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  1. I’m going to pass today but will be there next sunday
  2. EriktheRed


    I might still be building at this point. I need to start testing lists and playing to get ready for rose city raid. So 300 ot lists with the soldier of fortune rules. Do I need to bring terrain?
  3. EriktheRed


    You guys still playing sundays?
  4. Joel this is Erik, get ahold of me about those patches
  5. Do you have a date set yet?
  6. Badass, so I need eight total for the table?
  7. Bring your models I'm sure someone would like to get a game in after
  8. Will there be a need for civilian models for our table and if so how many?
  9. Well now, I'm just going to have to say that 200 pt limited insertion totally favors some factions over others. That's why I play more than one faction. So I blaim George for making me play ASS
  10. Im planning to start making it down more often, need some pratice with sectorials and further 200 pt list action
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