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  1. I've been using a 3 man unit of grav-centurians with tiggy in a sw droppod. Cast invisibility on them and let them do work.
  2. I don't see how this list is a problem. Any decent list will kill a few assassins and win with OS. Sure they alpha strike well... i guess... but can they really beat khan/ bikers w/ a knight or droppod marines or any number of lists?
  3. Well from what I read, and the general thinking in my area (southern Oregon), you do indeed get precision shots on all hits with the take aim order. I think this is great because IG/AM have a tool against deathstars that have one or two guys casting their powers. Or buff commanders. Either way its not gamebreaking.
  4. Well, I looked at my first list and noticed a lack of antitank. I don't really like auto cannons so las cannons it is. Plus everything being twin linked is nice. Also sniping out a opposing melta or sarge turn one with "take aim" order is nice. 6x twin linked las cannons shot with precision shot on a 4+? Yes please.
  5. So I want to try my hand at a tournament list that does not include a deathstar of some sort. So here is what I'm thinking at 1850pts. Yarrick -145 Primaris psyker w/ lvl 2- 75 Primaris psyker w/ lvl 2- 75 Primaris psyker w/ lvl 2- 75 Priest w/ pg- 40 Priest w/ pg- 40 PCS w/ medic,vox, h flamer, flamer- 65 Inf Sqd w/ pw,pg,lc,vox-105 Inf Sqd w/ pw,pg,lc,vox-105 Inf Sqd w/ pw,pg,lc,vox-105 PCS w/ medic,vox, h flamer, flamer- 65 Inf Sqd w/ pw,pg,lc,vox-105 Inf Sqd w/ pw,pg,lc,vox-105 Inf Sqd w/ pw,pg,lc,vox-105 Hydra- 70 Hydra- 70 Vanquisher w/las -145 Aegis w/ quadgun- 100 Coteaz- 100 6xHenchman w/ 3x pg -44 6xHenchman w/ 3x pg -44 6xHenchman w/ 3x pg -44 1827pts Yarrick, a priest, and a psyker goes in one blob. Coteaz, a priest, a psyker goes in the other. With 8 rolls on the divination chart I can hope for one 4++ power to show up and let one of the blobs push midfield. Almost every unit will be twin linked. I feel like I should be scared of av14 but my meta is filled with Eldar, Tau and demons so I should be ok.
  6. Yes, it can take two of the same powers/guns
  7. Looks good except the hemlock. Its just not as good as the crimson hunter.
  8. I would say no because, as far as we know from the info we have, they are not a lord of war choice. Also if you can field an entire army of these I would say that they do count as scoring somehow.
  9. So wraithguard of any kind are way to expensive for what they do and are not really worth including. However, in my experience, spirit seer with 5 wraithguard with dsythes in a wave serpent are good for grabbing objectives. Turn 3 they jump out, grab an objective then flame whatever charges them. Ok so I'm a competitive player so I'll try give a good list that isn't to spammy but won't roll over to whatever is thrown down on the other side of you. Farseer w/jetbike- 115 Spirit seer- 70 3x jetbikes - 51 3x jetbikes - 51 3x jetbikes - 51 Wraithguard w/ d scythe - 210 Waveserpent w/ tl scatter laser, s cannon -130 Wraithguard w/ d scythe - 210 Waveserpent w/ tl scatter laser, s cannon -130 Wraithknight - 240 Wraithknight- 240 6x Warpspider - 114 6x Warpspider - 114 5x Dire Avengers - 65 Waveserpent w/ tl scatter laser, s cannon -130 1921pts So this should give you lots of s6/7 shots, decent anti tank, good scoring. I might be off on the wave serpent costs however but you still have 79 points to work around with. As a general rule eldar would rather shoot than be in cc, so use their mobility to maximize shooting. Use the wraithknights to apply pressure while the rest of your army picks off the opponents units. The wave serpents should throw out enough twinlinked shots that they can take down flyers. If you think you need more drop a wraithknight and two crimson hunters.
  10. More oblits, far far less mutilators. Oblits do everything mutilators do but also have range.
  11. Wow... heyyy. For all of you chaos players, the legs of one of these with the top of the khorne dozer would be awesome looking.
  12. I dunno. Without seeing everything involved, I would still rather have three riptides than two of these... although sm primary with one of these and o'vesa star would be ridiculous. Edit: Scratch that. Only taken as primary or allied detachment. Soooo I guess these primary with riptides ally? Though most likely they will go the way of escalation, SA and data slates; banned by most tournaments.
  13. Thanks guys. I just ran a small tournament that included everything (Escalation, Stronghold Assault, Forgeword) and went off of win/loss with bp breaking ties. Have prizes out for 1st- 3rd, Best Painted, Best Non-Escalation. It worked pretty well. I have no problem not including Escalation, Stronghold Assault. Data slates don't really seem to be an issue as none of them are cheap to add and I really think nids will need them. Really not a fan of comp. It doesn't do what it was designed to do. Well I'm liking the feedback. Hopefully we will be able to get something going in the next couple months.
  14. Out of a new game store in GP. Neither Astral or Castle Hill.
  15. Hey guys! So from what I gathered from this forum, most of the people on here are from the Northwest. With that said, what would you need to see from a tournament in Southern Oregon to get you to travel? Prizing, comp system, restrictions? With a new game store opening up in the region, the owners would like to hold a tournament that would cater to the tastes of the region. Any suggestions?
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