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  1. What armies are you interested in starting and maybe I have something?
  2. Hey there, I know these models look cool, but I've heard a lot of people say the new Fiends aren't good in game. I just assembled mine, and I love the sculpts and want any and all bits/sprues I can get for the purpose of converting Spawn, heroes, Demon Princes, etc. I can pay cash but prefer trade and have an extremely extensive trade list going back to items from the 80's. PM me if you have some you're looking to part with.
  3. Is there anything you'd be interested in for trade or is it sales only?
  4. So I have a Keeper of Secrets in Blister that I want to trade for another Keeper of Secrets with a different head. If by the chance of 1 in a million that you happen to have a Keeper of Secrets you'd swap for another one, I'd go there. I realize this is a bit out of left field but it's not every day I see people asking to trade ROC Era Chaos.
  5. Hey Guys, I happen to have had the fortune of knowing two people in Nottingham at the time of the re-release of the original Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness book, and I ended up with two of them. Since we live about as far away from Nottingham as one can get, I figured I'd offer one to the PNW community first. I would prefer to trade this book, and we can discuss specifics if you are interested. I'm not going to part with this bad boy easily, but I would like it to find a loving home.
  6. Hey Everyone, I came across a few extra Metal Esher models that I don't need to hold on to and plan on trading. In the spirit of keeping it local I'm going to offer them here first before I offer them to my other groups. The six models in this photo that are not crossed out are available: I am only interested in trading for other Esher models, or Mad Donna and only those Esher models not in this photo. If you want to make a cash offer for all 6 you can do so via PM and I will consider it. *I will be in the Portland area on February 7th in the afternoon to trade if you
  7. I'm about to list it on a National page. I will give you priority since you expressed first interest but I'll be posting this list tonight elsewhere and if I get no hits Nationally I'm off to ebay.
  8. Hey Everyone, I am trying to fund a side project and my wife and I are also trying to consolidate space, so i figure I'll offer up a few things to see if there is any interest out there. I'm mainly looking for paypal at the moment but i have some specific wants that I would consider. Have: Vinyl Super Shogun Boba Fett (Return of the Jedi) NIB $160 https://www.poppriceguide.com/guide/p/Vinyl_SuperShogun/3514/bobafett/ Star Wars Saga Edition RPG Rule Book, Good Condition, $60 MB Battle Masters, Complete, 2 miniatures with broken, but present weapons, $80 MB Hero's Quest, Punche
  9. Which Metal Storm Troopers do you have?
  10. Hey there everyone, I just wanted to say thank you, and to provide you with a link to our blog on Fanaticus where I am going to document our progress as a group. We are still super interested in any terrain donations, or other items, as we had 19 people at our first gaming event. WHOA! Our Project Blog for the Library
  11. Thanks Ordo Fanaticus! Hey Everyone, I have received such amazing support from the Ordo Fanticus community regarding our Tabletop Club that we started at The Dalles Public Library. This club is designed to offer access to tabletop gaming to youth in the community and to use a mentoring process to help teach our area youth about the hobby of tabletop gaming and miniature painting. Prior to me telling Ordo about the project, we had had two interest meetings where we talked about how to paint and worked a little bit on terrain. We had our first game day for our Shadow Wars camp
  12. Quick bump to see if I can get some more interest. I'm still looking for someone to help me paint the Nurgle army from our boxed set. I appreciate all of the help people have offered us so far. You all have been super amazing to us, I'm really hoping that what we build at our library can become a model for other libraries to follow!
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