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  1. That is one cool dragon model. Probably the best GW dragon made. But it looks like a super pain to put together.
  2. @IshI plan on doing a basic dwarf army with these guys someday. @Sgt. Rock anything but GW is awesome to see on a table so print away! I love seeing different models on the table. My only concern is when people go too abstract and it’s hard to tell what the model is supposed to represent. Not a big problem with dwarves but demon legions can be confusing at times to play against. Definitely look forward to having you join our community. I personally love how 9th age has made a well balanced game that Is great for tournaments and campaigns.
  3. Use some card board. It ain’t pretty but it’s better then nothing
  4. I’m more concerned about painting 2 large models in less then 24hrs
  5. Bens place is closer(I’m about 9 miles from venue) but if it gets too crowded there, I have a spare bedroom with futon and a couch that can sleep two. Plenty of floor as well.
  6. Set a drill depth on your bit by rapping tape on it as a stop. Use a strong thick tape and don’t be afraid to cover that bit all the way to the chuck leaving only the right amount of exposed bit. It’ll go a lot quicker and prevent over drilling.
  7. I’ve done them. painted my own on paper and printed and cut and glue. Not to happy with either. But sure it’s just my own fault
  8. Guardian has let everything thing laps since the holidays. Red castle is ok with their stock. Dice age has been the best at keeping them in that I’ve found. It’s hard to find what you need anywhere though when you’ve got most of what you use already though.
  9. Me and Oreogolem rolled our retinue and warlord stuff already if that’s ok. can’t remember exactly what he got but I have Peon and veteran RF. I think he got “to me” and “EEEAAAH!” But don’t quote me on that.
  10. The Monkey King leap from mountain to mountain surveying the borders of the Celestial Empire. Dark flames rose from the north. The abominations of the void are stirring he thought. No time to call the other celestial guardians. The elephants and bears are to slow. I must wake the Emperor himself to bring the Eternal Legend to slow this tide of evil. first game down with a major victory for the undying dynasties. Well fought Oreogolem but the demons were just to slow to cross the field and stone is hard to break quickly.
  11. This escalation campaign has given me the motivation to paint. 2000pt Army almost done. I may get to play non HBE at March to War. 😀 pics coming soon
  12. Skin looks good now. I’m never trying the contrast paints. I can thin my own paints and make glazes GW. 16years ago I would have thought they were cool. im with Ish. Any contrasting color would be better then that grey. Everything else looks great 👍
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