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  1. That's the most honest, straightforward, and amicable rules evaluation that has ever come from a trixy, cheating, rules ignoring vermin swarm player such as yourself. Are you turning to the good side now?
  2. Same dwarf list that I brought to OFCC, and that you dispatched when we played at GG. King + Shield Bearers + 2x Might + 1x Destruction + 1x Shielding + Shield Rune Smith + 1x Iron + 1x Lightning + 1x Harnessing + 3x Battle Runes 20x Greybeards + HW/S + FC 25x Warriors + Spear/S + FC 10x Marksmen + Shields + Guild Handguns + Music 19x Deep Watch + Aether Banner + FC 16x Kings Guard + Wisdom Banner + FC 10x Miners + Paired Weapons + Throwing Weapons + Music 1x Vengeance Seeker 1x Gyro Bomber 1x Grudge Buster 1x Organ Gun 1x Cannon Super plain, no funny business kind of list
  3. Ya! I feel the same way. I decided to double down on the strong tone for this entire army so that it all looks unified. Sounds like ill have to test the weathering pigments, a 50/50 strong tone / thinner, and a soft tone and report the results. MORE PIX TO COME
  4. Huh, I don't really know what that is. Stuff like this? https://www.amazon.com/Vallejo-Dust-Dirt-Pigment-4x35ml/dp/B07193GYZQ/ref=sr_1_2?crid=229FT4DDPMKIC&keywords=weathering+powder&qid=1568825710&sprefix=weathering+po%2Caps%2C204&sr=8-2 Pretty sure I have seen this at GG. Looks like Lamia Medium is basically just a thinning medium? I have vallejo thinner, ill give that a shot!
  5. Vallejo matte varnish. It’s just an intermediate step before masking as I had a lot of issues with ripping paint when I airbrushed my dwarf blimps. Oh what a nightmare...
  6. here is the strong tone, so the wash stuff. Here’s also a couple close ups of the shields. Since I brush on the tone, it’s hard to get a move even coverage. The wash, although people claim it is water based, still smells like a petroleum product (or something noxious). I need to try watering it waaay down. Water does seem to mix in with small amounts, so it probably is still water based. Ill pick up soft tone too. I am basically using the tone as a crutch for the entire army. It does an OK job, certainly TT ready. My favorite part of the tone is that it creates a nice protective layer, so I don’t get paint chipping or anything like that. i like the idea to seal after masking, it would add another step, but it sounds well worth it. As it stands, maybe 3 of the shields I did came out with crisp lines, the other 5 needed touch ups. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Progress! First of all, I for the first time actually took a picture of what paints I used for my test models so I don't have to guess what colors I used. 5 Primary colors (clothing/shields) 5 Secondary colors (metal, shoes, wood, leather, skin) Mass production of the remaining 40 peasants is well under way. At 5 sprues each with 8 peasants, I used the 5 primary colours to make up their outfits. I decided to be as "equal-tane-able" (har har) as possible, and divided the 5 colours across the 5 sprues, so that I ended up with 8 torsos, 8 left arms, 8 right arms, and 8 shields of each colour. I actually ended up sort of randomly choosing pairs of arms and shields throughout the sprues to add in a bit more randomness in the poses. Next time, Ill just spray the entire sprue 1 color, which would be MUCH easier, and makes very little difference. Next I separated all the torsos out and paired to each torso matching coloured left and right arms (shoulders) that are of different colour than the torso. Since there are 8 of each torso colour, and 4 colours remaining (after discounting the torso colour), each colour is repeated to two torsos. Finally all was assembled... Next step is a whole lot of paint brushing. I plan to go 1 color at a time to touch up all models which need that color (due to clipping from the sprue, and various spots I missed). Additionally, bottom of the torsos (the bottom fringes of the torsos) will take on the colour of the shoulders, and the forearm sleeves must take on the colour of the torso. After all of that, the heads which should be simple as they have no primary colors on them. They are just skin, leather, and metal. Once heads are done and attached, its off to accessories. Shoes, belts, weapon grips, blades, and hands. Luckily these peasants have no personal belongings, so no pouches to mess around with. After that will be basing, which I still need to decide on. The final step will be the shields which will take some time to do all the masking. As for the rest of the army, there is plenty to paint, with plenty more coming in a couple weeks. 48 peasant infantry 24 peasant archers 24 foot knights 12 "Teutonic mounted knights" 12 "Templar mounted knights" 12 mounted sergeants 2 mounted characters 2 characters on foot (from Reaper minis) 1 mounted magical person I have some musings as to what I want to do with war machines, a part of me wants to scratch build trebuchets. Another part of me wants to say to hell with that and just buy the $5 catapults from D&D 5E scenery: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73731.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=1o1&scid=scplpWZK73731&sc_intid=WZK73731&gclid=Cj0KCQjwiILsBRCGARIsAHKQWLNj9hUFNlvpJXdigm_cqkNwQSew59HhMaXrSPRtiZCPRbeCcr86resaAiNiEALw_wcB It's slightly larger than scale, but pretty dang close. Its also a torsion device and not a counter weight design, which is totally nerd-heresy, but for only $5?! Pre-primed, and available at most FLGS! Did I mention they are only $5?
  8. Stop being so damned agreeable! It takes all the wind out of my sick burns.
  9. You mean Joel! Ya, lets do a practice! I'm just bringing that same DH list cause I am not adventurous enough to change it. I need to practice smiling while my teeth get kicked in 😄
  10. Daaaang @BenKerr is in 10th place. What a boss. @valourunbound is in 37th, respectable for someone who plays 5 times a year ;D
  11. I'm taking that best sport title from you as well! GONNA BRING ALL GOOD SPIRITS
  12. Savor the rank while you can, for after the zoo you shan’t be ahead.
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