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  1. For the greater good! I'm planning to bring the Ta'unar off the shelf for its second tournament outing ever.
  2. Darkstrider and his cadre bid you welcome, gue'la, and offer you one last opportunity to surrender and join us in the Greater Good. (Every model in the army has been updated or is new within the last 12 months. Board's newly refreshed too.)
  3. Online. There was nothing available, with the Ordo block or otherwise.
  4. FYI: The Hilton is sold out. I had to book across the river. Hopefully I can stash my army with a teammate.
  5. Greetings on behalf of the Tau Empire. We offer you peaceful cooperation. The Gue'vesa under our command are treated well and have significantly more rights than the Imperial Guard they used to serve. Join us freely or face our superior firepower. Darkstrider leads a combined-arms force of battlesuits, ground soldiers, and heavy gunships in defense of the Empire with prodigious markerlight support from Pathfinders, Tetra-class light skimmers, and recently-commissioned Tidewall defense structures. We look forward to welcoming you to the correct side. OFCC17 - Tau.pdf
  6. We need two. We have our Dark Angels and Tau players.
  7. I stand relieved. Back to being Team Worf/Strax/etc.
  8. It appears I'll be keeping the Captain's chair warm for Limey on the Underdogs this year. I'll do my best to get us to a repeat Marshall Johnson for him!
  9. I went to Frank's Noodle House tonight. It was excellent.
  10. All events? Got it, thanks.
  11. I was the "throw under the bus" player for my team last year. Hopefully not again this time...
  12. Which of the many ballrooms at this hotel is the event? I haven't found that in any of the threads yet.
  13. Ryan Longair

    Xwing at ofcc

    What time is this going to start, and how many rounds?
  14. Ryan Longair

    Xwing at ofcc

    Any more details on the Thursday event? I've not done an X-Wing tournament before - where will lists need to be submitted?
  15. When are lists due, and where do we send them?
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