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  1. Another question, which is the most popular in the community. TY or FoW? I'm looking at the FoW and it's reeeally tempting too. I'm having some decision paralysis right now.
  2. awesome! Sounds like everyone is in painting mode!
  3. Hey @Fixxer, are you still doing demos on Vassal? There are a bunch of us interested in seeing it in action. Message me if you're interested!
  4. Yeah, I have no idea! I'm still trying to figure out which nation to go with. Leaning towards Brits perhaps?
  5. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of doing. Prep for when the pandemic is over. I was hoping to connect with people here and start getting to know the community a bit.
  6. I’m thinking of getting back into one of these games but I’ve been out of it so long and not sure how the community is. Can someone tell me which of the two games are the most popular and where are people planning on playing after Covid?
  7. oh cool! Thought the game died. Glad it's coming back!
  8. I think we should be good, it's hard to determine how many people will show up each week
  9. Yup, you're all welcome to come! Oh yeah, it was pretty good. 9 people! It was really cool. I'm finding that we have a good mix of beginners and veterans. Was thinking of splitting the group into veterans and beginners to keep the vets engaged and beginners can go at a slower pace.
  10. @Nathanvoodoo Good to see you last night! If you're looking for more games or want to chat it up with other guys come join us on discord! https://discord.me/redcastlegames. We're planning a paint party for our new toys
  11. Nice! Looking forward to meeting you tonight!
  12. Yup, if we encounter any issues we'll make the adjustments. The main goal is just to meet people, learn the rules, and throw some dice! Also, we posted the battleplan and other rules on Discord. Should be a good turn out!
  13. Yup, we're keeping it open to whatever you want to bring for the first month.
  14. Not a prob! If you're ever looking for a game just hit us up!
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