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  1. I'll be on Nurgle! Grandfather's gifts are the best!
  2. The Infil-traitors have always been chaos based armies. We each use a Chaos God per player. Two of our players just shelled out serious money to build interesting armies for this tourney... Maybe the rule should be All or Nothing: Either everyone shares faction and different aspects or no one does? Update: we are all fine with using different codexes.
  3. This is my finalized list for OFCC. Still gotta paint the land raider crusader and Belial but the rest of the army is done and okay looking. Ill share better pics as I progress. Belial has heard there Fallen nearby and will do anything to get his hands on an informant. His CP from the Vanguard will be spent on Hunt the Fallen for some Lore funness. I Like this composition so far in testing. The Deathwing cant wait to drop in and share the holy word of bolter fire! Bringing to bear a remarkable 31 marines in Terminator armor. +++ Sm dark angels OFCC 2019 [138 PL, 2,000pts, 9 CP] +++
  4. This list turned out to be absolutely terrible and Ive started working on another possibly terrible Deathwing list.
  5. Very defensively first turn, then drop pods and high orbit as well form a strike force against my opponent. All the scouts and eliminators deploy behind an aegis line. Devestators in the Bastion. Infiltrators (see what i did there?) stop my opponent from deepstriking me where I dont want, and hopefully Ill have enough snipers to remove characters from play pretty early on. Hordes will probably stomp me. I'm not trying for any kind of high power level list at all. If I wanted to bring power, I'd bring 4 knights terryn. Instead, just something different and thematic. It IS meant to be a the
  6. ++ Fortification Network (Imperium - Space Marines) ++ + No Force Org Slot + **Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines + Fortification + Aegis Defense Line Imperial Bastion: 4x Heavy bolter ++ Brigade Detachment +12CP (Imperium - Space Marines) ++ + No Force Org Slot + **Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines Relics of the Chapter (2 Relics) + HQ + Captain: Master-crafted boltgun, Power sword, The Sanctic Halo Librarian in Phobos Armour: Camo cloak, Force sword, Tome of Malcador Lieutenant in Phobos Armour: Grav-chute, Master-crafted occulu
  7. The DG-Morty player here from WestRider's team. The list went 4-1. The list was Morty as warlord, Typhus, 30 poxwalkers, 40 cultists, 3 blightcrawlers, a daemon prince and cheap elite characters. I didnt exactly sweep any boards, but he is a unit that must be dealt with immediately. But mostly my opponents complained quite a bit when he sliced through whole units in a turn, they would say "He's very OP." I hadn't tweaked the army at all, Mortarion just got into combat like he's meant to. Regarding power levels, so basically no super heavies or OP cheap units like Morty should be brought?
  8. Now there is no question who he is, is okay? And, aw... guomini's still got enough weight when thrown to kill someone.
  9. It is permissable for me to use a pewter Great Unclean One - Greater Daemon of Nurgle counts as a wingless Daemon Prince of Nurgle with a Hellforged Sword? The new Great Unclean One model is larger than Mortarion, and this is the same base as the current dpn.
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