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  1. Ugh, scratch that attendance for this weekend. My start date was rolled back from 7/1 to 6/30... so I will be in new hire orientation during game night. But, I get done at 5. Maybe I'll come out for a beer with you guys after!
  2. I will definitely be there, however it may be my last Sunday for awhile (Should be starting my new job on Monday, which will keep me working Sundays through Wednesdays). Wife may be with me again, I'm trying to get her to play a teaching game while we're still able to come down.. That way I can get her playing often!
  3. So, I figured it was about time I stopped trying to hijack @Raindog 's blog thread and maybe start my own. And what better topic, than the start of putting together Spiral!
  4. Bringing the chill your way Sunday!
  5. ....Must pick army to work on....
  6. I mean, I'm back. That should be reason enough to show up, right?
  7. You know me, I'm almost always there.
  8. Rocked by fever and body aches out of nowhere tonight. I am out for tomorrow.
  9. Sinus infection good. Sinus infection not contagious!
  10. Omg, we get to be graced by your presence this week? I hope that means the move went/is going well. I am tentative at the moment. Possibly coming down with a head cold. Waiting to see if it develops or turns into a sinus infection..
  11. I will not be able to attend, I enjoy having all of my anatomy intact. (Unlike you, Raindog, I would not be allowed to keep mine if I played.)
  12. What am I showing up for again? If its Sunday, yeah, I'll be there Sunday. I'm finally getting the wife into the routine of me being gone weekly, plus our older daughter is home (so no having to be in Woodland at 7).
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