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  1. Might be easier just to post a link to an Instagram page... https://www.instagram.com/banguinius/
  2. A thread to display photos for the Emperor's Neckbeards 2017 display progress.
  3. It hurts my heart to say it, especially since my ofcc army is already finished, but I agree with the lower point value
  4. My preferrence would be to go even smaller and have more rounds. More rounds means more exposure to more players. So, I vote for 1500 or even 1000 points, but add a 6th round, with 2 hour rounds. A 1000 point matchup would work best in this matchup. There is an added benefit to this approach--it eliminates most of the hyper cheese lists (gladius, war con, etc) that cannot fill their requirements to get their command benefits.
  5. No worries, Bryan--just had to share my team's perspective to the group. Besides the Marshall award, we consider Best Painted the highest honor you can bestow upon us, so we work very hard at presenting something fun, cool and interesting to compete with the other clubs. We would love it if all clubs would "bring it" to OFCC, as that would mean more cool minis, more sweet displays, and more art to blow our minds with!
  6. It actually does matter to us. We enjoy creating beautiful armies and displays. It's what drives us to compete--not in generalship but in art and sportsmanship, which, for my team, is why this is our yearly highlighted event. Every year we try to reach for a greater challenge, and I'm excited to share this year's ideas we've come up with with everyone, but the painting and displays are definitely our thing, and I'm sure our team would be pretty dismayed to see that aspect of OFCC become more of a footnote in the overall experience.
  7. It's important because my club have already started working on planning our display, etc., etc..
  8. So there will be both Individual and Team Sportsmanship and Painting awards? By the way, petre, no need to get confrontational, I'm just looking for clarification.
  9. So, are you going to rename the event? With the new structure, it doesn't seem like much of a club challenge...
  10. Honestly, if Ordo has a problem with getting terrain, why not ask your sponsors to use theirs?
  11. Is there still early judging of displays and painting judging going on Friday like there has been in the past?
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