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  1. Count me in! Been working on some speed painting techniques lately and would love to go head to head with 'em.
  2. Karl Payne here, captaining the Imperial Fist Bumps!
  3. Honestly, the more realistic look was what I was after when I started the force. I was reading a lot of the Foregworld painting books and adopted the weathering and painting tecniques from that. It wasn't until I had the army pretty much done and on the display board that I realized that the scheme just didn't have the impact I was hoping for. Honestly it was my mistake, I should have just picked a brighter scheme to begin with, I was just looking for something different (my last army was imperial fists, which are pretty much as bright as it gets). Despite my wanting a darker army, I'll probably go back and brighten all the reds and change the base color to something that will provide better contrast.
  4. Thank you for the honest criticism, it's really appreciated. It's very difficult to coax criticism out, and I find it extremely helpful. Been gunning for a best-painted award for some time and find myself falling short. Kremmet, I've seen the crosshatching done on the finished product, but never found tutorials how how to do it properly, and place I can find a good tutorial?
  5. Yup, those land raiders are pretty abusive.
  6. Guess I'll be playing 40k w/ Forgeworld models then.
  7. I'm not usually one to speak up about this type of thing, but the team aspect of OFCC is the main reason me (and my team) participate in this event. We play itc and braket tournaments often, and OFCC is a nice breath of fresh air from the bracket / pairing format. I would hate to see that uniqueness go away. I'm sure the new format will be fine, but I am concerned about the change.
  8. Hey all! I'm looking to improve my painting, so before starting a new army I'd love some feedback on one I just finished. Took about a year to paint, everything is airbrush and freehand, no decals. Any critiques or tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  9. No worries on time, LVO was quite a weekend, definitely will need to recover. Thanks for getting back to this!
  10. Unfortunately the 30k event isn't a team event. I would encourage the TO to allow 30k lists, most of them won't be any kind of overpowered and allows for cool models to be fielded.
  11. QUESTION: Will 30k lists be allowed this year (as it was last year?)
  12. Hey all! Had a blast at OFCC, figured I'd share some of the pictures I was able to take. Didn't get a ton, unfortunately, but enjoy nonetheless!
  13. More progress! The modeling is mostly done at this point, so the next update should include some paint. :)
  14. Did some more work on the torso. Still needs internal lighting, but the top os sufficiently ad-mechy. Probably gonna leave the shoulder pads open to paint on, still need to figure out what I want to do with the head.
  15. So, picked up a Knight from the new board game, and am working on a fairly massive project based around it. My end goal is to have a nicely converted centerpiece for my war convocation, with an awesome (overly complex) paint job. Rather than get in to specifics right away, I'll just start off with some pictures of the progress thus far. Finished the cockpit today. I plan on painting it a lighter tone and using some subtle internal lighting to show it off on the display board.
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