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  1. @Maxwell Christian I'm pretty booked this weekend. How does this upcoming Tuesday late morning, say around 10am, for work you? That'll be July 7th.
  2. Ah gotcha. Until later this week it is. Let's aim for Friday @ 10am. Sound good?
  3. Well we'll see about that. A coach who underestimates what elves can do ends up losing the game and a bit of their sanity along with it. I'm free tomorrow and Monday as long as we got the game going by 3pm. Does that work for you?
  4. @scotthartman what an interception by that goblin of yours! Pesky sucker. At least I got to injure him in the end. Also, my Runner hit Level 5 and got Agi +1. Now he's a MV 7, Agi 4 Runner. This has my consent! Well played sir and best of luck with the rest of the season.
  5. Let's aim for Monday at 10am. 10am tomorrow cuts it a bit close for me getting lunch going and then off to work. I'll see you on Monday and hope for better Blood Bowl weather than my last game.
  6. I could do a 9am tomorrow or pretty much anytime before 3pm the rest of the week. Just let me know what works best.
  7. Yeah that end of the game was weird @Spielmannsfluch. I was convinced that your skink had picked up the ball before making his million and one stunty dodges to get close to my endzone. I could have sworn the game bugged and your skink really had the ball when the ball was still displayed on the ground. That's why I sent to many dwarfs his way instead of after the ball. Yes indeed the skink hunting was good that day, and I even got to kill a saurus and injured your star skink, but alas we'll have to polish our brass knuckles going forward. Oh shoot did I say that out loud?
  8. Nevermind. It looks like the overwatch strategem isn't reliant on LOS to be used which seems weird to me since overwatch has always needed LOS in previous editions.
  9. Also with terrain being line of sight blocking there is a great chance that smart players will plan to charge enemy units from behind LOS blocking terrain thereby canceling out overwatch, assuming that overwatch in 9th will still require line of sight. Not sure if the devs discussed that in the post above.
  10. Full disclosure about my above post. I was stalling and fouling in the first half of Savion and my game today, because I feel that "winning" as dwarfs is removing as many opposing players as possible and keeping them off the pitch. I could have scored multiple turns in a row, but I wanted to maximize my blocks and potential fouling injuries from Flint (chainsaw Star Player) and so I held off. If you felt that this was unsportmanlike Savion, I do apologize, but against your team I did want to try and remove key players like your mummies. I 100% agree Ish that fouling on Turn 16 is a "foul" thing to do and I know I'll never do it. Best of luck in the rest of the league @savion47
  11. Acknowledged. Yeah I didn't realized you didn't know that concessions weren't allowed @savion47. Was a bit surprised that you conceded, even though the game was not going well for you at all. That first half was brutal. This leads me to a question for @Burk and for the teams in the league. Is stalling/fouling looked down upon by coaches in this league? I know that stalling is sometimes a valid strategy along with fouling "key" players on the opposing team to try and get them off the pitch. That being said, it doesn't matter if those two things are "a part of the game" if people don't want to deal with them when they play their games. Please weigh in if you feel strongly about this.
  12. Alrighty it's settled. I've even double checked my schedule so I'm not a doofuss for a second time. See you then!
  13. Okie dokie @savion47. Tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday anytime before 3pm. If none of those work I'm available Thursday all day.
  14. Yep my mistake. I thought you meant Sunday since 11am today wouldn't have worked in the first place. Does 11am tomorrow work for you?
  15. I thought we were playing at 11am tomorrow @savion47. I'll double check our above posts.
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