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  1. I know I've got a game with Joey about 6pm. We'll see how long we take, but one of us could be up for a double header depending on how long we go. Hopefully someone still needs a Blood Bowl opponent for this week. Who all is everyone else playing?
  2. Yeah I heard about that game. I'm sure Sherbert was trolling....<hears golf claps in the distance>
  3. That guy better be careful. Some Skaven are going to come around and steal his "warpstone base" right out from under him. That is before they look at his face and scurry away in terror. Very intimidating looking model.
  4. Hey everyone, we made it back from OFCC in one piece and had a BLAST! I'm so excited I went out on a limb and joined up with the team this year, since this is the first time I've done anything like this. I just thought I'd start this thread and create a space for the team to share their favorite moments (inside and outside of battle) from OFCC 2019. OFCC will return and what's even better is that we only have 11 months to wait. July can't come soon enough. So without further adeu.... My favorite OFCC moments: Round 1: Opponent's Battlewagon exploding and doing d6 mortal wounds to most of the rest of my army within 6" of it. One shotted my poor Iron Priest and wiped out an intercessor squad along with finishing off my Primaris Battle Leader. That game only went one turn before I conceded. Shortest game of 40k I've ever played. Nice opponent who gave me his favorite opponent pin on Sunday. It pays to be able to take a drubbing and keep smiling. At the end of my turn 1, we had a gentleman's agreement to have me charge my warlord at his warboss and have an epic HQ fight. His warboss won easily but it was still thematic. Round 2: My Venerable Axe/Shield dreadnought took on a Squiggoth in an awesome Pacific Rim style fight. My Venerable won but had the Squiggoth gone first it could have been way different. Opponent had some very fun grot tanks that he brought and the one Grot Suppa Tank "Benny Hilled" one of my dreadnoughts who just couldn't catch him the entire game. Really funny to watch. Round 3: My Hellblasters showed up the rest of my heavy shooting and overcharge/rapid fired a Stormraven out of the sky doing 14 unsavable damage. The Stormraven retaliated by exploding and doing a bunch of mortal wounds to my army. My Venerable Dreadnought continued to be a beast and took on an entire Assault Terminator squad and lived. I ended up getting the table on this game, but my opponent was awesome and despite being a new player I feel he played his list pretty well. Nice to see a bunch of terminators on the board from him. Gave this guy by favorite opponent pin. I think this was the round Kevin forgot about his Succubus he stuck in a ground floor of a building for the most of the game and found her while packing up his models after the game. Whoopsie. Round 4: My Deathguard opponent's two bloat drones both exploding on two separate turns (seriously who stored the fuel on all of the tournament model's vehicles?) and doing a bunch of damage, the second one finishing off two of my dreadnoughts. Also, hearing from the next table over Mike cry in despair, "For the love of God, get these bloodletters in the auras". Tight game with one of my Grey Hunter squads outflanking and charging into combat with one of his casters, killing him. Round 5: My first time playing against Tau in 8th ed. and it was a fun experience due to my opponent's list, which I appreciated. Fun guy with the game coming down to both of us needing to roll a 3+ with a reroll to secure the win. We both failed, and as a result I won the game by just a few points. On his Turn 2, he decided to charge his super heavy skimmer (Orca) into my Vindicator. I happily accepted the challenge and we attempted (unsuccessfully) to run each other over. On my last turn, my Ven. Dreadnought was almost a god dang hero when he almost killed two out of the three characters holding my opponents very valuable objective after making an 11" charge. My opponent made some clutch saves with his commander to keep his character alive and maintain a hold on the objective which forced the 3+ roll off. Outside of the games: Barbeque place (The Oak) across from the hotel, and seeing the size of Mike's burger he ordered. Venue was amazing with so much room and great atmosphere to play Kevin shenanigans: Sunday night he thought he "drunk stealthed" into the room and got into bed without me noticing him. Also, Sunday morning he starting a sugar packet fight in the room. Corey and Mike both forgetting things and having to double back to get them. We didn't leave Bellingham until 11am on Friday. Car time with the guys. Thanks for driving Mike! Corey's awesome Mt. Dew/Cherry Liquer mix. That's my bit from this weekend. Fellas, please add your favorite moments below and have fun reading about the silly/stupid stuff we accomplished this weekend everyone!
  5. Another question that I remember from @Munkie and my game last night was if you have held an objective and want to score it is the d6 you roll to see if you get the bonus points rerollable via a command point?
  6. So as of now work is messing with my schedule and making my weekends less available than they normally have been in the past. As always, Tuesday nights work for me. I would have to look at my work schedule on a week by week basis and see what day/part of the day I'm not working. For the next couple of weeks, Sunday the 30th would work in the evening anytime after 5pm. Saturday, July 6th would also work in the late morning/early afternoon, but I'd have to leave by about 1:40pm to make it to work. I hope this helps guys.
  7. Are folks preferable to playing in the evenings or late mornings/afternoons since that'll affect what I suggest as an available date for kicking this bad boy off?
  8. As promised, here are my three models that I'll be bringing to the warband. From left to right is my Berserker "Mad-Dog" Finnek, Tribal Warrior Griselda, and Tribal Champion "Old One-Eye"
  9. I just primed the three models that I'll be bringing to the warband today. I'll post pics when they're finished being painted within the next couple of days.
  10. Hey Ed, thanks for being flexible with this. I'm sure it would have been a blast being on your team. Best of luck and maybe I'll match up against one of the Kill Maim Beers for a fun game come August.
  11. Hey Kevin, I thought I responded via phone over the weekend but I guess it didn't go through. I'll play you this upcoming Tuesday for sure! I still need to determine if running a brigade is worth it and thereby find out which models I'll need to get started painting. I'll be down around my usual 6pm. See you then!
  12. Yeah I'd be down for either. Just got home and saw this thread. We'll play it by ear tonight Brad.
  13. Oof that's a price hike. I may be tempted later on down the line, but for me that's one big chunk of change for one model. Still looks great and it's neat that it can be built into a special character. More info on that in @dalmer 's link above.
  14. I've been waiting for a new Keeper of Secrets model for AGES. So glad it's finally here and it looks amazing. It's probably going to come with a price hike up to around $120 like the other Greater Daemon updates. Not looking forward to that.
  15. I do have a good chunk of my collection painted. I'll have to do some list noodling and see which things I want to take aren't painted and go from there. PM incoming @Edosaurus Rex, and I'll be glad to be apart of the Killing, Maiming, and the Beering.
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