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  1. This SAGA supplement sounds awesome! I'm afraid I'm running behind, however. I still need to acquire Crescent and the Cross. In your opinion, which would provide me the most bang for my bucks, and which is more likely to be played long-term by the Historical group which meets monthly at Guardian Games? Thanks!
  2. Blood for the Blood God! See you there, Gamer Geek!
  3. Sadly, Ancient Wonders is no more. Some of us have matriculated to Glimpses in Sherwood, OR on Tuesday nights. I'm working on mid-late war Panzer Grenadiers and Fallschirmjagers, while other guys in my group have US paratroops and British Red Devils (yes, we're all about the paras). Let me know if you can get to Glimpses some time, and what you'd like to play.
  4. A small, friendly group of guys I'm part of play Bolt Action most Wednesdays at Ancient Wonders in Tualatin, OR. One of the guys is a wizard with terrain so we always have great looking tables. Come by some Wed and check it out.
  5. Hi Spencer. I plan to be at GG next Saturday for the event. Any chance I can get in on the ECW game? Please let me know. Thanks. Tom
  6. OK, I'll bite - what does SBG stand for? I played LOTR years ago and enjoyed it, although it was never more than a marginal system for my gaming group. I have collected sizable forces for Isengard and Gondor, although most languish unpainted. I might be interested in meeting for a game sometime at GG. I will need to dig the rules out and re-learn them to a certain extent.
  7. Hi Spencer. I'll be there Saturday, but I won't be able to play. I should be available to play SAGA or a demo game in October, however. Tom
  8. While Konflikt '47 looks interesting, I'm sticking with standard Bolt Action for now. I had a great game on Wed between my Fallschirmjagers and US paratroopers, and I'm looking forward to another next week when I'll take on British paras. And I'm excited about the release of 2nd edition and picking up a copy of the starter set.
  9. A big thanks to Brian, Spencer and Bob for a great gaming day yesterday. I had a blast playing SAGA with Brian, who's a scholar and gentleman for helping clarify the rules and providing a challenging match between his Anglo-Danes and my Normans. I look forward to my next opportunity to play SAGA, or another historical game, with the group. Cheers! Tom
  10. Hey Spencer. Has a date for the Historical Wargaming Group to next be at GG been determined? I will definitely try to be there to play if possible. I'd be up for another go with Pikes Rampant or SAGA. Cheers, Tom
  11. Enjoyed the heck out of my introductory game to Pikes Rampant / Pikes Rampant. I thought the system played quickly, smoothly and with a lot of period feel for a fairly straight forward set of rules. I'd never gamed in the ECW period before, but I may become hooked. I bought the For King and Country starter army and Pike and Shotte book boxed set GG had on their shelf. Although my Parlimentarian force came up a point short, I'm tempted to build my own army for Pike Rampant and the ECW. Thanks, Spencer! Tom
  12. Bryan and I will be playing a rematch at Ancient Wonders on the 15th. I'm looking forward to it! Since Bishop Odo is "dead" (although I've heard he's feeling better), I will likely take a new Norman warlord who will certainly not meet the same fate as the old warlord. SAGA On!
  13. Hi Spencer, I'm looking to getting together with the group in June at Guardian Games. Please let us know when you've scheduled the date and time. Thanks!
  14. Thanks guys. I've been interested in breaking into Bolt Action for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity.
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