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  1. Got some more work done on with the wings and blood angel markings
  2. Starting to lay down some paint on the Death Company Captain I am also in the process of making a my own version of The Sanguinor along with the second captain. Sad news.....I will be going in for shoulder surgery on Tuesday and will be in a sling for nearly 5 weeks so I won't be able to hobby during March. Today and tomorrow will be the last updates to this adventure while I recover. The GREAT news....I'll have my army all ready to assemble, prime, and paint by the time I am recovered!
  3. Progress with the green stuffs Formed the hand on the scythe Priming and painting will begin soon.
  4. Army list moved to first post.
  5. Thank you for the tips and advice.
  6. Progress for the shock gauntlet Stormfiends
  7. Here's where we're at... This is the Death Company Captain. I need to mold the hand to the scythe and apply green stuff to the wrist area on the right hand as well. He will be wielding the scythe in one hand and will have a custodes shield in the left. The picture of the back of the foot is an area I will need to green stuff in the back of the boot. I will also be green stuffing his abdomen area as well. This is my first time working with green stuff so hopefully it turns out well. This will set the tone for my second Smash Captain conversion who will be wielding the spear (counts as thunder hammer) and a shield. He will not have a hooded head.
  8. Currently working on a unit of 6 stormfiends. The 2 with shock gauntlets is turning out to be tedious. Progress pics to be posted tomorrow. After the fiends becomes the 80 rat grind!
  9. Anyone have quality green stuff tips for a n00bie?
  10. Got the weapons in. Conversion World added in a spear as well (that was cool). Getting green stuff on Friday. Should have some updates to post on Friday.
  11. Im patiently waiting to see if they are going to punk Tzeentch. I've got 1 foot in the door for the Tzeentch train.
  12. I am waiting to receive the weapon still and i need to get some green stuff done still. I edited those posts with the '...' Updates coming soon. I have imgur. I've been using it to post my skaven progress in AoS. I have multiple projects going on.
  13. Pictures are a bit bright. I will be working on a better option for taking pictures this year.
  14. Can't wait to see your Nurgle army. Your Tzeentch came out great. I'll have to look into those new endless spells. I'm about to bust out my BCR again. I have a build I need to test.
  15. Sweet, thanks for the info. I'll check it out.
  16. I've been slowly collecting my new army for the year. Kicking off the new year will be Skaven.
  17. Quick hobby update. I'm waiting on the weapons to be delivered and I'm getting my AoS army ready for upcoming tournaments. I'm also still trying to figure out what models I want to purchase. I'd like 2 warsuites but apparently those are only found on the black market. There will be more to follow soon.
  18. Thanks for the advice, I will look into this.
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