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  1. I have Cadian squads that I'm hanging on to for now, but I do want to buy/trade/convert some more interesting Guardsmen and cycle out the Cadians...if I get this done sooner than later, I'll let you know.
  2. Can you post some examples of the previous painter's work?
  3. Thank you, I'll pass that on to my friend.
  4. Do you guys have any advice for sending a small 40k army though USPS? I took part of my Guard army to college out-of-state (Ohio), and with the Corona crisis I had to come back to Oregon to continue college online. My friend will clean out our dorm room next week and mail my belongings back. I'm worried about the army staying intact--it's all infantry, packed up tight in its own box along with the gaming and modeling supplies I brought with them. I told my friend he should tape the box shut, wrap it in my blanket, and ship it in a larger moving box. (And yes, I am paying him back in full for t
  5. While I won't be ordering Sisters right away, I will buy some eventually. I don't plan on going for a whole army of Sisters, just enough for a detachment, maybe two.
  6. My friends got me to try 30k this summer. I had fun, enjoyed it, problem is I'm out of state at college right now. Won't be free till summer 2020. I'd be willing to give 30k a try with other people, long as you're okay with me using 40k Marine proxies.
  7. No, defer to the Ork players for #2, oh hell yes, and please don't make me have to choose between Grand Army of the Republic and the Guard.
  8. Glad you enjoyed the game. I learned some things about the Eldar I didn't know previously. Also: edit that post above, I use forum names on the forums, real names in real life.
  9. @paxmiles Table set up, I'm ready to go.
  10. Bring the main rulebook, I only have the free printout of the basic rules.
  11. @paxmiles I'll fight you if you're available tonight. Going to say 1500 point lists, keep things moving quickly.
  12. @DisruptiveConduct You still up for a 40k game tonight?
  13. I've got a Guard army itching to fight, anybody want to do 2000 points of 40k?
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