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  1. @Nathanvoodoo Good to see you last night! If you're looking for more games or want to chat it up with other guys come join us on discord! https://discord.me/redcastlegames. We're planning a paint party for our new toys
  2. Nice! Looking forward to meeting you tonight!
  3. Yup, if we encounter any issues we'll make the adjustments. The main goal is just to meet people, learn the rules, and throw some dice! Also, we posted the battleplan and other rules on Discord. Should be a good turn out!
  4. Yup, we're keeping it open to whatever you want to bring for the first month.
  5. Not a prob! If you're ever looking for a game just hit us up!
  6. For the escalation league yes. We still have paint nights and sometimes we play random games during the week. Hit us up on discord!
  7. For the two meetings at 500 pts we're going to be using the battleplans from the Pitched Battles minus scenery rules and triumphs. The table size will be modified to 3x4 to get armies to engage quicker. The goal of the first month is to try your new units and get comfortable with the rules.
  8. Not a prob! We’re spending a lot of time learning the rules. Would love to do paint night and aos on Thursdays!
  9. Cool, I’ll put you on the list to make sure we have enough tables. If not, no biggie. Thanks!
  10. @TheBeninator@Brother Glacius@Nathanvoodoo Hey fellas, I’m trying to get a head count for the league. Are you guys still interested and have I already chatted with you on discord? Trying to make the correlation between user names. Thanks!
  11. oh no, we just decided to get together tonight. We're trying to play as much as we can before the league starts to get the rules down.
  12. Hi everyone, We're going to get a few games in tomorrow to solidify our format for the Escalation League. If you're interested in playing a 500 pt game then come on down at 7:30pm! You can also find us on https://discord.gg/2TzJ4qW. Thanks!
  13. Awesome, if you're on discord come join us https://discord.gg/875RwTZ!
  14. oh cool, do you have pictures of the AoS models? I know someone who just started playing Khorne
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