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  1. It sucks because I love the BA lore and what they represent but I just don't want anything to do with them game wise and I was chuggin along with this OFCC army until all this COVID stuff happened. Now I just have an unfinished army which I have no desire to finish. On the bright side, I did pick up the first box for a Tempestus Scions army and I am planning on starting the work on them.
  2. The main thing is I just don't want anything to do with marines at this point. More wounds, more ignore LOS guns, better chain swords (even though they are the same size as the rest), better bolt guns, i just don't like the rules for them.
  3. I don't know why, but I have no motivation to paint my blood angels. I want nothing to do with playing a space marine army. I'm almost to the point that I am going to try and sell off my blood angels just so I don't have any ties to these stupid marine rules. Anyone else having problems getting motivation to paint?
  4. I'm looking for tempestus scions plasmaguns. I have cash monies! PM if you some!!!!! I NEED THE PLASMA~!!!!!!
  5. Once im done with annual training, I'll be down to play some 40k on TTS. Is there a discord channel set up.for this as well?
  6. Blood Angels, however I'm working on a new force.
  7. Price mark down. I want these things out of my life!
  8. Selling this small Yu Jing collection. It's a whole package deal. I will delete PMs about splitting up the models. This goes for a whooping $50.00. Everything is still NIB.
  9. You ever wanted to be a Warboss of a WAAAGGGH! Well, I have the deal of a lifetime for you. In fact, this deal is so amazing that I am now seeing a doctor for my delusions. What I'm about to list, and follow up with pictures, easily retails at over $2,000.00. That's right, you read that correctly. I am selling this lot for $800.00. This is an all or nothing package. Any PMs about splitting these up will be deleted. Codex: Orcs, Data Cards, Custom Made army tokens, 2 army transports, and a kit bash guide for custom bikerz or warbuggies Boyz- 65 with choppas, 40 with shootas, 10
  10. I'm selling the Stormcast Eternals I have. This is an all or nothing package. PMs asking to split the below listed items will be deleted. This retails at over $500.00. I'm selling this for $260.00 $200.00. Lord-Celestant on Dracoth (1 assembled and 1 on sprue), Lord Relictor, Lord Aquilor, Knight-Azyros, Knight-Venator, 6 Vanguard w/hurricane crossbows, 6 Vanguard w/longstrike crossbows, 12 aetherwing, 10 Judicators with bows, 20liberators (16 hammer and shield, 2 great hammer, 2 great sword), 3 prosecutors on sprue
  11. I'll do some research. We get ours from a ranch in burns.
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