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    Hey there are a few players in Vancouver Washington that play. Some aren’t super active myself and one other dude are active in that we play when we have the time I have a talons of the emperor army and he has alpha legion and night lords shoot me a message on here and I’d be happy to get a game with you.
  2. Hey guys I’m looking for any space marine predators you have available. The build I’m looking for specifically is the autocannon and heavy bolter but I will also take some of the blood angel ones with the melta cannons or flamer cannons. I need about 15 of them. This is a project I want to work on for a warhammer 30k list. If new on sprue that’s awesome if they’re built that’s fine too.
  3. derek

    APOC 2018

    Hey guys unfortunately since I’m the one running the event and something has come up that conflicts with this I have to cancel the event when I can work out another free weekend I’ll be sure to plan it out better than i did this time around
  4. Generals handbook 2017 and depending on army the grand alliance book or the battletome.
  5. derek

    APOC 2018

    Well the store is closed today but you could always call during the hours the store is open 5-10pm and see if they could take a payment over the phone. But I am happy that you’ll be participating :)
  6. derek

    APOC 2018

    Hey guys just dropping a line here. I’m the guy who’s running the game and I’m just dropping in to say if you plan on attending I need you to sign up ASAP contacting fate and fury is the best way if you can tell them your army of choice that’d be really helpful I want to work on some fluff for the game. Again 3750 a person bring as many toys as you want titans included. 15 dollars is split between buying pizza for the game day and to give joe the owner some money as well for allowing us to use his store during non business hours
  7. Guess I won’t be going this year then. Maybe next year you’ll be able to include every army and I can bring my angels out to play but since space puppies seem to be the favorite right now
  8. Ok. But out of anything not titan wise and not trying to openly be abusive with rules none of the forgeworld tanks are broken super heavy specifically I do have some issues with certain models only because they’re just far to powerful but besides the point
  9. Ok so what is over the top because anything I’m looking at using looks pretty tame I know titans are over the top and other stuff banned last edition but we don’t have the crazy ignore cover 10 inch blasts any more so
  10. I think I’m running into high volume shots and high volume damage. That’s what I consistently see in my games and it’s killing me. So I’m working on actually a dark angels army right now just ravenwing right now. But hopefully it’s gonna do pretty well assuming the codex gives some nice buffs if not then we’ll not sure what I’m gonna end up doing
  11. Your right titans are to far out there. But seeing as I’m working on a thematic list and a model would fit perfectly within it to be the big imposing centerpiece it’d be nice to take it to a game or 2. Because I’m having no luck at all currently with normal space marines it might be the lack of special weapons or transport options I don’t know but I refuse to either play forgeworld and normal dread spam or gulliman and whatever else ultramarines. And to counter everyone shouldn’t need the big stuff sometimes it’s nice to see something big and iconic on the table outside the actual titan models as cool as they look Nope I’m good
  12. Hmmmm well then looks like I’m investing in something cool then whooooo
  13. Hey guys just curious is the itc playing with power level caps? I am looking at investing in something that has a 35 power level just don’t wanna get excited to use it if the itc has a limit
  14. He adopted it after his legion saved the emperors children on murder. He was discussing with sanguinius about it and when his legion went to try and integrate with the interex and Erebus stole the anathame and that’s what basically caused the heresy
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