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  1. Its because those people were the people hiding swarms and scouts around the table (with no intention of using said units) while moving characters around with no care.
  2. I like the "must be selected as your warlord".
  3. You just deploy in a modify wedge. It's not going to effect my huge unit of boys. This rule was meant for the undercosted screens of 10 models. I can also unlock cheap Battalions with 6 units of 10 grots.
  4. I'm really digging what's been previewed. It seems like they are cleaning up words with the proper verbiage for clarity. Its great, IMO.
  5. I really like the addition of the 3rd bullet. I can't cheese out my grots no mores.
  6. Where are you located? I'm in Dallas.
  7. What factions do you play? I have the following: Ogre Mawtribes (originally known as BCR as it was my first AoS specific army), IRJ (from before they were cool to play), DoK, SCE, Skaven (WiP)
  8. The cool thing about this game is that not all armies are created the same. Each army has their own specific niche and it's up to us, the players, to figure out how we want to play the army we purchase. Bring on the hatred...
  9. The corsair cloak is an amazing addition to the Rangers. The colors look great!
  10. For me, intercessors unlock the BN and as a BA player Sanguinary Guard trump reivers and agressors put in more work against more enemy units. However, the reiver models are very cool.
  11. Reivers got a huge boost with shock assault as well. I want to say 21 CC attacks (31 in the 1st CC round) with carbines and 31 attacks (41 in the 1st CC round). 10 reivers w/launchers and shutes=200 5 intercessors w/ autobolt rifles and an impulsor w/shield dome=187. They are both different roles and it depends on who charges who.
  12. I love this for trees and tree-like terrain.
  13. The Oregon City crew (The Neverchosen) is my favorite AoS group to game with.
  14. Trying to learn wood elves while rolling all the 1's is neat. I think I'm about 2 for 16 with leap attempts si that's cool and the treeman just gets knocked down about every 3rd block attempt and doesn't stand up for another 3-4 turns.
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