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  1. Damn @Ish That's some serious dedication to tincture. When I do the heavy infantry ill come up with something that you don't have a name for! Fun OCD fact. Every peasant (after the first 8 ) is composed of 2 main colors. Every shield is composed of those 2 same colors. The primary color of every peasant matches one of the colors of the shield that they are carrying, but never do both colors on the shield match the peasant colors. A little bit of order among the chaos!
  2. @valourunbound All that are born can be born again. March to war 2020 only happens once in a lifetime!
  3. How the heck did Ben get the #1 spot?! Throw me in for the next rank. So long as I am ahead of John...
  4. What do you get when you combine a 3 day weekend and some serious procrastination on Adulting? A finished unit! Way ahead of the December schedule! Heres a shot of the shields before I put them on. I had planned on masking / airbrushing all the shields, but that turned out to be a pain in the butt and I was still getting crummy results. I just decided to go freehand with it. Afterwards I made an executive decision to use a black marker of sorts to outline (as per @Ish's suggestion) as to not displease the Heraldry gods. I did make up some unconventional symbols, and some of the stuff certainly came out a bit crooked, but hey! They are peasants, and I still have another 70 infantry on sprue, so I shouldn't get hung up on little details like that. Overall I am pretty happy with the unit. Not a whole lot I would change doing it again. Certainly some steps I could cut out of the assembly line. Also, I did about a 50/50 dilution of the Strong tone with water, worked like a charm! Thanks @Andrewgeddon for the tip! Though now it occurs to me that you had used a thinning medium, not water, whoops! 😅 Next up is some light cavalry!
  5. You could also just use the towers as a big unit filler. It’d look pretty cool!
  6. Looks like it was all just point balances. Changes to books are always highlighted in blue text within the AB. In addition, there is a change log at the bottom which has a summary of changes. Some of the blue text in the book is normally changed for clarification, there were very few examples during the last update of actual rules changes. There will likely be 1 or 2 more minor point tweaks before they call this set of balance updates done. It's an interesting process they use. The team gathers as much tournament data as they can together and looks at win/loss with certain armies and army composition. They then apply point changes to try and balance out the favoring of one unit over another. The team appears to want to try and do this once a year, since they can gather a decent amount of tournament data in a 1 year period. The data is by no means "all telling", but they use this as a chance to address over performing units/lists/combinations as well as help mix up the meta. For instance, if everyone takes Myrmidons in a list, then Myrmidons will see a point hike OR all other choices will see a point decrease, or something in between. Its a tenuous process as you are trying to internally balance books at the same time as maintaining external balance. The point changes are all a little here, a little there, typically never enough to "invalidate" a list, but sometimes it means you have to take a couple fewer R&F models, or drop a magic item / upgrade.
  7. You might not be able to finish a game if you show up at 5. I’m likely busy this Sunday.
  8. So as I read it, The Harbinger of Father Chaos can take "Manifestations of Father Chaos and those available to the General" Vanadra's Scourge can be a general, and has access to Manifestations of Father Chaos and Wrath. So, Vandras Scorge general allows Harbingers to take Wrath Manifestations, of which if you take the dominant version, pass that manifestation benefit to R&F within the unit. It is certainly not an inexpensive way to get flaming attacks, but you do get a flying murder machine caster out of the deal.
  9. Well the DL is the newest book. Since T9A is built on the framework of 8th edition, it borrows a lot of legacy concepts from that game. However, in order to not stagnate, it is moving towards a new identity for it's armies. Khorne does not feel like Khorne anymore because Khorne no longer exists. There are other projects that recreated 8th edition lore but just changed a few rules, T9A is different than that. If what you are really longing for is a Khorne themed army, T9A is probably not the best solution. It is easy to get caught up in the similarities, since a lot of it is totally identical. But as with Warriors of the Dark Gods, DL was completely reworked and is something new. It had to shed it's old pigeon holed identity in order to achieve this. I have mad respects for the old universe, but that just isn't the direction of the game. I think you may be confused about some of the list building aspects, as you can join a Savar, a Harbinger, or a Deceiver to a unit, in the cast of the Savar it can be the only hero in the unit. In addition, you can get Myrmadons to have flaming attacks if you also have a Harbinger who takes the wrath upgrade which also requires a Wrath GD. Yes, it sort of forces you to go with a "mono-manifestation", but that is how they are balancing the book. You cant just pick the cream of the crop from all the demon manifestations and expect the army to even come close to being balanced. Conversely, you can skip the Greater Demon and always take manifestations from Father of Chaos to your Harbinger, or from the several manifestations hand picked that are unique to each unit. The number of combinations are staggeringly high. Balance, whether we like it or not, is one of the primary motivators of why things in the books are the way they are.
  10. Is that ultra marine holding a fantasy axe? Awesome! What is it about Simple Green that you did not like, not enough stripping? Blade Dancers all have paired weapons right? Plus you can dance up another attack, so 20 attacks from a 10 dancer unit. Sounds like a west side story knife fight.
  11. Update! So, hobby stuff stopped for a while there. Finally got back on and added a few more deets to the peasant horde. Weapons are now mostly done, have moved on to heads. All of this (in pic) was accomplished in perhaps an hour or so. Last touch is leather for the heads, leather for the boots, and leather for some weapon handle wraps. After that comes the shields, which will bog me down quite a bit due to masking. Hoping to have the unit done by Dec as an arbitrary goal!
  12. @valourunbound Points will start at 2k, and will increase by roughly 500-750 each time. I think the whole campaign is 5 or so matches, the scenarios and conditions of which depend on the results of players for Order/Chaos. You should fill out the poll! Obviously you will not be held to these days, its just to figure out where we should generally try to schedule. https://forms.gle/uiADYooHzoy5jPuY6
  13. Does 15 blade dancers really count as a "deathstar"? Seems more like a Victory-1 class Star Destroyer....
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