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  1. Hey guys, this really sucks to get rid of but I'm building a business and need the cash outside of the business. I have all the boxes from anything that came in a box IE bigger ships and aces ect. as well as a custom foam travel case that fits literally everything that wasn't an epic or a few of the large ships. I was very meticulous in how I kept my stuff and only my star viper has a little hangar rash. However I did mark alot of the bases and dials (so I'd know what was mine) and some of the ships have "war paint" on them. A lot of the large boxes and such still have their cards and or bits still in tact. After the 1000th time they gave us crit tokens I stopped popping em out. And I left the epic card packs ect completely in tact in box. Pictures here. its worth $575 here's a spread sheet of exactly whats in it. I'm giving this sub and my local gaming forum first dibs. If you want in on this hobby this is an incredible start for a reasonable price. Price is pretty firm, but if you guys start bidding upwards I won't be mad. If you want it shipped you pay shipping.
  2. sooo..... It really wasn't clear in all that text. x-wing anyone?!
  3. hooooooth? i'm not familiar with this witchcraft. I'll have to make informed decisions about this later...
  4. I love being a scrub and playing sex-wang
  5. Hey all anyone down for some pew pew x-wing? I'm off all day hit me up.
  6. I've been missing mine ever since the first x-wing game day... I don't really need it. But I'll take it if no one else does.
  7. There is another sounders game on that saturday. So its likely that at least 2 of the local players if not 3 will be out or may have to skip one of our season ticket games... just my 2 cent friday and sunday are good though.
  8. Just to add to this a little. He is a little hard to be around and if there is anyone meek in the room or not overly confident he's going to have a largely negative effect on them. I think a quick chat would be totally fine. On a second note I think Nathaniel would be a good person to do it being both the lord of the land and someone who is good at social situations.
  9. I'll be down for some Xwing at any time today
  10. I have all day off and wouldn't mind gettin in a few games of xwing. anyone down?
  11. Hey anyone available for a super early game? I'm off but have plans after 6. Secondly on Friday is there any chance someone has formula d that we could play?
  12. early xwing game? i know its short notice but quick game from 5-630?
  13. yes.... I too like xwing. if anyone is interested id be down for a game but gotta finish before 6ish...
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