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  1. I am in division 2? I got a ticket but promptly forgot what it was for.
  2. Do I join the S3 catchup labeled for Ish, or do I stay here. Because frankly I would rather just start in the normal competition and let the TV settle the game. I'm here to play, not win.
  3. I did the wrong thing I think. I joined the S2 catchup?
  4. Ok. so. I make a team at 1000 points, then register to join the competition?
  5. I had a random name pop up in my roster, Gotri Axesmightersonson, what the hell is that? must be a glitch. No, it's the decayed remains of a dwarf troll slayer.
  6. So that worked. I am up for another game if anyone wants. It's about 6pm Thu
  7. Ok so. Blarg Blarg Honk 2 is in the Fumble thingy. Shiela is Washington and Donut is Lopez. I hit the activate button so.
  8. YAY! Now let's see if I can find it I am Harlequin_Corps on the Steam Friends List. Please add
  9. Rose City Rockets: 1, 12, 8, 9, 13
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