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  1. Anybody have any interest in One Page Rule's Grimdark Future? It's a simplified, streamlined 40k clone that's free and has me really excited about playing with my models again. https://onepagerules.com/portfolio/grimdark-future/
  2. What's up guys? Is there still a Tuesday night at Dark Tower? I know Covid stopped public gatherings, but is the club ever coming back? I've been wanting to play a game for a dog's age.
  3. Man, I really want to get in on this, but I've been too broke to make it to game night, and that isn't changing anytime soon. :(
  4. Yeah, that's the thing. I love going to movies the monday matinee after they release because there's barely ever a crowd, but nobody is ever free to go with me for the same reason there's no crowd: everyone's at work/school.
  5. I'm going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Monday the 8th, noon, in IMAX 3D at the Regal Barkley Village. Now, I realize that for the same reason I picked this time, most people are going to have to say "no," but is anyone else interested in going?
  6. I've been making my way through the X-Files Files. It's hosted by comedian Kumail Nanjiani, he has a different guest every episode, they discuss two episodes of the X-Files. Kumail does a lot of research for most episodes and brings up a lot of trivia, finds usenet posts from the week the episodes first aired, neat stuff like that. His guests are mostly other comedians, but also some actors, directors and screenwriters. He has several interviews with Darrin Morgan, who wrote some of the best X-Files episodes. Basically if you like the X-Files its interesting.
  7. Joey, did you want me on your team? I have no idea what's going on. I only just now figured out when the tournament is.
  8. Anyone else interested in an 1850 game then? Or maybe Blood Bowl (I don't even know if its too late for that).
  9. I just finished my Tyranid army and I'm itching to debut them, and Dark Eldar vs Tyranids sounds like a very fun game (you done raided the wrong planet there, son).
  10. I won't be able to make it down for the rest of the month. Guess that means I'm out of the Bloodbowl league, since I was never able to get my two games in. :(
  11. Crap, now it's snowing again. At noon. If this keeps up til nightfall I won't be coming down. When will this *%#@!%$! winter end!?! This is *&@#!% Washington, not Minnesota.
  12. I'll be your fourth Jim, I haven't had a chance to play your game yet.
  13. Hopefully Jim is still down for that game of Bloodbowl. Otherwise I'll be looking to play Bloodbowl, and will bring 1850 of something something 40k as a backup.
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