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  1. As promised, here are my three models that I'll be bringing to the warband. From left to right is my Berserker "Mad-Dog" Finnek, Tribal Warrior Griselda, and Tribal Champion "Old One-Eye"
  2. I just primed the three models that I'll be bringing to the warband today. I'll post pics when they're finished being painted within the next couple of days.
  3. Hey Ed, thanks for being flexible with this. I'm sure it would have been a blast being on your team. Best of luck and maybe I'll match up against one of the Kill Maim Beers for a fun game come August.
  4. Hey Kevin, I thought I responded via phone over the weekend but I guess it didn't go through. I'll play you this upcoming Tuesday for sure! I still need to determine if running a brigade is worth it and thereby find out which models I'll need to get started painting. I'll be down around my usual 6pm. See you then!
  5. Yeah I'd be down for either. Just got home and saw this thread. We'll play it by ear tonight Brad.
  6. Oof that's a price hike. I may be tempted later on down the line, but for me that's one big chunk of change for one model. Still looks great and it's neat that it can be built into a special character. More info on that in @dalmer 's link above.
  7. I've been waiting for a new Keeper of Secrets model for AGES. So glad it's finally here and it looks amazing. It's probably going to come with a price hike up to around $120 like the other Greater Daemon updates. Not looking forward to that.
  8. I do have a good chunk of my collection painted. I'll have to do some list noodling and see which things I want to take aren't painted and go from there. PM incoming @Edosaurus Rex, and I'll be glad to be apart of the Killing, Maiming, and the Beering.
  9. Hey Mordheimers! I'll be down at the store this evening around 6 if anyone is looking for a game. Would prefer to do the Woodland Sprites scenario, but will be available for make-up scenarios as well.
  10. That's awesome Shawn. I hope everything goes well with the delivery. I'll be at DT tomorrow night at the usual time with my Mordheim stuff if anyone wants to get a game in. I'll be looking to play the Woodland Sprite scenario, which looks like a lot of rng fun. On the other hand, if no one wants to play Mordheim, I'll have the board/deck building game Legendary with me as well to play if people are interested. I got it for Christmas and am looking forward to playing it again since it's been a long while since I've played it. Hope to see folks there.
  11. You could also model a grot up in a tree, looking very angry, and label the base "I AM GROT!"
  12. <Duel of Fates music playing> Gregor the Beggar peeked out from behind the wall that he'd been hiding behind for what seemed like forever. The fight was truly in full force now. Pit fighters with spears, tridents, and other exotic weaponry clashed with dwarven steel. Bodies were everywhere. The Dwarves seemed to be getting the better end of the combat but they had still taken loses. Two huge ogres were both on the ground unconscious and bleeding. Through the gloom Gregor spotted him. Another Sylvanian wretch like himself. Destitute and poor, he had likely been hired on a guide as Gregor had been with the promise of gold and freedom from the sordid life he'd been forced into. To Gregor's horror, the other Sylvanian had spotted him as well. With hatred in his eyes the beggar charged Gregor. Gregor was no hero, nor was he brave. He ducked the Sylvanian's first swing, using the wall as a barrier between them. Not knowing where his foe was, Gregor swung blindly, arcing his club sideways over the lip of the wall. His club connected with something. Disbelief and exhilaration surged through him all at once. HE'D HIT SOMETHING! Peering carefully over the wall Gregor saw the other wretch lying face-down in the mud, moaning loudly. Now was his chance, Gregor thought. Now was when he could prove to his Dwarven employers that he was the most valuable guide in Sylvania. Before his foe could recover, Gregor skulked around the wall and delivered a swift thump with his club to the other Sylvanian's skull. His opponent went limp and didn't stir. "Phew", said Gregor to himself, "I'm glad that's over." Seeing other combatants closing in Gregor quickly resumed his position behind the wall, hoping the more fearsome pit fighters didn't find him.
  13. Kevin and I got in the Necromancer Tower scenario last night. It was fun with the Dwarves emerging victorious. And boy were they angry. I forget how many wound criticals I rolled but it was more than a few. Kevin eventually just started asking me how many sixes I'd rolled to wound. I felt quite bad towards the end. There were some funny moments though. The first blast from the tower scattered onto my dwarf engineer and my two thunderers. One thunderer was knocked down while the other was stunned. The stunned fella did not have a fun game. Being the furthest model away from the tower, every turn he got a lightning bolt shot at him. The resulting rolls had him either knocked down or stunned for the first half of the game, until the enchantment started losing it's aim, potency, or both. Kevin's warlord, Spartakreiger, charged my ogre at one point in the battle and knocked poor Grump's brains out with his flail in one round of combat. Also, you're welcome everyone, since with the experience from this game Spartakreiger gained the skill that allows him to keep the momentum of his flail going after the first round of combat and is therefore Str 6 all the time with 4 attacks. A final highlight was that Kevin and I decided that running up and getting into base to base with the tower for the extra experience was like Nemo swimming up and touching "The Butt". Quite the funny realization. Also, our beggars went clubbing together (hehe) during the fight and I'll post a detailed description of the combat further down.
  14. I'll be around tonight for Jim and any others who still need to get through their fourth game. Be there by 6 as usual.
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