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  1. Speaking of which @Yarbicushas the distinction of having the most epic flee move for a unit that I have ever seen....Fled on one flank, and managed to flee through a friendly unit, 2 buildings, an impassible feature and three enemy units....and had 3 models survive.
  2. I'll echo...I really appreciated the invite and the opportunity to play the game again. Thanks to Ben for organizing and thanks to my opponents for putting up with my rule ignorance. In particular @Yarbicus who reminded me about 9 times about how spears work in 9th age...
  3. Hey All: I used "New Recruit" to build my list, but it doesn't seem to have a "game use" list that has stats on it. What are y'all using to make your list for the table? All help appreciated....
  4. How late will the game hall be open on Friday? I’m hoping to grab a pickup game with a patient opponent who will tolerate my rules rustiness...
  5. How late will the game hall be open on Friday? I’m hoping to grab a pickup game with a patient opponent who will tolerate my rules rustiness...
  6. Looks like I'm late to this topic, but I purchased the rivers set a while back and its terrific. They also make great mousepads if you need one for the odd game of Vermintide or similar. 🙂 ...and Greenstuffworld has a whole bunch of really cool products...check them out.
  7. OK, despite the fact that I’ve been at this hobby for nearly 40 years and have about a zillion figgas....I decided that I need one more orc bigun for next weekend...besides, it just seemed like I should make at least one figure for the OFCC, I mean anyone can just grab an army from the closet and go, right? So here he is, Guzzler the Orc Bigun shwarshbukkler...assembled from a selection of terrific Spellcrow Miniatures bitz. Let’s see if I can add some paint to him tomorrow...
  8. OK So I just updated my list and turned it in to the List Komissar. First impression of the rules update is the addition of the "Big Brother" option for giants. Very fun and sorely needed, i.e. we all have known for some time that some giants are more giant than others 🙂
  9. Seeing this great stuff reminds me how much I miss making armies and playing this game! I’m getting amped to play and meet some new players. See y’all in a few weeks.
  10. I put Orc list together last night so that's what I'm bringing. None of its painted, so my opponents will just have to deal with grey plastic. I'll make it up to them with my surly disposition....
  11. Thanks! I'll be hard pressed to get to PDX in the next three weeks, so I'll be on my own for getting (minimally) up to speed on the ruleset. I just looked at them last night and its different here and there but familiar at the same time, e.g. "Fortitude (4)" = "4+ Ward save" in old speak. One of the reasons for my cramped "gamer time" schedule BTW is that my 17 year old and I are going to GenCon next week which should get my gamer geek batteries completely topped up.
  12. OK, I just paid my entry fee....now to look at the rules tonight and remember how to play...
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