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  1. Sorry did not get as much built as I would have liked. I might come in to build models but I wont be getting a game in.
  2. I hope to be there by 6pm for Rewind.
  3. I'll be there for some 40k rewind!
  4. It was a blast! Thank you for letting me play.
  5. @Salty Monkey didn't want to play Tau again hu? Lol
  6. I will also Be there for some 40K action (Tau list will be slightly differnt)!
  7. I'm on my way, should be there very close to 6pm. I'm also bringing a friend who has not been before.
  8. I hope to be there with 2k of Tau. I'll also be looking at playing in the OFCC practice leauge.
  9. This event was a blast last year! I hope to see more faces at the event this year.
  10. This sounds like a ton of fun I'm hoping to make it to the primer this upcoming tuseday where I hope to meet future team members. I'll be playing tau with a crisis suit focus.
  11. I hope to be there in the next 30min with 2k of tau. It will be my first time at the clubhouse. Hopefully there is someone to play if not it should be fun to meet you all.
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