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  1. Ok ya the Corax white is what I have been using.
  2. You can contact us at 503-642-4100. Skull White is an old color, but if you meant Corax we do have that or army painter white spray.
  3. Hello all, I work at Rainy Day Games in Aloha. I know a bunch of us are having a hard time finding models and paints at this time. I just wanted to throw up a few pictures of models we still have in stock. We still have most of the paint pots as well. If you would like to get anything we are offering curbside pick up until 6pm every day. We are accepting cash, paypal and credit cards over the phone or at the door. If you call in we can set items aside until you get here. Our phone number is 503-642-4100. You can also check out our Square site which has some paint but does not have the mod
  4. Unfortunately we are out of wraithbone primer, we do have corax white and 1 grey seer left.
  5. Great, thanks Burk!
  6. I work at a local game store and was wondering if it is legit to post a few pictures of what inventory we have left? I know a lot of people out there are looking for more models/paint and having a hard time finding them at this time. Anyways I will wait to get a response before posting anything. Thank you Admins.
  7. Thanks for the tips paxmiles! That continuous 500pt swap battle sounds pretty fun, I'm defiantly going to give that a shot.
  8. Ok Pretre, I could definitely see it being more "best appearance". I am pretty new to the whole seen does "best army" factor in strategic unit selection or anything or is that just another form of "best appearance"?
  9. Well this subject has been pretty hashed out but I'll throw out my opinion. I think that "best painted" is best painted and basing should be a factor. If the person commissioned it or painted it them selves doesn't factor into it. Did that person you played with a really cool looking commissioned army add to the enjoyment and imagery of the game? That is the main factor in my mind. I like the player vote idea and agree with von hammer. Personally I don't think it is as cool or personal of an army if you didn't paint it yourself, but that's just my thought.
  10. Hey guys, I am still pretty new to 40k but am taking over the league at my store and am really getting into it. I could use some ideas on how to make it fun for all. We are running kill teams currently until February when we will start a new league, generally a month long but that could be changed. Anyways I have a few questions for you guys that get out and play more, 1. What kind of leagues are out there as possibilities? Kill teams and Escalation are the only I know of. (I was thinking Escalation might be good since we have a few newer players.) 2. What were some qualities about league
  11. Well I'm having trouble pasting links from this computer, but the Rainy Day site or Facebook group have most of the info. It is a slightly modified version from the 2013 kill teams book. I think you can only find it at the Black Library now, but it is there.
  12. 1. Paint up my 1000pts of bugs 2. Get more bugs 3. Enter or attend and watch a tournament (I am pretty knew, only played a few small point games) 4. Get my local store league more active
  13. Here is the address for anyone else wondering. We are out side Portland on the west side. 18105 SW TV Hwy Aloha, OR 97003
  14. Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know we are running kill teams on Sundays at Rainy Day Games. It starts at 12pm and goes till 6pm. Our Facebook group, Rainy Day Games Warhammer 40k, has some info on force selection. Anyways hope to see some new faces this Sunday!
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