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  1. Could you clarify how downloading the data works in mission 3? this one has me rather confused. Especially when looking at how the points are scored and the text about your opponent switching the download thanks!
  2. I will be in attendance. As a side note it is also Caitlandia's birthday so i will bring cupcakes :)
  3. Would like to see this happen next year, even if just as a Friday challenge.
  4. Andrew "Andy" Claflin, Aaron Musk, and Frazier Edmonds are team Scared Hitless!
  5. Sylvos, Correction, he was being funny. the answer was of course in the rules packet..... "This is a close list event and players will be required to disclose their list after the battle."
  6. wow, I had been wondering what was new this spring, apparently just signing up has had a dramatic affect!
  7. also if a challenge round is allowed I'm calling Fixxer out!!! or i can bribe the organizers to make this happen..... it's been too many events without a challenge between the two of us.
  8. I liked the narrative they are telling with the scenarios. but the one where you have to fight a character in the tavern is too specific (easily avoidable) for my liking. can wait to drink beers while fighting over the tavern.
  9. is there a required comp range for the singles event? also will there me updates soon addressing the ET:thanquol and Archeon book releases??
  10. if this business model comes to pass id be happy from a hobbyist point of view. thanks for sharing this perspective.
  11. thanks Ben for your efforts and for being cooperative with our requests. it's appreciated.
  12. I would second NtK's request for a release of the related comp scores. understanding that the comp score is only one factor for a player's result. having heard about and experienced new armies/list/special characters from this weekends event it would be nice to know where the "comp factor" is currently at within our meta. full disclosure, I'm fairly certain mine came in around a 15.
  13. swan, shouldn't the boards be half the final table size? to account for a full 6x4 table for after the two collide? as a side, I think this a novel and fun idea.
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