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  1. Ok, I see. Bosco I'm available pretty much anytime in the evening. Txt me 503-957-7906
  2. Mon/tue ish, early evening. My phone is 503-957-7906
  3. Thank you for the assistance helping me figure that out.
  4. So, back to the point of the original thread... So, there is a new edition of Blood Bowl?
  5. You have to click ON the player that was selected with either right or left mouse. not just anywhere on the screen. Has to be specifically on the player otherwise the menu pop-up to [De-Select Player] won't come up. So click on the player until the [De-Select Player] with the stop sign pop-up comes up then click to deselect player. Also want to put a pause in between moving the mouse and clicking the button because the app is satellite latency behind on ping (500-700 ms)
  6. Maxwell, I am available most days early evening, send me a text 503-957-7906
  7. I need to take some pills and go prone for a bit till they kick in. Would 6-7ish tonight work for you? I should be up then. Otherwise 5ish tomorrow/Fri?
  8. Tonight/tomorrow early evening. Thu/Fri ?
  9. I now have 8 goats, 4 chickens, 3 cats, and a small child ensconced at my home. It's been a busy week. Burk....
  10. I now know more about HVAC than I wanted to 2 weeks ago.
  11. Working on it. now.. had a hectic day
  12. yeah.. that didn't work. I hit that button and not only did it continue to block, it chose the player that I blocked when I hadn't.
  13. would someone please explain to me how to cancel an action.. Yet once again it forced me to block when I clicked to cancel.
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