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  1. Hello everyone, I will be running a tournament at the Ordo Clubhouse on the 14th of August. This will be a 2000 pts tournament for 9th edition. Information can be found on the calendar here, and you can register online at this location. Player sots are capped at 20 people so register early!
  2. Best Coast Pairings Registration https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/ax02kqqx
  3. Greetings one and All! Here will be the first tournament in about a year at Ordo for Warhammer 40k! It is also the first 9th edition tournament! This will be a 3 Round Rogue Trader Tournament. We will be using the ITC Code of Conduct as well as GW's Code of Conduct (so no Gotcha Hammer, please and thank you). Rounds are 3 hours long, we will have an hour lunch break after R1. Tickets Price: $10 Max number of Players: 20 Number of Rounds: 3 Mission Pack: GT 2021 Points: 2,000 Round Time Limit: 3 hours (180min) Doors Open: 8:30am First Round Starts: 9am Hobby Tracker: ITC Yes, fully painted armies get their 10pts for being painted. Damion Spearman will be the TO for this event.
  4. I am planning a tournament in the week after or one more after that. Its been a bit crazy for me.
  5. I am looking at 40k, doing some Crusade for my Waaagh!
  6. Slight Correction, Kill Rig has a 6+ Invul because it is Beast Snagga but that is about it. They did make the Kill Rig like a Character so if you gave it a Warlord Trait it ONLY gets 1 warlord trait. The Ork Codex is NOT top tier, nor is it even CLOSE to Dark Angels in strength. It DOES have a ton of playability and viability but the strats are bad (we do have an anti Tanglefoot strat!!!, we only have 1 turn of advance and charge all game, and yea... I am not a fan of the army rules, but I am happy about the Kulturs and the Units for the most part.
  7. If I am there, I am building Beast Snagga's Feel Free to ask me about the codex.
  8. Yea, I don't have the orks I want to play. I have my Grot tanks in all manners of disarray but they would just get bad touched by wolves and be done... so DA
  9. I will be there. I am more keyed up on orks but I can play my Dark Angels
  10. I might be there. Depends on life. Would like to get some 40k in though I am keyed up for orks....
  11. Thanks! I have several month old games I need to put up and I need to record some more.
  12. >.> get your preorder in with a store early. I am hearing rumors or 1-3 per store tops. I am calling in the few boxes I want today
  13. @ImperialTrooper sadly I am not feeling well so I won't be able to make it
  14. Onslaught is the same as a Strike Force game, just missions scaled for that size of a game. So we would start with 18 Command Points, we would be playing on a bigger table
  15. 3k games are the Cap of Onslaught sized games. If you want I have the Malestrom objectives that were put into the White dwarf a few months ago. I made them into playing cards and we can use those. Just be aware the more complex we make this game the LONGER it will take.
  16. This is what I am thinking of bringing https://pastebin.com/6X6ChJBc
  17. Most of my models are not painted. I am working on it but its slow going
  18. Not going to make it tonight. Want to go but just not feeling it. Going to paint my Crusade force so that I can ACTUALLY have models painted for play... A first for me
  19. DE are a BLAST to play. Lots of versatility but it is hard to tone it down to make games close... Ad Mech are Skitarii heavy atm but the Chickens are super good.
  20. Not all o this is built and I have to update this as I have a new Dread, ATV's, and a Deathwing Knight Squad, but this is what I currently have for my Dark Angels https://pileofpotential.com/Grotwurks?project=91983257
  21. I mean, that would be interesting We can use a full 6x4
  22. They spend about as much time in the Command Phase as an Ork army does in Movement
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