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  1. Anyone interested in splitting the Dark Imperium starter im looking into getting into 8th edition with Primaris.
  2. looking for 50% MSRP or equal trade. Looking for $1000 in cash or an army trade. I understand troll units and casters are more expensive so when it comes done to the trade I would be looking for something close to a complete faction like I have here. I'm willing to trade for less money if its close to equal model count if that makes sense. PM If you are interested, not interested in piecing this out. Warcasters Doomshaper 1 17 Doomshaper 3 35 Gunnbjorn 18 Jarl 18 Calandra 18 Grissel 1 12 Grissel 2 17 Madrak 1 18 Madrak 2 18 Grim 1 12 Grim 2 40 Borka 1 28 Borka 2 60 Warbeasts Dire troll Ma
  3. Dropping the price to 300
  4. I am looking for $400 for an army valued at $875. Or make me an offer. Not interested in breaking up collection. 2x Wave Serpents 1x fire prism 3x jet bikes (one with cannon) 1x wraithlord 1x wraith knight 25x dire avengers 10x guardians 1x weapon platform for guardians 5x warp spiders 5x howling banshies 6x striking scorpions 6x fire dragons 8x rangers 2x farseers 3x warlocks 1x autarch 1x fuegan 1x asurman and bits and decals see attached photos
  5. I would be interested in purchasing Earthborn Pyre Blitzer Scatter gunners Champions And long riders Do live in the Portland area? Would send a pm but said you couldn't receive anymore.
  6. Hey guys my main goal is to get into Tyranids but are willing to sell at 50% off msrp for the skorne and 30% off msrp on the High elf box. this is what i have for Skorne: Warlock Archdomina Makeda- Primed Makeda and the exalted court- Primed Rasheth- primed Lord arbiter Hexeris- primed lord tyrant Hexeris- primed Master tormentor Morghoul- primed supreme aptimus zaal - painted tyrant xeris- primed void seer mordikaar warbeast Archidon- primed basilisk Krea- painted bronzeback titan- partially painted cyclops savage x2- primed molik karn- primed razor
  7. whats the flames of war activity in Vancouver like?
  8. so i have universal carriers would just equiping them with mgs fine or should i have some with piat? nope rocket doesn't have smoke
  9. yea i was thinking of using them mostly for the pinning and infantry killing im running 4 17pdr and 6 6pdr for AT
  10. in the process of making a Canadian rifle company and like the aspect of a four in one bombardment what do you guys think?
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