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  1. I'll be bringing a painted Thousand Sons Army, as well as a Painted Khador army. As well as some other junk that is taking up space.
  2. @sbr the 22nd works good for me.
  3. I'll be playing The Vancouver Anti-Vaxxers. See ya'll on the pitch.
  4. Count me in. I'll be there every Tuesday for a game. Going to bring a fresh Rats team.
  5. @Brick Bungalow I'll be at the clubhouse around 4 or so for our BB game.
  6. Brick and I have a game this Tuesday and if @ninefinger is up for a double header we can finish the last round on tuesday
  7. @Brick Bungalow hey I'm going to be out of town this week but you wanted to get a game in this Saturday or Sunday I'm down. If not I'll be available next Tuesday.
  8. Sup doods, Im looking for the attack squig from Warboss grukk. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Orks-Warboss-Grukks-Boss-Mob-2018. I have some $$ to give, some random minis or I can paint a model or two for you. Lemme know if your holding. Peace Dave Mooney
  9. @Blustorm I should be there around the same time.
  10. I got BB itch that needs to be scratched. Anyone down for a friendly tomorrow?
  11. @Blustorm I was just about to say the same thing. Next week it is!
  12. All Good @MexicanNinja Thanks for giving me the heads up. Also if anyone is looking for a friendly hit me up before 3:30 and i'll be there.
  13. @MexicanNinja Sweeeeeet! I'll be there.
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