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  1. "As I recall, 1/2” is the default mêlée range in AoS, but there are mêlée weapons have a range stat, just like shooting weapons, so units with spears or other large weapons often fight at 2”. Perhaps they’re going to add something like this in WH40k for those few units that have really large mêlée weapons? " To clarify--The "1/2" range in AoS is the distance a unit must move its first model within an enemy model to complete a charge against that enemy unit.After that each model in the charging unit is free to move the full charge distance but is under no requirement to even move into contact with the charge target unit(sounds goofy but this "free move" of sorts can come in handy sometimes) As for melee weapon ranges,AoS has 1",2" and 3" ranges.Melee weapon ranges would be an interesting addition to 40k, though I think its better served to keep AoS the "Melee game" and 40k the "Shooting game".
  2. Bonecast Eternals..expect new "Chambers" to opened regularly over the next year or so... Kidding aside,,its probably the first new army release for AoS that im not really grooving on.First off wtf is up with the rictus grins??..I mean its a great look for the Deathgaurd Pox Walkers,,but elite skeleton warriors?...also the 4 armed dude seems out of place too.Ahh well,probably because I,like many were expecting a much more expanded on Deathrattle army with chariots and new archers and cav models.As it stands now,the only place for regular skeletons is in Legions of Nagash,,as just base battle line. My oldest boy really likes them,,and he has a job now to buy in if he wants,heh
  3. In escalation leagues that I have ran and participated in,no Behemoths are allowed until it gets to 1k points.Not sure what they are doing in this case though. Also GW never did official guildlines for army construction sub 1k points so yes,,the event organizer needs to come up with the number of required battleline,heros,and or if the General needs to be a Hero or not...things like that.
  4. July 6th at Geeks and Games in Oregon city we will be holding a one day three round AoS matched play tournament using 3 scenarios from the OFCC AOS event packet. This is mainly a primer for the OFCC event as I will be using 3 of the scenarios from that event pack along with any realm rules.No painting requirement as players will likely still be fleshing out builds. Cost is 20.00 per ticket with 16 tickets available total. event link https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/be95m6gb?embed=false
  5. I dont see any reason to think it will be anything but a warband based skirmish game.Likely more detail in character/unit developement as well as additional gameplay mechanics.The box says "Skirmish" so this will likely take the lead over the current version of skirmish. I would expect warscrolls for AoS play with all new models,,mainly since virtually every model released in games related to AoS have warscrolls and points for use in the main game as well. I also highly doubt the game will remain Chaos focused,the game wont survive otherwise.On that note,starting the game out with what appears to be mortal Khorne/Chaos units seems a great way to keep the first rules set tight with having a focus on melee only(like they did with Shadespire) and of course magic mechanics will be minimal or non existant to start with as well.Im sure it wont be long until we see the other GA`s recieve their expansions along with those Magic and Ranged rules and likely other game mechanics as well.
  6. This is a mega release for Destruction! So far as whats leaked and known,,there is likely several viable competative builds in this mix.Grots(of course),Spiderfang army,Troll army and one that is looking very interesting,,the all Squig army as Squigs will be battleline if the General is a loonboss.The Hero on Mangler will give squigs +1 to wound. Spiderfang will probably be the MW dealing army,,poison is buffed from the Bad Moon now to trigger on a 5+,,like the spider bosses ability,this coupled with a command ability on an Arachnarok Hero that doubles its venom ability will result in each successfull bite of 5+ being d3 x2 MWs.The base riders look to be the same price at 100 per 5 with a 60 pt break(I think it is) at 30 models. There is also talk of "soup" builds ,,point cost of battalions will decide how effective and if its possible. Hard to say at this point how much play the Endless spells will see,the cauldron looks usefull for a grot army,the Mushroom looks fun as heck to throw on a camped backfield objective. The army isint looking OTT in terms of power creep so far,,which is good.Though a block of 60 spear grots will cost 360,have a save of 4+vs shooting(5+ in combat) ,base hit of 5+(rr 1s if under the moon),wound on 2+ with 2" range weapons,,one attack each, though the Sporepuff fanatics can double that number of attacks.With the AoS 2.0 rules the low bravery will not be a problem at all as a player can save a CP to inspire them if needed.This should put them on par at least with other horde battleline units,,buffed they should be on the power level of skeleton blobs. The Squig based armies are looking solid as well with the new armored hoppers,these guys coupled with the Mangler boss should be an excellent flanking force with good speed and they now have flying!,,so yeah pile in over the top of the opponent for wrap.The regular hoppers can be annoying as well with their even greater speed and fly over effect reliably causing a solid amount of MW output,they do suffer with a 5+ save though,,however the army is priced right to present several threats all at once so theres that. The only downside stuff ive been hearing is that the Gitmob Grot stuff is being removed from the game,,this could spell the end(for now) of the Doomdivers,Catapults and Flinger models along with the regular grots..those warscrolls will probably remain in legacy though but without keyword support they may not find much use anymore.Need to see the tomb to confirm this.
  7. Agreed,,,,likely a combined tome along the lines of what LoN is.They can get alot of mileage out of those if they are done well. Hoping the Grot one is in the same vein as well:)
  8. Just wrapped up my last 5 models yesterday,,all painted and ready to go! Speaking of painting,,have one player wanting to know what the painting standard is?..I know its 3 color min and all that but what specifically is the standard for the event?
  9. The recent FaQ has pretty much dealt with the command ability stacking issue by changing many warscrolls to denote that they cant stack,however there are those that have seem to be intentionally not changed and im wondering if stacking with those will be allowed?..one that comes to mind is the Ironjawz Waaagh and Mighty Waaagh abilities.
  10. Nice to see a Vancouver scene formed up:)
  11. Naa,,we just use matched play rules pretty much,,though sometimes play using the open play or narrative scenarios or even the open play cards that are now just charts in the book.We have pretty much agreed that the new Malign Sorcery expansion is part of the game as well. For 500 pts you will just need one Battleline selection,then up to 2 at 1000.Also no named Behemoths until 1500 pts...so yeah no bringing Arkhaon with Tzeench dice at 1k..or Nagash. We all have a pretty good selection of armies,though I would say that Destruction is probably least represented in our casual sessions,,probably why im working my Ironjawz mixed with other destro for this,,though I may jump to my stomcast or other order armies now and then.You can bring whatever ya want though,,,for instance one of the real rare armies we never see like CHAOS DWARVES,,one of our regulars was talking about how they got such a huge buff with 2.0..I guess they are a Forgeworld only army though so that may be out of the question,..except for those very few of us that may have an army of evil stunties laying around. Also this is a "make it when ya can" thing,,all casual and no pressure at all.We like to try different stuff and players seldom bring the same hard core list every week. I will be posting more info over at the OC Geeks and Gamers fp page in a day or so:)
  12. Im running an escallation league up at Geeks and Games in OC that starts this friday at 6:00:) July is 500 pts and it goes up by 500 per month up to 2500 in Nov,,we are topping it off with a grand battle over 4 tables linked with realmgates.There is a 10.00 per month fee that pays for monthly prizes for best painted,best sport and the top points leader,I have a points system worked out for this.There is also a 10% discount on store purchases on league night. We regularly have anywere from 4 up to 12+ players each week.I only play if theres an odd number of players so I garantee you will get a game,,come check it out!
  13. I see that Malign Sorcery is listed as an expansion to the main game.What are the plans for the OFCC event? Fully allowed,parts or none at all?
  14. Magore`s are probably the best face smashers in the game right now,though they have issues with the larger warbands that tend to play objectives or a more "hit and run" type game.Farstriders are a tough band to run,,I really like the way they play,as in the options available to them however they seem to be a bit too much of a "jack of all trades" warband and thus are difficult to score consistantly with. Im probably going to switch over the Sepulcher guard for a bit as I do like to play objectives and they are probably the best at it,My current AoS tourney list is LoN so this way ill be playing the same GA throughout OFCC.
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