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  1. Sounds good, I will put together a stack of stuff and get someone to pass it along.
  2. Pax, Let me put something together for you and perhaps I can get it to someone that can get it down to GG for you. give me a couple days though. To confirm your looking for black/artifact mono color commander deck?
  3. Purajh

    Rule ?

    In this case would the strike again phase count the combat phase as the previous phase and not the charge phase? Has it not moved on to a new phase by that time?
  4. Its the new Army codex ...."The Dark" pretty much any army with dark in the name is included.
  5. if you have not found someone already this interests me good sir.
  6. I just want to thank pretre for setting this up so that I can get my ofcc army painted in time for Saturday 🙂
  7. Purajh

    Comic books

    Its all good resent the PM
  8. Purajh

    Comic books

    Hey Dalmar I had sent you a direct message asking for a price back on January 1st. please review and respond.
  9. Munchkin, More munchkin, Board Games, Hero clicks all kinds o stuff
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