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  1. @Bloated Toad Have you thought about an ancient with the relic upgrade that lets you shoot or fight on a 3+ after your model dies? If you needed points, I'd suggest dropping the devs to 5 man squads. I'd also agree that a razorback with assault cannon over the rhino is a better option. Razorbacks with assault cannons need to be dealt with and could potentially pull target priority from other units.
  2. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one hobbying at my computer, waiting on que times. The purple came out very nice. Well done.
  3. Assembled four Sanguinary Guard, a Captain, and The Sanguinor: Painted four Aggressors: Here's my progress: Completed: 4 Aggressors Primed: 15 Scouts, 10 Incursors, 2 Aggressors, Impulsor Assembled: vindicare assassin, culexus assassin, callidus assassin, eversor assassin, primaris Mephiston, primaris chaplain
  4. Posted in the wrong spot. Will be posting in correct spot shortly.
  5. Got some good progress going: 4 More Sanguinary Guard assembled Captain The Sanguinor I'll be green stuffing the wrist areas tomorrow and once the green stuff dries, the hands will be pinned to the arms.
  6. Currently working on my own version of The Sanguinor and the 2nd Captain. Hoping to have picks posted soon. This is a tough one.
  7. @Ish You got me. Can you find the triple ghostkeels?
  8. Here's what the bases look like for the remaining two Aggressors and the Incursors
  9. We have progress with the Aggressors. Here are 4 of the 6. I have the unit Sergeant and one other aggressor to paint for the squad to be finished
  10. Just a comment of Doctrines. On turn 3 you can chose to stay in tactical doctrine or move to assault doctrine. On turn 4 you are forced to assault doctrines. The camo cloaks are a wasted option, IMO, if you don't have sniper scouts. For transports, I'd suggest razorbacks with assault cannons. You get a transport to hide characters from turn 1 snipes and a nice horde clearing option. I would also look into a captain and spend a CP to make him a chapter master for re-rolls for hits (as a blood angel player it pains me that my only option is Dante for those re-rolls). However, with all that said, they are your 'toys' and play them however you wish.
  11. I don't play 9th; however, here's a few places I used when I played 8th. Reaper Mini for a huge selection of hero choices https://www.reapermini.com/ Avatar of War makes some great minis as well as bases. In fact my Dwarf army from 8th is all I kept due to the bases and my ranger models https://en.avatars-of-war.com/collections/fantasy-battles-the-9th-age For movement trays I used, and continue to use, tectonic. https://tectoniccraftstudios.com/collections/movement-trays Those are my suggestions.
  12. I primed the aggressors, incursors, and one of the impulsors. I used Dragon Red from army painter. For any future, or current Blood Angels players, I strongly suggest Dragon Red from army painter. I feel that it lays down a much smoother and better looking primer over Mephiston Red from GW. Once I am able to, I'll post pics of the models for color.
  13. Glue has made it onto the models. Depending on the weather, i should be able to start priming in a few days. I have a single impulsor left to assemble. This also means I will be able to continue painting the smash captain and move on to The Sanguinor soon.
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