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  1. Yeah let's do 12pm Thursday. Looking forward to it.
  2. @Rhuell What time works best for you for our game? I'm available throughout the day on Thursday and Friday as long as we get the game going by 3pm. If those don't work we'll have to look into next week.
  3. Yeah we are, since I work mostly at night. I can do 9am on Sunday if that would help.
  4. I work tonight. I can do anytime today as long as we got the game going by 3pm. If not then we can look at next week.
  5. Yes that would work. I'll see you then!
  6. Saturday is booked for me. I can do Sunday at 6pm if that would work.
  7. @Keith Amberg Just wondering what time will work for our game this round. I can do Sunday evening at 7pm or Monday and Tuesday as long as we got the game going by 2:30pm. Let me know what works.
  8. Yeah I rolled 11 total Defender Down in the entire game with 66 Block succeeding. Yeah I'd say that's pretty terrible for battling the Amazons. Was still a close game. Don't know if I should have rolled the dice on the Beast and tried to knock your blitzer over right at the touchdown line. The odds weren't in my favor (since I needed a 6+), but it could have happened. Got a lvl up on a rotter and got +Str so there's that.
  9. @Burk BB2 had a snafu and disconnected Westrider as our game was going to the inducement screen. The timer expired and the game declared it a concession. Can you reset our game so we can have a proper brawl? Please and thank you.
  10. Ok sounds good. We'll see how dodgy your Amazons are feeling.
  11. @WestRider I'd be available tomorrow and Friday as long as we got the game going by 2:30pm both days. Other than that Sunday evening would work as well anytime after 7pm. Hope one of those slots works for you.
  12. Thanks for the catch up @Burk. Got a 3rd reroll, a second Pestigor, and some good starting skills on some players. Had an option for an AGI + on my Nurgle Warrior, but I resisted.
  13. @Burk Created a new Nurgle Team for the league. Pestilential Powerhouses is the name. Team motto: Silent but Deadly. Beast of Nurgle on the team is Mr. French Kiss. Thanks Reddit!
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