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  1. Hey that’s great to hear! I’ll definitely get in touch with them when I’m up next month or so. And certainly will make a pilgrimage to Bellingham for a tourney. just played my first in person game of 9th age in well over a year and it definitely reawakened something. The hobby bug is back!
  2. I’ll second that, I’m no longer in the Bellingham area, but moving up to Portland at the end of the summer and was looking forward to a trip up north for a tournament and some beers. It’s sad to hear the momentum has died down, hopefully there’s energy to build back up! The Bellinghamsters were hands down the best group I ever had the opportunity to play with, I hope even if it’s not for 9th age you’re all able to get back together and keep on gaming!
  3. I think I have plans to play with Kacy this Tuesday, KoE up against his newly painted (props to joey) VC
  4. @Sherbert, if you're up for that, I'll bring my undying dynasties down
  5. Just got back into town, anyone down for a game of 9th?
  6. I meant early, 2:30 or 3:00 for start time
  7. I'd be down for an early game, like 2-5:30 or so and then a game with @Sherbert or @smashthedean at 6:00
  8. I can take them off your hands if no one else wants them. I like pretty pictures of nice plastic
  9. Sorry Jim, I'm going to have to cancel our game this week, something came up and I'll be out of town. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. I got a game lined up with Jake, beasts vs empire, blood will be spilled!
  11. The beasts march to war against the ogres of gage, the guantlet has been thrown and the hams shall be warred
  12. Be kind to them, they're only good-intentioned bovines
  13. I've got a game with Nick, my beasts will dine on lizards! (they prefer warm bodies, but cold blood will do in a pinch).
  14. If the plan hasn't changed, the beast heard will be joining forces with a legion of demons to destroy the evil humans and vile dwarves! (2v2 game of 9th)
  15. I'm up for a team battle next week, KoE, undying dynasties, VC, or beast herds, you name it, I'll bring it.
  16. I'm finally getting in a game with nick! cold blooded lizards vs starving peasants!
  17. No worries i have plans to play with nick next week, but he's missed the last two weeks so I doubt he'll show up. tentative rain check.
  18. I'm up for a game, I'm trying a new iteration of the peasant list, this time there's a flying pony!
  19. Looks like I'm still in need of an opponent. @Sherbert?
  20. Update: Nick is unavailable, so I'm looking for a game of 9th. Anyone still looking for a game?
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