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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/WSPVgjI Retail values included for reference. Looking for ~50% retail, so $1000 OBO including shipping and PayPal fees. NOT SPLITTING AT THIS TIME. TRADES AT BOTTOM. Cawl $54 Manipulus $35 Enginseer$33 Daedalosus $36 Dominus $36 30 rangers and 3 transuranic arquebus(several NoS can be assembled as Vanguard) $44x3= $132 4 additional transuranic arquebus ~$40 20 Fulgurite priests kit bashed with Sigmar Mortek Guard $45x4= $180. That’s without the $50 Mortek box. 2 Skorpius Duneriders (converted to be close topped) $75x2
  2. They finally axed my beloved Warboss on warbike. So FINE GW. You win. I’ll try out the big guy and his little friend. Anyone selling?
  3. Looking to buy the following Adeptus mechanicus: Belisarius Cawl Tech priest Dominus Tech priest Manipulus Tech priest Enginseer Onager Dune Crawlers (NoS or assembled with additional Icarus array bits) Fulgurite Electro Priests 5man Skitarii Ranger units with 2 Transnuranic arquebus (the big snipers) Kataphrons (any type) Servitors Skorpius hover tanks (both types) Codex Strat Cards
  4. WTB: Ork Trukk NoS Mek gunz (any) Gretchin/Grots PM me.
  5. UPDATE: Will trade for Basilisks, Manticore, and BA librarian dreadnought.Have: Drukhari/Dark Eldar Ravagers-Commission Painted to a High Standard (snow added to base after picture). 30x Plaguebearers -30 Painted to table top based with rubble/snowLord Discordants (commission painted).Ork Wierdboy/Shaman-Painted to table top
  6. Buying the following: Assault Centurions Invictor Tactical Warsuits Thunderfire Cannon Have $$$, Commission Painted Drukhari Ravagers, or a New on Sprue Lemun Russ Demolisher.
  7. Edited. I will also swap for painted Orks!
  8. Army Swap: Tau for GSC, Orks, or $ I have a very large Tau army painted in the Farsight Enclaves theme. Will swap for painted (at least 3 colors) GSC, Orks, or $$$. Ethereal on drone Coldstar Commander 2 XV85 Commanders 1 Magnetized commander to be either coldstar or XV85 Fireblade x2 Converted darkstrider x1 Shadowsun 22x Fire warriors 8x pathfinders 3x missile turrets Riptide x3 w/ burst cannon and sms Crisis Suits x9 (Enough bits for many load outs) Broadsides x3 w/ all mi
  9. Updated. Still need plague bearers. Still have cash.
  10. Need 30.Would prefer painted or mostly painted. Old or new. Metal or plastic. $$$...
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