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  1. I've played since 4th on and off. I didn't care for hero hammer... my favorite by far was 8th edition. Epic sized units in battles with tons of carnage. Also the hardest to get people into since you needed 500 models to play... So best and worst at the same time in a way.
  2. That's not too bad of a drive to make now and then.
  3. That's not too bad of a drive to make now and then.
  4. There are. Mugu (Everett) is probably the biggest store north of Mox Boarding House. There's also MOB in Lake Stevens and another Mugu in Arlington/Marysville.
  5. Their call was more like screams of terror as I stood there with a trash bag contemplating what to do with them. Thanks for the tournament info, although that is the week my next kid is due so I'm fairly certain my attendance would be bad for my health. Thank you! I will check out that group. I'll watch for it. I have a weird work schedule so its like one Tuesday a month or so that would line up, but Bellingham is only an hour or so drive for me.
  6. Anyone playing WFB 8th or T9A north of Seattle to Bellinghamish area? I'm located in Everett. Opened the fantasy miniatures case for the first time in 2 years yesterday so I'd be rusty to say the least.
  7. Username: Varlan Game System: 8th Edition, 9th Age (read the rules never found anyone to play it) Forces Owned: Dark Elves, Empire, Wood Elves Available: Some weekends, scattered weekdays & weeknights Location: Everett, WA Game Location: Mugu (both stores), MOB Games Preferred Contact Method: PM, Email
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