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  1. Today I have a thing and tomorrow (saturday) I have a thing. Sunday early evening?
  2. Ok, so. either FUMBBL is wrong, or there has been a change. I have Aaron Strongshield on my roster as a rotter, He was killed at some point in the past with Nurgles rot. He has Loner and Journeyman on his statline. That's either wrong, or new. I have to hire him for 40k. That's also wrong or new. So which is it? Because Nurgles rot just gives me a rotter for free that I don't have to pay for. Edit, Now I no longer have that person on my team I have a Christopher Necur. Who isn't a journeyman or a loner. I am very confused.
  3. Ok, I can't do Saturday, tonight, evening. Unless it's sometime after dark. My wife tells me we're going to a barbecue, then asks if we should put the chickens up. So she is planning on being home after dark.
  4. Saturday evening good for you?
  5. I am good anytime really, txt me at 503-957-7906. Today is Tue, I can do Wed Eve 15Jul from 5-9ish if that works for you.
  6. I will work on getting this done in time.
  7. working on it. Ish I am available anytime
  8. Give me a txt, 503-957-7906 I am not working so pretty much at home all the time.
  9. I don't think I understand who I'm supposed to play.
  10. Ah. Not the arena doohickeys. You mean giving up. Yep. Got it. No giving up via the game menu.
  11. I am at home most of the time, give me a txt at 503-957-7906
  12. In 5th Edition the BA assault marines are troop choices, not fast attack and can take 2 meltaguns in a 5 model unit, Jump pack models only scatter 1d6 instead of 2d6 (Descent of Angels), BA Land Raiders can deep strike, BA units reroll their reserve rolls if they fail (upgrades a 50% to 75% chance to come in on deep strike on turn 2), 5th Edition you can have your entire force in reserve and you don't auto lose if no models are on the board at the end of the battle round, BA Vanguard Veterans can assault on the turn they deep strike, etc etc.
  13. It's 8 am Sunday, sometime today, give me a text at 503-957-7906
  14. Looking for someone who is interested in joining a 7DTD game starting at day 1. I'm kinda bored playing solo and want to open up a game with other people.
  15. Sooooo, I am pretty much a dis-interested bystander, this isn't something I would be looking at playing, BUT... How much of the Blood Angels codex are you going to throw out? -Descent of Angels -Assault Marines with 2 melta's as troop choice. -Vehicle Pen chart with insta kill for melta's on 5's. -Deep Striking Land Raiders. -Entire force in reserve until turn 2 -Power weapons/Storm Shields for 5 points. -Vanguard Veteran Charge on deep strike. -Blood Lance
  16. are we going to maintain this thread as the match-up notification thread?
  17. I am in division 2? I got a ticket but promptly forgot what it was for.
  18. Do I join the S3 catchup labeled for Ish, or do I stay here. Because frankly I would rather just start in the normal competition and let the TV settle the game. I'm here to play, not win.
  19. I did the wrong thing I think. I joined the S2 catchup?
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