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  1. Let's pencil us in for 2pm on Tuesday next week. Thanks for being flexible and I'll let you know if anything changes. I hope we have a good last round of the season game.
  2. Unfortunately Saturday is pretty busy for me. I'm booked from 12pm onward. How does Monday and Tuesday next week look?
  3. Hey Michaels. My schedule is a little messy toward the end of the week. After looking at my stuff, it looks like Sunday is going to be our best bet. How does Sunday look? I can do anytime after 4pm. Thanks for being flexible since I work a lot of afternoons into evenings.
  4. @scotthartman Thanks for the game! It was a rough one of the goblins. I felt so badly that your Fanatic died on the go for it on the last turn of the game. I got lucky that my Warrior regened that death. That's the second time he's died and shrugged it off lol. Best of luck with the last week of the season.
  5. Well look at you with all of those days off haha. If we're looking at the next few days, my best times would be either tomorrow (Wednesday) or Friday mornings. Ideal start times would be anywhere between 9 and 11am. Let me know what works.
  6. Ok so looking ahead I can do Monday morning as long as we got the game going by 11am, although earlier would be preferred. The same would go for Wednesday, since Tuesday is booked up for me. Hope this helps
  7. Hey unfortunately I'm booked pretty solid the next few days especially in the evenings. I could do Sunday morning (game start by 9am) or Sunday afternoon after 4pm. Monday during the day next week would work as well. Just let me know what works for you.
  8. Yeah I've been grabbing block when I can. I'm really lacking tackle which won't help when I come up against other dodgy teams later on this season.
  9. Yes indeed. Well played to you as well. Got a couple of level ups which was nice, including my Beast. Gotta love Mr. French Kiss!
  10. Yeah let's do it! See you then. I'll be on by 8pm.
  11. Ok no worries. I'm available anytime after 4pm today. Keep me informed and we'll get 'er done.
  12. 7:30am is a bit early for me. Could we do 9am? Otherwise I'm available anytime after 4pm Sunday afternoon/evening.
  13. @dylanator Hey just touching base again seeing which day this week would work for our game. I can do early morning Friday (anytime after 9am) and Saturday afternoon anytime after 3pm. Let me know what works for you.
  14. hey brother you and I are up for round 4. What's your schedule like? Right now im available friday night sfter 8pm or saturday ,sunday morning between 6am and 830am

    1. SigurdBC


      Unfortunately I'm not available then. My next free time slots would be anytime after 9:30pm on Saturday and either 9am Sunday or anytime Sunday afternoon/evening after 4:30pm. If those times don't work we can look into next week.

    2. dylanator


      hey brother I was gonna suggest a game tonight or tomorrow based on your time slots but I see that our division hasn't even rolled over. No hurry than.

    3. SigurdBC


      Yeah we've got some stragglers this round. We'll be in touch when it does. 

  15. GG @Rhuell. Other coaches would be scared if my Pestigors ever decided to level up. Three games in and neither one of them has leveled. All five of your KOs coming back at the start of the second half was off-putting, but the game was probably thinking, "Just hold on. We've got some good armor break dice coming your way". You probably would have had the tie if that darn Wight didn't trip over a rock on a GFI. Best of luck the rest of the season.
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