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  1. Thank you for the insight! All of this makes sense
  2. I have an assembled box of start collecting box of Daemons of Nurgle, tome, and Cycle of Corruption dial. Looking for $100 for all of it Picture
  3. I've just started actually playing a few games of TY and it's been a blast! I have a few rule questions and some British related questions. Are helicopters considered moving when they appear on the table from loitering? I'm trying to figure out if a Lynx can fire tow when they get to the board When playing on a map as a defender and with British airmobile, can the infantry start on the board inside buildings and not have to arrive in transports? Can Lynx transports drop off, loiter, then come back to transport infantry to another part of the board? Is an airmobile company list competitive? I've also heard that milan spam is no longer a thing since the new edition. Why is that? Thanks in advance!
  4. Correct, we are looking to find another venue to keep the schedule. Anyone still interested should still join the RCG server and reach out to us or here is fine!
  5. It's for the Red Castle Discord server. We have an AoS channel in there. From the server guide you can pick and choose which channels you want to see
  6. Yeah of course! We're pretty casual players and looking to build the community. We still have time between now and when the league starts so a bunch of us are just painting our armies and getting a few games in to get familiar with the rules. If that's your speed then come join us on Red Castle Games Discord and say hi! https://discord.gg/875RwTZ
  7. AoS Escalation League Purpose This league is meant to introduce new and old players to Age of Sigmar 3rd edition. It is meant to be a friendly and inviting environment for people to learn and to cultivate the AoS community. The escalation league will start on September 18th and be held at Red Castle Games. Time TBD. Schedule This league will be held over 6 weeks. Matches will be based on a round robin. This will allow everyone a chance to play with one another. There will be an official weekly meetup to play the match. However, if either player can not attend they may set up a day within the allotted week to play their game. Each player will coordinate either through Red Castle Discord or by other means and report the results to the event organizer by the last day of the round. NOTE: There will be no make-up rounds in this league. All matches must be completed and reported by the Sunday of round end. Players may forfeit matches to have their opponent receive full combat points. If neither player wishes to concede, the match will be considered a tie, with each player receiving one combat point. Any league participant who does not play their match for two rounds in a row will be dropped from the league. Round One - 600 pts: September 18th Round Two - 750 pts: September 25th Round Three - 1000 pts: October 2nd Round Four - 1000 pts: October 9th Round Five - 1500 pts: October 16th Round Six - 1500 pts: October 30th Scoring Matches in each round will add to your overall score. Match scoring is as follows: Win - 3 points Tie - 1 point Loss - 0 points Scenarios Each round, the scenario to be used for all league games will be published in the Red Castle Discord AoS channel. Rounds One and Two will be played on a 33” x 44” table, while Rounds Three - Six will be played on a 44” x 60” table. Scenarios are considered to be Matched Play games. Pitched Battle battleplans will be the basis for each scenario. Armies Round 1 and 2 no restrictions to army building other than not going above the max points of your army. After round 2 we will adhere to the General Handbook 2021
  8. They're hoping a little before September
  9. Yeah, we’re targeting some time in September. It’ll give folks time to get familiar with the new rules. What we’re really waiting for is Red Castle to open up their gaming tables. We’ll probably get regular games going before the Escalation League
  10. Hello everyone! With 3rd edition around the corner we have a few things planned to get new and old players together. We are planning an escalation league and paint nights! If you're interested, join us on the Red Castle Games Discord for upcoming details and updates! https://discord.gg/875RwTZ . From there you can choose which channels you'd like to see. We have an Age of Sigmar channel. Come say hi!
  11. Another question, which is the most popular in the community. TY or FoW? I'm looking at the FoW and it's reeeally tempting too. I'm having some decision paralysis right now.
  12. awesome! Sounds like everyone is in painting mode!
  13. Hey @Fixxer, are you still doing demos on Vassal? There are a bunch of us interested in seeing it in action. Message me if you're interested!
  14. Yeah, I have no idea! I'm still trying to figure out which nation to go with. Leaning towards Brits perhaps?
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