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  1. Greetings! I play with Team Diversity over in Ohio and had a quick question for you guys. I'm getting back into space marines and have always had a thing for Raven Guard. Do you guys have any suggestions on army lists? What works and what doesn't work? I'm wanting to assemble an army that's not hyper competitive, just fun and effective. Looking for around 1500 points for now, but 2000 points works as well. Thanks everyone!
  2. Greg - Week 9: 1W,1L, newly assembled Raven guard Will post Maria's results when she gets her second game in this weekend.
  3. Greg - Week 8: 1W,1L, newly painted models Maria - Week 8: 1W,1L, newly painted models Week 1: 1T (Make up game for Maria)
  4. As long as we can get it in prior to the weekend of September 24th, I'm good. Otherwise, I'll see you guys when I get back from Georgia in April.
  5. Greg - Week 4: Newly Assembled Models (Tempestus box) Week 6: Newly Assembled Models (Assault Marines) Week 7: Newly Assembled Models (MOAR ASSAWLT MEHREENZ)
  6. Greg - Week 6: 1W, 1L Week 7: 2L Maria - Week 4: 1W, 1L Week 5: 2L Week 6: 1W, 1L (Maria: Newly Painted Models each week)
  7. TIL Armor is nice, horses are not so nice.
  8. Also forgot these: Maria - Week 3: newly painted models Greg - Week 3: no models painted, because fat and lazy
  9. Greg - Week 3: 1W, 1L Maria - Week 1: 1L Week 2: 1L, 1 Tie Week 3: 1W, 1L
  10. Must we wait until 750 to use formations?
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