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  1. -chirp chirp- "Hello, this is Captain Daniels, Planetary Investigations Division, can I help you?" "Jake, guess who?" "I'm a detective, not a guesser. Who am I speaking to please?" "It's your favorite informant" "ah! Long time no not see. What can I do for my most favoritist informant?" "The mandressa. She's supposedly been staying at her grand uncle's place. Absolutely not true, the estate's been empty for weeks." "... ... Interesting. I can see that it's important, but why would it be important enough for you to get in touch now, it's been a couple years." "Are you kidding? With the whole Reserve Bank thing?" "What Reserve Bank thing?" "Really? The vaults. The Planetary Reserve vaults are empty, been empty for at least 5 days, and I think there's a connection with another thing that's also missing." "How do you know that?" "Come on Jake, you are talking to your mostest favorite informant, of course I know that." "No, I am being serious, how do you know that?" "Why are you asking? That's not how I do things Jake, you know that." "Here's the question. What else do you know about that?" "Interesting. Actually not much more than that, why?" "Because of the 3 people who have the capability to do that, 2 of them have also come up missing, with their families. One of them went missing the hard way, children and all." "... Director Lou Hong?" "Classified. Along with some other things about which inquiries are proceeding. A large number of things. So my advice to my favorite informant is to find the deepest hole he can find and stay there for another 2 years." "Again." "Yep, again" "Alright Jake, thanks. I won't keep in touch" "You know where to find me." -beep boop- "
  2. ok, there is lots of lostech out there, especially on the black market, and has been for a while.
  3. So. D has completed 11 months of his 12 month contract. Chris is up to month 8. I want to do a 12 v 12 for D's final month and I would also like to have both C and Ish available if possible to play in this capstone mission for D's contract. Please let me know if this is possible. For C and Ishi, participation in this mission will be part of your current garrison mission. D has been able to retain 1 of the four containers that are part of D's overall campaign, the mission will be attack/defend in a base to retain/capture the final container. After that we will need to fast track C's campaign to finalize his current contract before doing the wedding announcement. C's final month for his campaign will also be a 12 v 12. Once the wedding announcement occurs the contracts available will be expanded to include the pre-4th succession war objective raids and lostech expansion.
  4. To: _____________ Planetary Directorate, Capellan Confederation Armed Forces Subject: Dignified Transfer of Remains From: Mortuary Affairs, Mercenary Review Board, ComStar, Galatea I have received a request to transfer the remains of Sergeant Joseph Knight. This pilot was Killed or Wounded in Action on contract for McCarron's Armored Cavalry on _______________. In addition, I have received an additional request from McCarron's Armored Cavalry's adjutant, Lieutenant Colonel Naomi Russell, for personal clothing and equipment as well as recordings in memorium as per MRB protocol.
  5. To: [encrypted] Subject: Face to Face request and IO 526Delta It has become imperative that we get agents to the ______________ regional garrison. [Winter is coming, Oak] From: [encrypted]
  6. The dance was over the remains of the victor. If I could chase him off the board, all is good. But he got lucky with a right arm arc headshot.
  7. DAMMIT! Is this the reddit league or a different league?
  8. Long story short, if you have an objective that you have to move with hands, make sure you bring mech's that actually HAVE hands.
  9. RNG. I clicks a button and if it looks canon I checks it and if it is canon I posts it.
  10. To: Major Sanders-Howe, Commander, Detroit Consolidated MercWorks Subject: Expanded Contracts available (as requested) From: Mercenary Review Board, ComStar, Galatea Employer: Lyran Commonwealth Assignment: Garrison Duty Length: 14 Months Payment Multiplier: 2.81xBase Pay Straight Support: 55% Battle Loss: 20% Drop/Jump Ship Compensation: 18% Commercial Compensation: 30% Salvage Rights: Full Rights Command Rights: Integrated Command Employer: Draconis Combine (Rasalhague Military District) Assignment: Garrison Duty Length: 12 Months Payment Multiplier: 2.16xBase Pay Straight Support: 75% Battle Loss: 15% Drop/Jump Ship Compensation: 32% Commercial Compensation: 37% Salvage Rights: Full Rights Command Rights: Independent Command Employer: Federated Suns Assignment: Garrison Duty Length: 16 Months Payment Multiplier: 2.46xBase Pay Straight Support: 65% Battle Loss: 15% Drop/Jump Ship Compensation: 32% Commercial Compensation: 40% Salvage Rights: Full Rights Command Rights: Integrated Command Employer: Free World League Assignment: Garrison Duty Length: 22 Months Payment Multiplier: 3.02xBase Pay Straight Support: 90% Battle Loss: 15% Drop/Jump Ship Compensation: 12% Commercial Compensation: 39% Salvage Rights: Full Rights Command Rights: Liason Officer Employer: Capellan Confederation Assignment: Garrison Duty Length: 16 Months Payment Multiplier: 4.32xBase Pay Straight Support: 65% Battle Loss: 20% Drop/Jump Ship Compensation: 32% Commercial Compensation: 35% Salvage Rights: Full Rights Command Rights: House Command
  11. I am running a table-top campaign. I have scenarios that allow two players on contract to play each other. Notionally they play against each other but in campaign/game the opposing force is part of the contract for each player. After each game each pilot gains an XP point plus each player nominates an opposing pilot as MVP for an additional XP point. To start: Generate 1-3 combat units. I/e 3 lances/1 company. Or you can do like Chris did and have one of the combat units be tracked vehicles. You can start with a lance if you want or a tank company or whatever strikes your fancy. Total up the cost of the combat units, add a bit for spending money and that amount is the starting "loan". The loan is divided up into monthly payments across 20 years. I do want to see a 1 page background on the company commander/unit history so I can do reputation. Finally hire pilots/techs. Veterans are 2,000 C-bills monthly pay, Recruits are 1,000 C-bills monthly pay. Sum up the monthly pay and add it to the monthly loan payment and that is the unit's Monthly Base Pay for contracts. This is an example contract for 3019: Employer: Magistracy of Canopus Assignment: Garrison Duty Contract Length: 20 Months Payment Multiplier: 2.16X Base Pay Support: 60% Battle Loss Compensation: 30% Drop/Jump Ship Compensation 27% Commercial Compensation: 39% Salvage Rights: Full Salvage Command Rights: Independent Command So, for example, if you build a company of 12 mechs that have a C-Bill cost of 50 million C-Bills, your monthly payment is 208,333 C-Bills. 3 veteran/8 Recruit Pilots is 14,000. That makes a Base Pay of about 223K C-Bills. So for this Garrison Contract you would make 480k C-Bills per battle/game/month. You recalculate your Base pay for each contract based on your current combat units value and pilot skill. A battle is one month. So 1 game with a player, do MVP/XP, then get paid, pay your monthly payment and Pilot/Tech pay, and do the post game repairs/reloads. As the campaign progress, build your mechs, get dropships, gain reputation and fame, establish a home planet and get ready for the 4th Succession War. If you make it through that... Then 3048/3050 depending on where your home base/current contract is.
  12. To: [encrypted] Subject: Intercept Overhead IO 380 Echo No databurst. [Oak, The sun shines bright, still have Root, Grafting. Willow] From: [encrypted]
  13. To: [encrypted] Subject: Intercept Overhead IO 90Delta 2nd floor wants a personal, either tonight or first thing tomorrow. [Oak, Willow, Dogwood and Dogwood 2 are timbered, OF secured Root, Grafting. Dogwood 4] From: [encrypted]
  14. Dammit.. Am I doing the right one? Insert stats here-interdivisional opponent? It's the human team without a #1 player? starts at #2? Score 0, FF 0, Fame 1, 40k winnings? Round 7?
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