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  1. Has anyone else here played (or currently plays) any titles from Battlefront's Combat Mission series? For those who don't know, it's a 20-year old franchise that simulates tactical combat scenarios as realistically as possible. The early games focused on WW2, more recent games take place closer to the current day and in hypothetical scenarios: Cold War gone hot, NATO vs Syria, NATO vs Russia. Note that this is not an RTS. An RTS is simplistic compared to Combat Mission. The game doesn't just take into account the typical things you'd expect in a strategy game--level of moral, fitness, time of day, weather conditions, ground conditions, ambient temperature, all this and more matters. I do mean it when I say the Battlefront team attempts to simulate combat as realistically as possible. It looks simplistic graphically, but tactically and for replayability, it is unmatched. The original trio of games are available on Good Old Games, and several of the newer titles are on Steam. I have Barbarossa to Berlin from GOG and am planning to get Black Sea and/or Shock Force 2 as a Christmas present to myself.
  2. Journal of Captain Griessmer, Delta Company, 9th Battalion, Cadian 124th Day 52 VICTORY! Emperor's blood, a light in the dark! The necrons finally decided the local population's habit of hiding supply dumps in the planet's equatorial badlands would have to end. We beat one of their extermination detachments to a cache. They were accompanied by crypteks, I hope that the loss we dealt them was greater than I originally thought. The locals have shown renewed appreciation for the Guard's efforts and if all goes well I shall requisition additional troops and material for the 9th.
  3. I'll be there with 1000 points for the Thanatosis Crusade, and I'll get there on time, I swear.
  4. I'd like to stay at 1000 points for another week or two. And I'm happy to play games outside the clubhouse; just keep in mind I'm still restricted to Saturday-Sunday for games, and I'd prefer to not drive too far out of the Portland area.
  5. Journal of Captain Griessmer, Delta Company, 9th Battalion, Cadian 124th Day 31 Operations have not improved. Regiment is embattled on all sides, losses increase daily. Contact on-planet and to wider Imperium continues to be troubled and difficult. Every damned race in the galaxy seems to want this worthless planet and we haven't the equipment to defend it properly. Auxilla units perform poorly. The Fenrisian Astartes have lost all sense of friend or foe. Morale is low. Don't have anything to tell the men. I hate this place, we would do better to evacuate than to stay longer, but the Lord Commander and Administratum insist it be defended. Will recommend Guard pull back front to more defensible positions. Doubt the generals will listen. The Emperor protects, but only sometimes.
  6. I'm out of town this weekend, otherwise would totally drop by for crusade.
  7. How are we going to expand our lists and still be battle-forged? Going from 500 to 750 points isn't enough to create a new detachment (for most armies), but the patrol detachment I'm using is almost out of room for units. Obviously I don't want to lost the experience and honors my units already have. Any ideas?
  8. Years ago an acquaintance who left Warhammer for other games told me he thought GW was a social experiment to see how long you can string customers out in a hobby before they quit for good. And at this point it seems as likely to me as any other theory as to why GW is how it is.
  9. I'll be there Saturday for the crusade, gotta level my Guard up.
  10. Unfortunately this weekend is already taken, but I'd be happy to schedule for the weekend of Aug 28-29.
  11. A heads-up In regard to Crusade games, I do not have a copy of the main rulebook, so I hope one of you has a copy or knows the missions by heart. I'll see about getting a copy soon to remedy my detestable lapse in readiness.
  12. I'll be there for a crusade game or two. ETA 5-5:30, depending on when work lets out.
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