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  1. Will have our crew playing the perimeters this weekend as a test
  2. I will try and get the crew up here to practice on 100’s and let you know what the times are like.
  3. James, If you plan to run a potential 110 points, recommend you do some playtesting. Ed and I did 90 points of pewter and 7 points of cards and closed at 3.0 hours. Another pair ran 100 points all in and ran 3.0 hours. If we want to get people to finish in time, 100+ points might be high forcing a lot of loser brackets. If this is not for a nationals run, I would not worry about the BF point list and go with what you feel will work best. 99% of us are there to have fun and connect. At days end, you are the GM and we will back your call whatever you decide. Bill
  4. James, what are you leaning to for points so we can start running some test matches up here?
  5. 100 points of miniatures is doable, people just need to be game focused and banter reduced because time will be tight. Alternative would be to give non-clock time to set the deployment areas and prepare for the match.
  6. Posted this event to our FB feed: https://www.facebook.com/events/2392109681073299/?ti=icl
  7. Not officially speaking for the northern herd but I think you would get a lot of applause on dropping the points and keeping time. The crew that was playing were all experienced gamers that just got bogged down in big slug out matches that took time to play out. Playing to 2:15 was just a bridge too far at 109pts. However, if it stays, we will work with it because we are here to game and have fun. Being the game owner is not easy and you have the challenges of being the decision maker. Respect your decision.
  8. Last questions of the week: when are lists due for review and what is the email we send them to?
  9. Anyone have an extra Italian M14/41 card they would be willing trade or sell?
  10. How many tables do you want us Tacoma folk to set up? Collectively we could do 4-6 reducing the amount of stuff you have to pack up.
  11. After action Review: We ran a six player Enfilade practice today in tacoma at 109 points per player at 2:15 per match. We ran two rotations with the Outcome of 4/6 matches could not be completed in the time allowed; one match finished on the buzzer and one finished in perimeters. Group consensus is that 109 points is too big to finish in 2:15 resulting in a lot of players finishing on losing bracket scores. Option 1: reduce points and keep time Option 2: extend time and keep points Option 3: keep as is; prod your opponent to play as fast as possible.
  12. Shot you my German list on Saturday, and if you want me to top a table, I have all the kit packed and ready
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