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  1. https://discord.gg/NemRRrZzFV Fixed
  2. I have access to some nice printable armor and weapons as well
  3. Titans did a game today that might help.
  4. I print them. Getting a second printer so I can print more things
  5. Yup. Picking up some color shift paint I think to have some fun
  6. I have been painting as well. Yes those are Grot Tanks
  7. I have never been to an OFCC.... I want to go this next one and bring my Grot Army along!
  8. I think Orks are getting the new boy and our codex supposedly has been completed for some time now so I suspect we will be early 2021. I just hope they get rid of the Gretchin rule and allow Kustom Jobs to be more fluid because they are hyper restrictive as they are now
  9. Even in OFCC I think Knights would be fine now. People who are playing marines are likely to bring eradicators or Dreads that will nullify, Sisters of battle has Repentia, there are TONS of options and if you just play the mission knights lose. Knight players will get the chance to remove many things from the table but they are poor on the mission
  10. When you own a 3d printer and want to make a Grot Mob army... For those eagle eyed people you may see a Kan that doesnt look like another. I took a Deff Dread sized model from Gearguts and resized it to Killa Kan sized... Why? The question is why would you not?
  11. If we are playing 9th ed as we should be with the proper amount of terrain Knights do NOT do well. They are in a race against the clock to remove as much of the opponents army as possible before they drop like rocks. Knights play the Secondary Objectives VERY well but lose the primary almost always
  12. With all the Anti Tank running about and the fact that Knights have issues with scoring objectives it may go in your favor. I know my Grot Tanks would have some issues
  13. Barring GW suddenly squating Grots I should be playing a Grot Army for kicks
  14. My latest grot tank prints. These are for me to use hence why they are built
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