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  1. @Unhlyknght Looks like you got an opponent here ^_^
  2. So Sisters vs DE? DE requires that you screen them out. They tend to have a ton of transports so you have to somehow pop those, and then get the guys inside otherwise they are just leaping off platforms right into you. They wont mind sacrificing 10 wyches to kill your repentia, its a fantastic trade for them or they could have Wracks with Liquifiers to blunt your charge. There are a LOT of variation to the DE tool box
  3. You are more than welcome to join the Open Crusade that is set up. There is info and everything here. I would recommend it as a 2k game after a smaller game might not have the time needed to finish. a 600pt game should take about an hour a 1000pt game should be about 2 hours or so
  4. It would be the way back that stops me. How about this Saturday if we can see when is the latest I can get back by? A game is a game and I have no issue taking a trek as long as I have a realistic way back. I am fully vaccinated (yay for being a VA guinea pig!) so hopefully that helps.
  5. Which units? Wahapedia might have it already updated and I have a PDF of it
  6. I do a Reinforcements Detachment in Battlescribe.
  7. Sure! I can even give you the list I will bring. Think you can do 600pts? If so then I will have; My Ascendant Archon: Orishi Lohzasher 80pts The Kabalites, Cherresse's Warriors 45pts The Kabalites, Khanvan Warrior's 45pts The Incubi, Bhrakeri's Bladed Demons 80pts The Mandrakes, Fehsareah's Shadow Blades 75pts The Scourge, Derashi's Hellraisers 85pts Raider 1 95pts Raider 2 95pts
  8. I am up for 40k, looking at Crusade or a 2k game
  9. Looking for the Eldar Yvraine model.
  10. There will be games of each size every week so if you only want to do 1k games for a few months as you build more then sure, you can play Combat Patrol and Incursion games
  11. It is unfortunate. CSM are in a rough spot regardless. I do look forward to see what you make.
  12. That is the issue. I could know you for 20 years and I would still make this same ruling. I cant set up a favoritism situation where I can let you summon because you will be "responsible" with it but limit others, that is unfair and uncalled for. GW has rules set for this, so we either use them or ban them completely. I have been making compromises but you want something and are not compromising here. Sure you dont want unlimited summoning but then again you asked for that earlier, now you just want to summon and have more points than what your opponent gets to start with and as I said we can
  13. Thanks! Yes, I will be doing Mulipass Orange as the highlight for the red. I am doing Sakura (a Metallic Pink) for the purple highlights. which looks to have come out REALY nice. Now a bright thing but a good contrast to the Royal Purple metallic
  14. The points were based off the reinforcement points system, otherwise your lone summoning character would not be sub 100pts when you can get 300pts for free. In Age of Sigmar summoning is fully built in and expected. In 40k its an interesting mechanic but it allows for some very bad set up if abused. To prevent abuse we have base rules for it. I read someone's anecdotal take on crusade and they talked a little of this. https://doll-wars.com/reflecting-on-crusades-narrative-gaming/ Here is the passage in question I am willing to compromise here a
  15. If I can get there via bus I should be fine.
  16. You dont need to take points away from your Order of Battle. Just the points from your list. You never have a Crusade Card for summoned units so they never take up room on your Order of Battle. So, if you are playing a 500pt game and you bring 500pts you have no points to summon with. If you are playing a 500pt game and bring 400, you have 100pts to use for summoning. Part of the reason this is, is that summoning is extremely flexible. Playing against someone and you need nurglings to hold points, well you can summon those, maybe next game you need Demonettes to be anno
  17. If Drukhari have not taught that lesson there may be no hope for GW
  18. To use the summoning rules you have to get permission from your opponent. When you set aside the points you dont select the unit you are setting them aside for. If you set aside enough points for 30 demonettes but never roll for that many you can always get smaller units. Ok, I will compromise. You can do summoning but its still reinforcement points. This gives you an advantage as you can play at a higher point game against people while not having enough points in your supply for that but it is fine.
  19. Remember summoning is just 3d6 and then you pick what is being summoned. You dont need to pick then make the attempt.
  20. Sure but what stops you from taking cheapy character you dont care about and getting 300pts of free models with no real repercussions and now your opponent is playing 1k vs your 1300? I am not saying you cant do this you just have to clear it with your opponent
  21. Week one Missions are up!
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