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  1. So car would not start this morning so unless I can fix it I will not be able to make it tomorrow. Would any once else like to play a game with salty?
  2. I am down for a game of 40k 2k points. Or a board game if there is not 40k.
  3. 1500pnt each 2v2 sounds like fun to me.
  4. I'd like to play a 2k game with my ultramariens.
  5. I will have 2k points with me tonight. Hope to be there by 6pm might be a little late. I am at the club house and ready to playnif anyone is on their way.
  6. I am looking for a 40k game at 2k points. It will be ultra mariens and admech. It will also be a harder hitting list, not maxed out but it will have teeth.
  7. Matt and I are on our way with 2k 40k lists.
  8. Sorry did not get as much built as I would have liked. I might come in to build models but I wont be getting a game in.
  9. I hope to be there by 6pm for Rewind.
  10. It was a blast! Thank you for letting me play.
  11. @Salty Monkey didn't want to play Tau again hu? Lol
  12. I will also Be there for some 40K action (Tau list will be slightly differnt)!
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