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  1. Cool, I will try to get my teams up this weekend. Any rules about Caskaide team friendlies? I noticed I couldn't schedule my caskaide team with a premiership team for a friendly through ordobowl. Is that on purpose league separation? This is going to be cool I think.
  2. For overtime, is there a flip for kick/receive or does half progression proceed as normal? Do rerolls reset? In playoffs, can star players be used?
  3. I am interested as well. I can dial back the skaven and play with a rogre.
  4. sfoster

    Fumbbl Advice

    Alright, the keyed Ferrari stays on the team. Thanks Burk.
  5. sfoster

    Fumbbl Advice

    Normally I don't post this, but... I have a mov 10 Ag5 gutter that just got -1 stre. No other skills, do I fire? A blodge gutter just rolled a 10, but I haven't selected MOV yet. Do I develop the mov 10 blodge or keep the mov 10 ag 5 stre 1? I feel like I got a Ferrari and on the first outing someone keyed it, didn't even say they were sorry.
  6. I have not purchased a 2020 calendar. I wonder if there are any Blood bowl themed calendars?
  7. I am in and for aggressive schedule.
  8. Sunday afternoon 2pm for sunday 08/11. Any team welcome.
  9. Looking for friendly game of bloodbowl this sunday 07/28 afternoon. Skaven 1420 and any team welcome. Let me know by thursday.
  10. Looking for a friendly for blood bowl on sunday 07/21 afternoon. Any team welcome. 1420 Skaven. Can play at WOW clubhouse or Vancouver gaming spot.
  11. Alright, got the match scheduled, cya on sunday at 2.
  12. That, works cya then. Let me know what team you decide and we can schedule the match and setup inducements and whatnot.
  13. Looking for a friendly match on July 14th, Sunday afternoon at WOW. Any team welcome.
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