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  1. Tuesday early evening. 530ish is good for you?
  2. I have been very sick the last few weeks. The doctors don't know what it is. I have been resting a lot and I have completely missed multiple occasions where my dance partner has been available. This is completely my fault and my deep apologies to everyone and my match partner.
  3. I am so sorry.. I am sick. I've been ill for a while. Monday should work.
  4. So Sat early afternoon? my phone is 503-957-7906
  5. I've been off and on again sick so send me a text at 503-957-7906, matchup sometime this week. I've been resting a lot and wake up with enough energy to play.
  6. Uki.. holdon.. tonight or tomorrow I think.?
  7. Yes, I would like to play, The team I had before..
  8. Playing Mordheim, my daughter was kinda freaked by the skaven glowing red eyes.. Then she said.. "They're Ninja Rats".. Because of course Splinter is a skaven ninja rat.
  9. So, they came out with the computer game, I haven't bought it yet but is anyone interested in multiplayer steam/pc?
  10. why do rotters have agi 3.. Thank you for the match Bosco.
  11. My internet has been going out a lot lately. Went out again yesterday and they said no repair till monday, then it fixed itself.
  12. Monday.. Uh.. Did i miss .. holdon. Doesn't matter. It's the 29th today. Sunday. Is tomorrow or sometime this week good for you?
  13. Ok, I see. Bosco I'm available pretty much anytime in the evening. Txt me 503-957-7906
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