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  1. I've got work starting at 6pm Pacific tonight so sadly that won't work. I'll be working in the evenings on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-10pm Pacific, so with you being available after 4pm Pacific that's too short of a window for me to get our game in. If we looked at two weekends from now (6/26 & 6/27) I would be more free then if you don't work weekends.
  2. Let's shoot for a little after 9pm on Tuesday (6/22). I've got D&D from 6-9 that night so I'd be available after our session gets over. See you then if that works.
  3. @Burk Div 2 Playoffs are ready to roll forward to the next round. @peter.cosgrove and I got our game in today. Thanks for the game Peter. Those armor/injury dice were once again in my favor. I think we learned from this game that GFIs are just not worth it haha. Looks like it's Michaels and I are facing off for the Division Championship.
  4. Captain America's Voice: I understood that reference
  5. Hey Peter, I was waiting for a reply from you to narrow down the options that I provided in my last post. I'm free tomorrow and Friday throughout the day if that works. I'll send a confirmation text to you to make sure I reach you.
  6. Ok this opens up a lot more options then. I thought you were booked straight until 5ish. On Wednesday through Friday this week I will be available from 10am onward. As long as we got kickoff going by 3pm, a daytime game would work for me. As for the late night stuff, I would be fine with a late night game once I got back from work. Wednesday through Friday would work for that time frame as well. I salute you, fellow night owl.
  7. Well it looks like we have pretty conflicting schedules Peter. I work from 6-10pm M, W, F and have D&D in the evenings Tuesday and Thursday. I could do Saturday evening from 5pm onward. I know you didn't list that in your availability this week, but I hope that works.
  8. I've never noticed that either actually. That's hilarious. Just have to mix things up sometimes. Nurgle wills it.
  9. @BurkMaxwell and my game needs to be confirmed whenever you get a chance. Idk if Maxwell just didn't confirm it on his end or since it's the end of the season you as the Commissioner have to do it. Thanks in advance.
  10. @Burk Maxwell and I got our game in this morning. Looks like the result will result in a 3 way tie of some sorts for 3rd place with three teams having a 3-2-2 record. How will that work for playoffs? Will it be based on TV or something else for tie breakers? @Maxwell Christian oh wow, my injury dice were hot. Even so all those regen rolls were there to match all the punishment your team took. Good game sir and I'm glad we could finally make it happen.
  11. Ok sounds good. Thanks for the heads up Burk. We're probably the last game holding up the rest of the Division. We'll try to get our game in when we can folks so that the playoffs can be started.
  12. @Maxwell Christian I pm'd you a few times on the forums and am wondering if tomorrow works for our game. I'll be around most of the day so anytime before 3pm would work. Just let me know so we can finish out the season. My next available day to play is Saturday evening.
  13. @Maxwell Christian Looks like we're finishing off the season together. What times work best for you this week? I'm most available during the afternoon, with a kickoff time between 2 and 3pm. Friday is a bit more open in the late morning through the early afternoon. Let me know if any of what I've mentioned works.
  14. @Burk My game against the AI is complete. Verify at your earliest convenience. Can we all get a F in chat for the illustrious Mr. French Kiss. Hot off of his touchdown last game, the poor Beast of Nurgle was uppercut by one of the Norse Lineman on one of his triple die blocks which resulted in attacker down, both down, and both down and was killed (regen failed). Also, my Nurgle Warrior Mr. Sniffles who has been killed twice before got injured and lost a point of STR, effectively killing him. A bittersweet game for sure losing a couple of expensive players, although I did get some TDs in. Idk what it is about the AI, but every time I play them I always have a couple of players die.
  15. @Burk When I complete my game with the AI should I let you know to go and confirm the game or will the game auto-confirm on its own?
  16. @Burk I believe Div 2 is ok to advance. Scott and my game was the last to be played I believe.
  17. Yeah Scott that game was BRUTAL. Lots of 1s and 2s on dodges and the injuries were not kind. I recognize that getting pitch cleared is no fun. If you are looking for slightly more durable elves who can dodge and also do some bashing, maybe give Dark Elves a try. I played them for the first time in a local league before the pandemic hit and had a tone of fun. With an average of AV 8 on the team they can take more hits than other elf teams and do some punching back while still having that wonderful AGI 4 to pull of some elf shenanigans. Thanks for the game though. Also, let it be know to all that Mr. French Kiss (My Nurgle Beast) scored the first touchdown of the game this afternoon. He was able snag a bouncing ball with one of his tentacles and hang onto it. He's been reading up on how to be smart and decided to not be stupid all the way to the endzone (4 Turns in a row). That touchdown animation was a thing of beauty.
  18. As of right now I'm free Saturday afternoon. Sunday is pretty booked for me. I'm off work at 2pm on Saturday and would be available by 3pm for kickoff. Let me know if this works.
  19. Thanks for being flexible. Let's shoot for Thursday at 2pm. See you on the pitch!
  20. My week is going to be a very busy one unfortunately for us. I can't do Sunday sadly since that's when I'm working. I could do Tuesday a little after 9pm, since that's when D&D is done for me. That's the only one of your options that works for me this week. I'm mostly available in the afternoons, as long as we got kickoffs started between 2-3 pm, and am working in the mornings and evenings. Let me know if that works.
  21. Sorry to hear that you've been sick. Must be all of the Nurgle pestilence going on between our two teams. Glad Monday will work. We'll make it happen.
  22. @peter.cosgrove I texted you a couple of times this afternoon and didn't hear back. We can try for Monday afternoon with kickoff being between 2 and 3 pm if that works.
  23. @peter.cosgrove Hey I haven't heard back from you about BB game availability. In the immediate future, I could do tomorrow with a kickoff between 2:30 and 5:30pm. After that we'll have to wait until Monday afternoon as long as kickoff was between 2-3pm. Hope to hear back from you soon so that we can get our game in.
  24. @peter.cosgrove Looks like my soonest best day will be Wednesday, then after that Friday. On both of those days as long as kickoff is no later than 3pm that would work for me. Let me know what works this week for you.
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