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    zcaust83 reacted to fingolfen in Should I play Team Yankee? Convince me.   
    I'm still actively building and painting a few Team Yankee armies - I really need to get out and play, but Guardian downtown was nearly an hour drive for me on a weeknight - Oregon City is just a bridge too far at this point, sadly. Maybe once the whole COVID things moves on into the dustbin of history we'll be able to find a more central place to play.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Ish in Marvel Crisis Protocol?   
    I’m as mobile as TriMet and/or Uber can make me, so pretty much anywhere in Portland is do-able. 
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    zcaust83 reacted to jesselowe in Marvel Crisis Protocol?   
    Given the way my daughter has dived into Marvel lately, I might have to pick up the starter as well...
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    zcaust83 reacted to Ish in Marvel Crisis Protocol?   
    I skipped on getting the official mat, because I opted to get one as an add-on to my Monster Scenery: Metropolis bundle... Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit hard and production delays have pushed the shipping date all the way back to September...
    But, I’ve got the core box, all the other figures from Waves 1-3, and a good selection of cardstock buildings, and other terrain. Two extra dice sets too!
    MCP is a really fun game, I really want to make a regular thing out of it. 
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    zcaust83 reacted to Ish in Marvel Crisis Protocol?   
    I’ve now watched several more YouTube videos of actual gameplay and read the free rulebook... I think a lot of my misgivings (in my post above) have all been properly addressed by the game designer’s focusing the gameplay on some very  clever mission designs.
    This isn’t a wargame that is trying to represent a war or even a skirmish... it’s a “scuffle” game! The average game looks like it will perfectly replicate the sort of fight scene you might see in a single issue of a comic book. A duo or small team of heroes duking it out for 6-8 pages with a mastermind villain and one or two of his henchmen. It’s not The Infinity Gauntlet and it’s not trying to be, it’s Marvel Team-Up and it nails it.
    Players bring a collection of any ten models of their choosing. They also bring six Mission cards, of two different types (“Secure” and “Extraction”). You dice off for priority, winner picks one of his mission cards of one type, second player picks one of his mission cards of the opposite type... These mission cards all have a “Threat Value” on them and you assemble your team by picking from the ten miniatures you brought based on their point value.
    Pretty cool.
    It means you won’t have to buy a huge stockpile of miniatures if you really only like a handful of specific characters. It also means you won’t necessarily be stuck with characters that are lousy at a specific mission type.
    There’s also no restrictions on your team consisting solely of Heroes or Villains, so you can totally recreate that one issue where Captain America had to team up with Red Skull because of Reasons. On the other hand, they do have “Squad Affiliation” rules to incentivize taking certain combinations of heroes. Minor stuff like Captain America giving a morale boost to a team made up solely of his fellow Avengers.
    The model range is still kinda small, just the ones in the starter box, Venom, Hulk, the Black Panther, MODOK, and a couple of others. The biggest “missing” part of the line seems to be a complete dearth of any X-Men or their villains... I’d also like to see the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, and more of Spidey’s rogues. We’ll probably see them in the near future.
    I’m officially upgrading myself from “dubiously skeptical” to “curiosity peaked.” 
    Anyone own a copy yet? I’d love to play a demo scuffle or two.
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    zcaust83 reacted to ZEKE in My New TY Soviets   
    Looks like there is a scourge of warsaw going on. I just finished collecting 2x Polish tank formations (19x polish T72 & 19x polish T55am2) each formation with their own arty, recon, and AA.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Nick! in My New TY Soviets   
    Thanks!  I picked up some Americans, too, but holy poop are the turret baskets for the M1's hard to assemble.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Nick! in My New TY Soviets   
    So, I picked up a bunch of T64s at the beginning of the lockdown, and now I present 2/1st Guards Tank Regiment, Part of 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division:
    Pics were too big, had to put them on imgur:
    Working on Regimental assets next.
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    zcaust83 reacted to phyfor88 in Current state of Flames of War?   
    I am still playing and modeling. Best game ever. FOW and TY.
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    zcaust83 reacted to ZEKE in Current state of Flames of War?   
    I am still playing. There have been limited weekly games in Oregon City on Tuesday nights. 
    Recently put together & painted "Death or Glory" boys squadron (MidWar Brit).  I started with the formation in the Armored Fist book, then used a couple command cards. In the end, it's the same pieces acting the same manner as they did in previous editions. Everything is more ... ala-cart.
    As for 4th edition play style;
    - If you are more into Fun, this is better as the rules are less boggy and the Unit & command cards are awesome.
    - If you are more into historical, the older editions have more & delve in deeper.
    Me personally, I have always enjoyed each of the editions and since I am more into the painting & just playing around, 4th ed is good.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Weav in Game Night is Back! **Updated March 2021**   
    **March 2021 update**
    For the next 3 months we will be waiving game night dues for Warlord Champions, as a thank you for your support while we have been closed.  Game Night dues are no longer waived We will be adding a message board at the entry to WOW, listing the Game Night Czar for the day There will be hand sanitizer at the door, as well as masks and gloves for members who haven't brought their own Before opening, the Game Night Czar will clean and sanitize all high touch surfaces, and note that they have done so The Czar will also open windows and get fans running in every room, to maximize air flow Face coverings will be required to be worn while in attendance,  particularly since our space and activities do not allow for adequate spacing for social distancing Doors will need to be kept open, to increase airflow We will be giving priority for gaming space to Champions as well as to members who post their plans in the weekly Game Night threads  
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    zcaust83 got a reaction from Blustorm in Classic Battletech Group   
    Geeks and Games is back on the menu boys! message me here or in the thread if you're interested in setting up a game. we can discuss era/technology beforehand of course.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Ish in Classic Battletech Group   
    So, back in mid-January, I placed an order for five `Mechs with Warhansa.com. They just arrived in my mailbox today... a month and a half isn't all that bad since they were being shipped all the way from Moscow. I haven't had a chance to assemble them yet, but they look really good. 

    Warhansa is basically just selling 3D prints of designs taken from MechWarrior Online... But slapping new names on them, so we can all pretend these guys are unique. 
    Lots of nice surface detail, fairly clean parts, with a wee bit of flash and infill (but nothing worse than I ever saw on Ral Partha's pewter minis back in the day), that all come as multipart kits. They're a bit bigger than the old Ral Partha / Iron Wind Metals figures, but seem to have a much better sense of scale relative to each other.
    I'm really happy with my purchase and will probably add more soon.

    Warhansa’s “Firebird” which is totally not a Phoenix Hawk. Wink-wink. 

    “Looter” and “Firebird,” for all your high-speed, low-armor laser spam needs.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Bolo in Classic Battletech Group   
    Hi zcaust83, when ever your ready let's schedual some time to play some Battletech.  Please let me know the when and where and I will try to make that happen.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Ish in 40K 9th ed   
    I predict that the new edition will fix a lot of the imbalances of the current, the first half dozen new codices will be nicely balanced, and although the Internet hive-mind will figure out a couple quirks and niche exploits, things will be great... for two years.
    Then GW will start releasing codices that break many of the core assumptions written into the core rules and become far to powerful; GW will release several supplements that are poorly tested and rushed; the Internet hive-mind will figure out unintended combinations that totally skew the game... and three years after that we’ll get 10th Edition.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Bolo in Classic Battletech Group   
    Zcaust83,  still interested in getting together. Just have been very busy. Due to the local (Mult. Co) shut down (and the State) I think were looking at December or January? Keep me posted ...
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    zcaust83 reacted to Inquisitor66 in *CANCELLED*11/10- Tuesday - Game Night at Wow - 4:00pm - 8:00pm   
    Given the rise in cases and the Governor's announcement of an upcoming pause in social gatherings I have decided to cancel this days game night.
    Hopefully we can get back to gaming soon.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Ish in Classic Battletech Group   
    I'd love to get some Battletech on. We'd kinda sorta made some tentative steps towards getting some regular Battletech play happening at the club last summer, but then the standard winter months slow-down happened and then the plague...
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    zcaust83 reacted to Bolo in Classic Battletech Group   
    Zcaust83 I used to play back in the day (80's & 90's). Just picked up the new boxed set a few days ago. Once Covid stuff calms down ... let's get together and you can teach me the ropes.
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    zcaust83 reacted to Ish in 40K 9th ed   
    I shouldn’t have to ever invoke π when playing with toy soldiers.
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    zcaust83 reacted to barca in Gardian Games no longer carries FOW   
    GG offered the lot to me before going to a re-seller.
    I bought it out - six large boxes about 18 cubic feet - at a discount.
    Most of the FOW was mid-war.
    Some TY, some Fate-of-Nation, some Great War
    If you are interested, I can send you an email of what I have.
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    zcaust83 reacted to peter.cosgrove in Battletech Mercenary Campaign - Reports   
    January 3020
    Katrina Elizabeth Steiner
    Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth,
    Duchess of Tharkad

    Cordially invites you to a reception to celebrate
    the union of her daughter

    Melissa Arthur Steiner
    Archon-Designate, Landgrave von Bremen


    Hanse Davion,
    Prince of the Federated Suns,
    Duke of New Avalon

    The reception is at two thirty p.m., Saturday,
    August twentieth, Nineteen hundred and Eighty-
    eight at the FASA booth.
    In 3020, Archon Katrina Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth issued a "Peace Proposal" to all of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere; only First Prince Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns responded, and the two states began a long-running dialogue. In 3020 the two Successor States signed the FedCom Accords, a treaty which formalized military, scientific and economic exchange between the two states. However, included in the document was a secret provision, promising the marriage of Prince Hanse and Archon-Designate Melissa Steiner, which would unite the two in a vast political entity, the Federated Commonwealth.
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    zcaust83 reacted to jesselowe in Anyone still playing?   
    Yes, though not as many as used to. Monday nights at Guardian are still a thing, though it's best to arrange a game ahead of time. Rune and Board in Hillsboro has a game night on Wednesdays, and Portland Game Store on Killingsworth has one on Thursdays. All three of those stores still carry a bit of Warmachine product.
    I believe there's also a regular group that plays on Sundays at Geeks & Games in Oregon City.
    Event-wise, there are also regular tournaments every month at PGS and/or R&B. Most of the chat is through a Discord server, which most anyone at a game night should be able to invite you to. We are also looking forward to a larger tournament at Burning Cat in April.
    If you haven't played in ten years, be aware that we're now on the third edition of the game. IIRC, the new rulebook is available for download on the PP website, and new cards can be printed off their card database - or you can use War Room.
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    zcaust83 reacted to phyfor88 in Solo Wargaming with Flames-of-War   
    I gave this a try. Brits got attacker in breakthru. Soviet Bmp2 co sat and awaited the brits. The cheeky brits bypassed the Soviets by flying over them on to the object, just waiting to dismount on round 2. The soviet rolled reserves rnd 1 called in 6 frogfoots, and then proceeded to maul the Brit troops in choppers, AAA reduced them further to 3 teams per squad. An ominous start. Air turned out to be utterly decisive. I need to rethink my Brits, the soviets were amazing. Air with planes and attack helicopters is devastating, do not underestimate  it.
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    zcaust83 reacted to phyfor88 in Solo Wargaming with Flames-of-War   
    I set up my ping pong table with a full size battlefield. I am going to run Soviet BMP2 formation with T64s again a british Air mobile with 2 formations of scouts, with some armor support. About 120 points per side. Will be toms of air on both sides. I am hypothesizing that whichever gains control of the sky will dominate. I will roll for a mission on the chart. Both sides will be highly aggressive.
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