman Flesh,  and HATED it, so I ended up redoing the skin using regular paint.

    1 down, 89 more models to go!
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Hodor in Just a post that I thought might make us feel a bit better in this dark time.   
    About two and a half years ago, I found myself loitering near a shop on the fringes of Soho, nervously looking over my shoulder, in case anyone saw me as I went in. When I got home, I hid the stuff I’d bought — the specialist magazines, the equipment — away from my wife. I was indulging in an old, shameful habit; I’d given up decades earlier, but a single taste and I’d fallen back into it.
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Ish in Rep Porter (D, CA) secures free testing from CDC   
    Please do not just go straight to your doctor's office, emergency room, or an urgent care facility for COVID-19 / Orthocoronavirinae / Corona Virus testing unless your doctor has referred you for testing. COVID-19 tests are in limited supply and only available by a doctor’s order for high-risk patients who meet specific criteria. If you are concerned that you or a family member are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your doctor or your health care provider by phone first before coming in. 
    The last thing we want to do is overwhelm the healthcare system with unnecessary tests or panicky crowds. Not only will it make it harder to care for anyone who actually has become infected with Orthocoronavirinae, it will also make it more difficult to care for people suffering from everyday ailments like influenza, asthma, injuries, child birth, etc. 
    Take care of yourselves, take care of your families, and do everything you can to flatten the curve.
    Don't let the forces of Nurgle win!
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to VonVilkee in LF: female samurai model in armor with katana   
    I've got two possibilities for ya. Sorry pictures aren't there but totally worth a look. 
    Tetsu-ko is a good bet, I own both so if you want them side by side with a GW Marine or something I could make it happen.
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Ish in LF: female samurai model in armor with katana   
    Clan Kuge Heroine from Zenit Miniatures; rather lightly armored, but she’s still distinctly feminine without wearing “sexy” armor with nonsense like an exposed midriff or giant metal bewbs.

    Onna-Bugeisha from Test of Honor. Much more heavily armored than above, plus armed with the naginata so commonly associated with women of the samurai caste... The perfectly coiffed hairdo is a little fantastical, but, hey, it’s a fantasy game.

    Yuko  from Titan Forge. A bit more on the “sexy ninja superhero” side, but still a nice mini.

    Mika, Female Samurai from Reaper. This one is just really silly... But, for sake of completeness, here it is. 

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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Dark Trainer in Do you listen to music while you play?   
    I always pictured Disturbed "Indestructible" as perfect for a space marine army. The lyrics are PERFECT... 😅
    P.S. Man, whoever edited this video can't spell for crap!
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to jollyork in Adventures in Contrast Paint   
    Step 1 - Da Kunnin' Plan
    Like the rest of the hobby world,  I was curious how the new Citadel Contrast Paints worked compared to traditional hobby paints. Along with the usual hobby disease of buying whatever is shiny and new, I figured there were a few other hobby symptoms I could bundle together and treat all once with a bit of planning. Here's what I wanted to achieve: 
    Try shiny new paints released with a whole lotta marketing and fanfare As Contrast Paints are designed to speed up painting to tabletop quality, clear out some minis from the backlog on my shelves End up with something useful, aka, a Blood Bowl team, skirmish warband, or similar Try out one of the shiny new games GW has been releasing at breakneck speed  With those criteria, here's how I chose to fulfill each of them: 
    Contrast Paints, duh I dug through several bags of old Squigs and Squig Herders. Fun models that I happened to have bunches of for some great idea I've since forgotten.  I scrounged up 11 Squigs, 3 Squig Hoppers,  and 4 Squig Herders. Seemed like enough to make a warband (or an anachronistic Necromunda gang).  I noticed the brand new Warcry game had a supplemental release of warband cards for Squigs - Perfect!  Step 2 - Prep and Primer
    With the plan defined, I was ready to get started. The next step was cleaning and prepping the models, including priming. Since I was experimenting with Contrast for the first time, I decided to experiment with primer colors as well so I could compare the effects. Here's a photo of the warband and primers. 

    The group on the right side is my test batch. I planned to run them through first to test the primer colors in combination with different Contrast colours. You can see I sprayed them: white, Wraithbone (an official Contrast primer), Wraithbone zenithal (black first, then Wraithbone from the top only), Mechanicus Standard Grey (a GW colour), and finally a lone Herder sprayed white so I can test out a goblin. 
    The group on the left is the meat of the warband, with a few more Squigs, including a giant one, the three Hoppers, and three more Herders. 
    The Mechanicus Standard Grey is obviously darker than the other primers, and according to recommendations about Contrast, a bad idea. Still, I wanted to see what the effect would be as I often use that as primer for my normal painting projects. 
    Step 3 - First Contact with Contrast
    Treating the project as pseudo-science (like most of what's on the Internet), I took notes about the colours, brushes, and times it took to paint for the first test group. I'll list those here, and post photos below. 
    Basing - 20 minutes - GW Shade Brush - Dark Angel Green on four models, Ork Flesh on four models, Militarum Green on the Herder Skin - Gryph-Hound Orange - 18 minutes - GW Shade Brush - 2 models - lots of details I was careful to paint around!  Skin - Blood Angels Red - 16 minutes - GW Shade Brush - 2 models - less details on the newer edition Squigs Skin - Talassar Blue - 10 minutes - GW Shade Brush - 2 models - really got the hang of application now Tongues and gums - Volupus Pink - 5 minutes - Size 1 brush  Lower lips and tails - Magus Purple  - 1 minute - Size 1 brush Teeth and claws - Skeleton Horde - 5 minutes - Size 1 brush  Eyes - Wraithbone - 1 minute - Size 00 brush - cleanup step to ensure eyes are clear of other spills  Eyes - Iyanden Yellow - 1 minute - Size 00 brush - applied Contrast colour  Teeth and claws shading - Aggaros Dunes - 2 minutes - Size 0 brush - applied around the base of the teeth and claws to add a gradient tint Fine details - various - 6 minutes - Size 00 brush - Squigs feature a lot of warts as a trait and I wanted to highlight them a bit more than the Contrast did Totals: 8 models, 85 minutes Night Goblin Herder
    Skin - Warp Lightning Green - 4 minutes  Belt and cymbal ties - Snakebite Leather - 2 minutes Nose bandages - Basilicum Grey - 1 minute - was too dark so I highlighted with white  Teeth - Skeleton Horde - 5 minutes - Size 1 brush  Tunic and shoes - Black Templar - 6 minutes - the bulk of the model, went very easily!  Cymbals - Brass and Silver -  5 minutes - metals aren't available in Contrast and they also take so much time to get a decent coat!  Totals: 1 model, 23 minutes The Results: 

    As you can see above, using Contrast over the dark Mechanicus Standard Grey was a total fail. All of the colors were washed out and dull compared to the other Squigs. In the interest of science, I wanted to see if I could salvage these models with something equally simple and fast. I put in another 20 minutes of drybrushing to fix them up, and I think the results turned out great, although the photo doesn't do them justice so you'll have to take my word for it. 

    One last note on the experimental phase: the zenithal primering didn't have an appreciable effect. Probably due more to the Squig models being very short, so their undersides where the black primer remained is not terribly noticeable. During this same time I tried the technique on an AdMech Dominus and it worked nicely as an additional gradient to his robes. 
    Step 4 - The Real Deal - (1 week later) 
    Next up was applying all my test experience to the heart of the warband. There were 9 more models left to paint, including a Boss. The Boss model was Skarsnik (circa 4th edition WFB) featuring quite a bit more detail than the other models. I also replaced the dark Mechanicus Standard Grey primer with the official Contrast Grey Seer on three of the models. Since I already described the breakdown of steps by colours above, I'll get straight to the results. 
    3 Squigs
    3 Squig Hoppers
    2 Squig Herders
    1 Boss 
    Total time: 242 minutes (4 hours and 2 minutes). I estimate about 30 minutes was extra time put into the details on the Skarsnik model. 

    For those keeping score at home, that brings the totals for the warband to:
    18 models
    350 minutes (call it 6 hours with bookkeeping fudge factor) 
    Pretty good compared to "classic" painting! Of course, all of these models are tabletop quality. Maybe slightly above since there are some areas/colours where Contrast really shines, like the skin on all of the models. Since that element often takes the most time in classic painting, that in itself is a huge win. It's also worth noting that there are no metallics in the Contrast line, so all of those areas I had to do classic style. In this case, that meant a couple of layers of metal and a wash with Citadel shades. Nothing fancy. 
    Here is the entire warband ready for action. 

    The lighting on my desk is not doing any favors for these photos, so I'll endeavor to get some better action shots in Step 5 when I get them on the battlefield. They really do look pretty good in person, especially for the time put in. 
    If there's one lesson learned in this adventure that is not apparent from the photos, it's the psychological factor that Contrast has on painting. Wargamers often have a love/hate relationship with painting their models. For me, it's always been love, but despite that there are dark moments of grappling with the sheer prospect of how much time and effort a model, team, warband, or army, will take to paint. During the gap after painting the first half of this warband, I found myself genuinely excited about painting the second half for one simple reason: IT WAS SO DAMN FAST. 
    I am quite certain that practice with the Contrast line, both in refining application techniques and simply learning the colour range better, can produce amazing results with ridiculously little effort. I don't think they'll ever replace what is needed to produce truly stunning models that win competitions, but they sure make it a viable prospect to field painted gangs/teams/whatever for the ever-increasing number of GW skirmish games that keep coming out. 
    Step 5 - To Battle!
    I finally got these adorable little monsters onto the tabletop for my very first game of Warcry and all I can say is, what a blast! Warcry is a very fast and very brutal game that is easy to learn and very fun to play. I played against @scottshoemaker and it was the first game for both of us. We managed to setup, skim the rules, and get through the first turn in about 30 minutes. The next two turns were only a few minutes each as we got a feel for it. We had been told, and quickly learned, that a Warcry game is generally over by Turn 3. We could have stopped then, but we kept the carnage going for another 3 turns until one side had been completely wiped out. Note that we didn't even bother with a Scenario (and thus Objectives) or a Twist. Those are sure to inject even more mayhem and fun into an already thrilling game. 
    (in case you can't tell, I'm looking forward to playing more Warcry and encourage you to try it out!) 
    The Team Photo - the whole collection I painted up, posing in the ruins of a wizard's tower, who they surely ate, along with the tower. 

    The warband for the game. Turns out Squigs (and Hoppers) are awesome so they cost a lot of points. That meant I could only take a few of them out to dinner for the first game. My selection was a Loon Boss (Skarsnik), 2 Hoppers, 2 Squigs, and 3 Herders. 

    Turn 1 - Warcry plays very (very, very) fast! We got stuck in right away with Scott's Iron Golems equally fired up to throw blows. Note we were using the wrong counters for Activated and Waiting (we didn't even know what Waiting was). 

    Any attack roll of a 6 is a Critical hit and generally does double damage. My Squigs were feeling the thrill of their first battle and rolled A LOT of Crits. (sorry not sorry, Scott) 

    Hoppers have a move of 10(!) and the Loonie warband has an ability to give bonus moves, resulting in 20" flying leaps! --AND--- the Hoppers can land beside (aka, on) an enemy model and squish them while they're at it. 

    The Iron Golem Ogre charged into the center melee, but even his 30 Wounds couldn't hold up to the slavering jaws of hungry Squigs rolling Criticals like it was Christmas. NOM NOM NOM! 
    After Turn 3, it was a meat grinder as the Iron Golems staged an effective comeback and took out the wounded Hoppers. By Turn 6 there was only a single Squig and its hapless Herders against the ultra-powerful leader of the Golems. 

    But the dice came through one last time, and the Squig opened its huge mouth extra-wide, swallowing the leader, his crunchy armour, and his fancy hammer of death. YUM! 

    Step 6 - Final Thoughts
    Because there ended up being a couple weeks between finishing painting the warband and fielding them on the table, it gave me a chance to set them aside and "forget" how they looked, letting the afterglow of completing the painting project fade. Therefore, it was very pleasing to unpack them and realize just how good they looked on the table alongside all the painted terrain and Scott's awesome Iron Golems (he also used Contrast and metals). The bright, vivid colors lit up the table, and, as all hobbyists know, playing with painted minis is not only good luck, but makes any GW game 100% more satisfying. If I had any lingering doubts about using Contrast paints, they were firmly erased by playing a game with fully painted minis. 
    My Arbitrary Ratings: 
    Contrast Paints - 6 out of 6 Squigs  - fast, effective, and great results
    Warcry - 4 out of 4 Bludgeons - simple, quick rules, and the thrill of tense combat in about 45 minutes
    Squigs - 37 out of 37 Fangs - so many teef, so much chomping! 
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to splinx in Ordo Barter Town 2020?   
    Hi guys
    was wondering if we are planning to do another barter town event to sell off any unwanted items from Christmas or go down and find a bargain? 
    I had decent success selling stuff at the last event and would love to do the same again with more of my stuff.
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Jay in Ordo Barter Town 2020?   
    We are planning another one in February. Details coming soon. 
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to stark1261 in Hills Project 2018 reboot (3d printed terrain)   

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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to stark1261 in Hills Project 2018 reboot (3d printed terrain)   
    Update! Painted but not yet sealed. Thinking will break in this weekend with kids fighting a bunch of Skellie’s on DND adventure we have going.

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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to InfestedKerrigan in Ethics of 3D printing   
    "Good eye!  You win a Reaver Power Fist!"
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to PourSpelur in 40k Nova previews   
    Metal AF™
    Astra Feminatalous
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Lord Hanaur in 40k Nova previews   
    My collection is METAL AF
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to evil_bryan in 2019 OFCC 40K Achievement Breakdown   
    Curious how many people completed the various achievements? Well, I was and since I had all the data it was just a matter of counting
    (...and counting and counting and counting.) 🙂 
    Below are the results of all of that counting!
    As it appeared on the form:

    Sorting by most to least popular:
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to evil_bryan in 2019 OFCC 40K Event Scores   
    Well, I was able to get a few days rest until someone pinged me for results. 🙂 @Manethak
    Okay, let's start at the top with Best Overall:

    Next, we go to Best Sports:

    On to Best Painted:
    Finally, we have Best Spirit:
    If we had an award for Best General (which we no longer have), it would look like this:
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to DisruptiveConduct in Post OFCC Thanks   
    Well, what can we say? Did we all have a great time? Did we all get 5 great games? Did we all make new friends, enemies, or even frienemies (half friend, half enemy)? I certainly did!
    I would like for all of you take this time while basking in the afterglow of gaming glory to reach out and say "THANK YOU" to the following people who worked very hard to make all of OFCC a reality.
    @Blustorm - Club Treasurer and Historian, this guy rocks it! Not only did he successfully run the very first OFCC boardgame event (M-A-R-S), he was on hand to ringer for Ordo Bowl AND was available to pack up all the terrain used for the entire event.
    @ninefinger - Club Consul and all round dreamboat, his calm demeanor and stellar attitude kept all of us in a good place all weekend. He frequently manned the admin table and handled many issues that always come up at the last minute.
    @evil_bryan - All of us can only hope to look so good at 50! THE guy running the 40K event this year. All I heard was good things from the 40K players. From the missions to the event pins and trophies to the completely 3D printed 6x4 table, we are always happy to see his work appreciated.
    @Weav - I have to really give it to him. He runs one helluva event. Huge turn outs. Lots of fun. I never could imagine Blood Bowl could be so popular until I met him.
    @Burk - Crushed in with the very first Ordo BRAFT at OFCC. Everyone needs to buy this guy a diet coke whenever they see him. He stores and transports all the table toppers that pretty much every game system is played on except Blood Bowl, yet he only plays Blood Bowl. THAT is some gamer love right there.
    @Raindog - Pub Quiz Maestro and Pro-Consul, this guy orangized the Fluger Bag Raffle that raised over $500 dollars for our dear friend. This guy always helps with everything from table setup and to tear down.
    @Exile - So, when everyone got home did they look inside their swag bag? Did you find one of the most awesome giveaways possible in the form of a OFCC 2019 velcro-backed patch? If you think it is as awesome as I do, please tell this guy. He also orchestrated the entire weekend of Infinity events.
    @peter.cosgrove - TO for the 40K ITC Open, he ran one of the most casual and relaxed ITC events I have ever seen. He also put in hard work to make enough terrain for three full tables. And then we went on to lead a 40K team through the events of the weekend.
    @ROGRE - The strong and silent type, this guy helps out where ever he is needed. Admin table, disciplinary committee, and all round great Mars player, we want this guy there every year.
    @Jay - This year he really got to shine as the creator and designer of the OFCC 2019 logo. 
    @Dark Trainer Our secret weapon for merchandise and sponsorship. This guy arranges to have the shirts and pint glasses made. He solicits stores and companies for the prize support used for the raffle and giveaways. Then he went on to captain an entire team of OFCC newbies!
    @Bosco - our newest member of the Senate, he took his hazing with a smile and is still showing up the club. Good on ya!
    This list is by no means extensive. There are so many other responsibilities and duties that need attention and are not mentioned here. OFCC is never just one person. It is the entire club, its members, and its spirit.
    For the Good of the Order!
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Raindog in OFCC: Raffle for Fluger   
    As many of us know, our good friend and long time Ordo main-stay, Nathan Fluger is combating cancer. In order, to help the fight, Ordo Fanaticus is holding a raffle to help our friend. My wife, Marsbarn Designs,  is coming out of retirement to make five dice bags as the prizes. Two will feature an Orky Fluger theme. The other three will feature  Doctor Who, Game of Thrones , and Harry Potter bags. Each ticket is a dollar. Please buy as many as you like. Drop the ticket in the bag and hope the Gods of Luck favor you.  It is a good cause and  hope you participate. 
    See you at the OFCC. 
    For the Good of the Order. 
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to InfestedKerrigan in Durable army help   
    Save up and buy a Warhound. 1 model, 1 detachment, kill things.
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Munkie in 40K Book Play vs ITC Play   
    I liked that episode too, and their insights of the difference in quality of units between ITC and non-ITC play were helpful.
    I'm not sure how that applies to the OFCC. OFCC is definitely not ITC. The scoring is completely different, the missions are completely different, and there are no chess clocks.
    I'd say the OFCC pretty clearly describes the conversation they were having. Considering what makes a good unit and list for the OFCC is completely different than that process for ITC.
    For instance, I think my Ynnari Brigade will be a pretty good list at the OFCC. It's very bad at ITC because ITC actively punishes MSU lists. 
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Munkie in 40K Book Play vs ITC Play   
    The biggest departure from standard match play to ITC is the scoring in missions. The secondaries really push you towards certain list archetypes as they discussed in the latest Splintermind. Things that are normally good at being 40k units like wraith guard are not as good in ITC because they're too easy to get secondary points off of, and have a hard time scoring points themselves.
    The OFCC won't have that kind of issue at all, because the missions don't have the kind of secondary scoring designed to incentivize/penalize certain lists.
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to Edosaurus Rex in 2019 OFCC 40K Team Event - Missions!!!   
    I got a chance to test this mission out with @Gorgosaurusrex today, and I thought it was great! I was worried that moving the smoke every turn might be a lot of book keeping, but it really wasn't. We used two markers for each line of smoke and it was easy to keep track of.
    We did encounter one unclear point about the low visibility rule, which is whether or not it affects units that do not require line of sight to shoot (a Whirlwind, in my case). We agreed that the smoke should not impact these units for our game, but you may want to add a sentence to the rules just to clarify whether it does or doesn't. 
    Overall, the mission was easy to setup and play, and it added a fun new element that isn't game-breaking. I enjoyed it!
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    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to WestRider in 2019 OFCC 40K Team Event - Missions!!!   
    I do like the concept of individual Models fading away, but since nothing else in 8th Ed works like that, it feels like it would end up causing confusion and awkwardness.
  25. Haha
    Gorgosaurusrex reacted to evil_bryan in 2019 OFCC 40K Team Event - Missions!!!   
    Here, let me fix that for you 🙂 
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