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  1. Send me a text at 503-957-7906. I am usually available early evening. The doctors gave me 3 new meds that I have been trying and so far things are better.
  2. Tuesday early evening. 530ish is good for you?
  3. I have been very sick the last few weeks. The doctors don't know what it is. I have been resting a lot and I have completely missed multiple occasions where my dance partner has been available. This is completely my fault and my deep apologies to everyone and my match partner.
  4. I am so sorry.. I am sick. I've been ill for a while. Monday should work.
  5. So Sat early afternoon? my phone is 503-957-7906
  6. I've been off and on again sick so send me a text at 503-957-7906, matchup sometime this week. I've been resting a lot and wake up with enough energy to play.
  7. Uki.. holdon.. tonight or tomorrow I think.?
  8. Yes, I would like to play, The team I had before..
  9. Playing Mordheim, my daughter was kinda freaked by the skaven glowing red eyes.. Then she said.. "They're Ninja Rats".. Because of course Splinter is a skaven ninja rat.
  10. So, they came out with the computer game, I haven't bought it yet but is anyone interested in multiplayer steam/pc?
  11. why do rotters have agi 3.. Thank you for the match Bosco.
  12. My internet has been going out a lot lately. Went out again yesterday and they said no repair till monday, then it fixed itself.
  13. Monday.. Uh.. Did i miss .. holdon. Doesn't matter. It's the 29th today. Sunday. Is tomorrow or sometime this week good for you?
  14. Ok, I see. Bosco I'm available pretty much anytime in the evening. Txt me 503-957-7906
  15. Mon/tue ish, early evening. My phone is 503-957-7906
  16. Thank you for the assistance helping me figure that out.
  17. So, back to the point of the original thread... So, there is a new edition of Blood Bowl?
  18. You have to click ON the player that was selected with either right or left mouse. not just anywhere on the screen. Has to be specifically on the player otherwise the menu pop-up to [De-Select Player] won't come up. So click on the player until the [De-Select Player] with the stop sign pop-up comes up then click to deselect player. Also want to put a pause in between moving the mouse and clicking the button because the app is satellite latency behind on ping (500-700 ms)
  19. Maxwell, I am available most days early evening, send me a text 503-957-7906
  20. I need to take some pills and go prone for a bit till they kick in. Would 6-7ish tonight work for you? I should be up then. Otherwise 5ish tomorrow/Fri?
  21. Tonight/tomorrow early evening. Thu/Fri ?
  22. I now have 8 goats, 4 chickens, 3 cats, and a small child ensconced at my home. It's been a busy week. Burk....
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