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  1. While I won't be ordering Sisters right away, I will buy some eventually. I don't plan on going for a whole army of Sisters, just enough for a detachment, maybe two.
  2. My friends got me to try 30k this summer. I had fun, enjoyed it, problem is I'm out of state at college right now. Won't be free till summer 2020. I'd be willing to give 30k a try with other people, long as you're okay with me using 40k Marine proxies.
  3. No, defer to the Ork players for #2, oh hell yes, and please don't make me have to choose between Grand Army of the Republic and the Guard.
  4. Glad you enjoyed the game. I learned some things about the Eldar I didn't know previously. Also: edit that post above, I use forum names on the forums, real names in real life.
  5. @paxmiles Table set up, I'm ready to go.
  6. Bring the main rulebook, I only have the free printout of the basic rules.
  7. @paxmiles I'll fight you if you're available tonight. Going to say 1500 point lists, keep things moving quickly.
  8. @DisruptiveConduct You still up for a 40k game tonight?
  9. I've got a Guard army itching to fight, anybody want to do 2000 points of 40k?
  10. Those look great...I'm guessing they're also going for about $50-$60 per squad?
  11. Have one partially assembled Monolith, with box, with yet-to-be-added parts. No longer running Necrons, looking for a good overlord to take care of this fella. You get what you see in the photos. The Gauss turrets can rotate. Parts should fit well, noticed when I was assembling it some of the parts were slightly warped (as to be expected from a relic from 4th edition), and required a little more work to fit properly. Starting price $30, or equivalent trades in Guard Troops, Elites, Fast Attack.
  12. I shouldn't, I really shouldn't... ...are the weapons and turrets glued in/glued together, or magnetized?
  13. Glorious. I appreciate it that they're using the old artwork for their design cues.
  14. Time to start saving for a Sororitas detachment. GW, you madmen, Emperor bless you for finally coming through.
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