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  1. Yup. That is the current rumor based on what is being seen. It could be wrong.
  2. Heavy Bolters are going to 1 shot each so it is unlikely that Autocannons will be obsolete. Multi-Meltas should be more powerful overall than a Lascannon in terms of damage but range is an important part of things.
  3. I didn't think there was a huge issue. Since people can play multiple games in person or TTS even 1 game a week if they can will allow people to get to it. Especially since you start with 5 RP anyways
  4. So you start with 50 PL base as your roster and you have 5 RP to start. Every RP spent will give you 5 more PL. You might be correct and I have missed the fact that people wont always have enough RP to increase their PL and if that happens just play at the highest PL you can
  5. I expect them to get another wound but overall Custodes are not that bad to play against. As a Xeno Player I would love to play against custodes
  6. So far some things are nice but overall...ugh...2 wound marines... really! Did they need to make it that much harder to kill @Salty Monkey 's Thousand Sons.... 2 wound base marines with all of those bonus rules...I am not a fan
  7. Even as a necron player its going to be hard...We did see the statline of the Deathmarks and the Immortals. They are T5 now
  8. Game 1 ended in my Skorpekh Lord, Destroyers, Scarabs, Immortals and 10 warriors all were "destroyed" the immortals were perma killed and so were the Warriors. Scarabs are just replaced because there are many scarabs. More warriors and Immortals have been awakened. My Skorpekh Destroyers were the MVP's. I will say, the sheer amount of rules that marines have behind them make them a very tough challenge
  9. Discord Channel set up. Let me know if you want anything added https://discord.gg/XgFDcgn
  10. @Sgt. Rock If you guys want to play via TTS. I am getting the discord up soon
  11. Dear Games Workshop, I need ya'll to get more Necron units in stock... Like last week. Yours truly, Lyraeus
  12. Would make Salamander troop carriers a thing again
  13. Looks really good. Can't wait to see them on the field of battle.
  14. We did not see them in ITC as much because people liked the Imperium cheese. In ETC and in Canada Dark Eldar did pretty good. There were a few people in our area who owned DE but didnt come to the clubhouse to play much
  15. The 8th ed codex was a good codex. Skari loved it. It just got overpowered by the cheese of Imperium
  16. Fair enough. I will see who is available to play today
  17. Hahahaha you can include Elysians in your Order of Battle. Then in Week 3+ you can have multiple Detachments
  18. @Ish you playing tonight? If so, up for Week 1 Crusade?
  19. No worries. That is going to be pretty scary. Legends units are also fine
  20. I am using Chinorks for my TTS Ork Waaagh! (Crusade) force so I think its fine.
  21. Its intended to make infantry more prevalent. It also helps in the fact that you can't hide characters with low wound or model count units. We might see a revision but right now I think GW is trying to push people away from cheap units to screen where possible
  22. Yup, just means it matches points now. My Chinorks went down to 5 PL each from 8 PL so that is nice. Games start this week so if you want to set up a TTS game, I can walk you through it. I can even set up a Discord channel so people can voice chat over that.
  23. Since the Power Level change is out I am going to start this a week early. We will have 2 Weeks at 25 PL and then a week at 35 PL
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