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  1. I joined your discord- had a good time last night, thanks
  2. I’ll be there tonight- I already have 1000 points of goblins packed up but I’ll scale it back as needed.
  3. I for one am actually glad it isn’t ‘killteam’ in AoS. i suspect it will be a far better balanced game this way.
  4. Anyone interested in splitting the upcoming carrion empire box? I’m interested in the Flesh Eaters Courts. Lemme know
  5. I’m workin on it. I’ve got 20 reapers built and primed on the bench right now and im just trying to settle in on a paint scheme for em.
  6. Been sitting on these models for a long time. Painting 40ks been getting stale for me so... figured id show off what I’ve been working on
  7. Just start expanding on your range of imperium. You can always make a mixed force army at 2000 points. Get yourself some custodes- one box of five builds a patrol detachment of them. Two boxes and you have a battalion. Grab a single knight box and add a super heavy auxiliary. Oh, or maybe you like tanks and imperial guard is more you your liking- they have a huge range of dudes that do all sorts of things. Combine that with some of your already existing marines and you could easily create a more dynamic list that is both ‘fluffy’ and viable. More to the
  8. Wow, this thread gets me super pumped to play in the League.
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