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  1. If GW rules are "professionally written" then this is most certainly bizzaro world.
  2. Painting models is what it’s all about!! is that a wooden sword on the lead goblin?
  3. Kenyon Duncan and I are grudging each other round 1. #ezPoints
  4. Update Still have not started painting the Forlorn knights. I am going to do a myriad of green + white as a half/half vertical split. This means a lot of free hand on the edges, we shall see if this works... For this particular unit, ill be putting the airbrush away 😭. In my hobby time, I have spent the time not painting forlorn by making and basing the movement trays for what I have and started to paint the battle-yaks and a catapult which will be a stand in for a proper trebuchet until I invest the time to scratch build a treb.
  5. I am with you on the re-buying everything. I'd time it to fit outside of the core Friday events, no idea what that'll look like at this point, but ill be there all day/night. I wanted to keep it short and simple, so that people feel like they can go take a leak, or grab a beer mid game. Need a break? Get yourself killed! That's the free for all spirit! Its about making points, not denying them!
  6. I am in the musings phase of putting together a 3-or-so hour game of Xwing as a Friday event at OFCC this year. The idea is to have a Free for all, 8 players max, on one 2' x 2' board. Players would be limited to 1 ship, build would be something like 30 points. Ruleset would be first edition, and I have all 3 factions and tons of duplicate ships, really enough to field like 8 regular 150 point games at once. The idea is that players are awarded points for doing damage to each other and scoring kills. If your ship is destroyed, you respawn at the cost of a couple points. Players can take breaks, refit or totally switch out their ships and just re-enter the fray at the start of any turn. There will also be special objectives/achievements to score extra points. Tournament would be 3 rounds with as many turns as can be completed in a set time limit (45-60 min). Each player's activation will have a time limit to keep things quick and exciting, don't over think it! The first round would be a simple standard setup, mostly open space with some space debris. Second round would have custom nebula terrain with random effects to your ship if you pass through them. Last round would have a custom imperial space station at the center with NPC gun turrets and roaming NPC tie fighters using a very clever AI system. The purpose here is to just add a bit of chaos. I can supply everything needed (mat, pieces, tokens, upgrade cards, etc). I wanted to solicit interest in this sort of thing. I have already put together most of a ruleset which I feel is pretty solid. No idea on cost, but I am hoping we can keep it low. Casuals and noobs to Xwing absolutely encouraged (ill tech you how to play before the first round starts). Or hell, just learn during the firefight. Reply to this thread if you are interested.
  7. Yep, @DisruptiveConduct has volunteered to be our champion. We owe him a heavy thanks!
  8. Since everyone else is posting their lists, here is what I was thinking: Warlord: Paladin + Grail Oath + Horse + Lance + Wormwood core + Shield Retinue: Knights Aspirant x12 + Standard + Banner of the last charge 30x peasant levee 30x peasant levee 24x peasant archers Trebuchet 15x Forlorn Knights + Standard
  9. Have any more pics of them bloat flies yet? Those winged demon models look pretty rad.
  10. Super cool looking! Is that from the same model company as all your infantry?
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