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  1. How tall does the Arch need to be? 3 runs of Pine would make a good Box frame and could be stapled to the Cardboard pillars you already made. Add some cardboard to it for decoration and your set. The pine would run about 10 bucks I wager at the local lumberyard and a few screws to keep it together would not be bad to do. Staples for everything else. I have a staple gun and compressor if needed.
  2. Are you worried about weight and costs. My initial thoughts are if you have something to attach it to you could build out of Either plywood or some Cheap Pine.
  3. Most of the stuff has been mentioned above but a few more things here if you want a good hike that is very interesting check out the Ape Caves. would be a short drive but not as far as the beach. This is a hike through an old Lava tunnel formed when Mount Saint Helens Erupted. https://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/ape-cave or check out the Oregon Museum of Science across the river there and catch a laser light show or some fun science exhibits. its just down the road from Guardian Games and right near the WOW clubhouse https://omsi.edu/
  4. You in the Vancouver/Portland area? and is the Tau still available?
  5. Do you have the movement trays you need for this? I may want to take a stab at making custom ones if your interested 🙂
  6. What kind of Tau/Eldar do you have? feel free to send me a PM. I may be able to fill your wish list
  7. Will this be open through the weekend, I will not be able to make it Friday but will on Saturday?
  8. Sounds good, I will put together a stack of stuff and get someone to pass it along.
  9. Pax, Let me put something together for you and perhaps I can get it to someone that can get it down to GG for you. give me a couple days though. To confirm your looking for black/artifact mono color commander deck?
  10. Purajh

    Rule ?

    In this case would the strike again phase count the combat phase as the previous phase and not the charge phase? Has it not moved on to a new phase by that time?
  11. Its the new Army codex ...."The Dark" pretty much any army with dark in the name is included.
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