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  1. I purchased 2 tickets, one for myself (Kristopher) and the other for Ronnie Shumate
  2. Looks like I am going to be shelving most of my necron vehicles for awhile. While i don't like the change to jink I can live with it, I now have to make a more tactical choice then have it be a given. I however believe that having lance just be flat better against Quantum Shielding is just outrages.
  3. Do I need to wait until all of my team members have paid before I send the PM?
  4. Aaron posted on the facebook page the The Emperor's Neck Beards teams already. Team 1 is Aaron, Michael, Sean and Alex Team 2 Is Tycho, John, Donovan and Chris D.
  5. Alright, I had an issue come into question a few weeks ago about Necron Quantum Shielding in in regards to ramming. The exact rules for quantum shielding states "Until the vehicle suppers a penetrating hit, it counts all Armour Values on its front and side facings as being 2 points higher. Once the vehicle has suffered a penetrating hit, it uses it's own armour value against subsequent hits." Now if a Necron vehicle was rammed into either it's front or side armour, does it get the +2 bonus to its armour value? Of course I will preface this that I am a Necron player and say it should receive the bonus, but I would like to ask the community about how it should be played.
  6. With the Necron Ghost Ark "Repair Barge" special rule, can it add Necron Warriors to a unit that only has a Lord or Cryptek left? The FAQ for it went away when the update from 6th to 7th. Example: I had a unit of 9 warriors with a Cryptek, the 9 warriors die and I start my movement phase with the Cryptek with in 6" of a Ghost Ark. Do I get to add the d3 Necron Warriors back to the unit?
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