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  1. Question about Yaktribe: I'm trying to make my Gang (using Underhive rules, right?). How do I add experience and skills? I also tried to create my Gang as it is in week two, but it says I have insufficient credits. Even when I delete a couple Gangers and equipment, it doesn't adjust my credit balance- as in, it didn't refund the credits I spent on Gangers and equipment. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Participant Report, AZ-432-H459%!dek, Imperial year XXXMLXXMLXL "May His Golden Light Shine Forever as it Dribbles Down the Sewage Pipe""

    "So there we wuz down in level 347-J sub FK-21. Ya know, that place with the big tower and promethium pipes all around it? The Shift Boss heard there was some walking meat down there. What? Are you for real? OK. Fine. HUMONS living down there. So he decides that we need some more workers for that new shaft we opened up over in the Ash Plain mountains. So me and the boys get all ready when the boss gives us a bit of a surprise: SHE was going to be comin' wit us. Huh? You don't know? That crazy b***h with the chainsword and xeno mask? We was about to promote a new Shift Boss, if you know what I mean, when he says Archie is coming. We still ain't happy, even with Archie Murder Bot going with us, so he says fine, she won't bring the mask. We grumble about it for show and all, and then we head on down.

    Whens we get there, there is this gang already down there. Never seen 'em before, but the Shift Boss ain't too worried, so we ain't either. We start grabin' the walking me... I mean, humons promisin' em a great live, three squares a day, etc. etc. These humons must'ta been in some sad shape, 'cuz they came a runnin to us. Me and Jonesy start roundin' them up when that other gang starts screaming 'bout sacrifice and "Chaos is the way!" or some such, and then they start shootin'. Woo wee! Suddenly, things started to get interestin. Well, that crazy b***h with the chainsword gutted one of 'em right away, then ran screaming at another one. She must'a tripped or something, cuz next thing I know, she's on the floor. Then there was some crazy, spooky lights and this guy in robes... ya, I know. Everyone wears robes, but these ones was different! He had a big stick too, and some kinda critter with 'em. Well, Bob over there lights 'em up with his flame thrower, and we all giggle thinkin' those robes are gonna make a pretty fire, when the flames went all funny or something, and the guy just walks through the fire. All a sudden, the Shift Boss is down, and so's Bob. Me and Jonesy, we be thinkin' it's time to be going. That's when we heard "Archie, online. Archie protect Samantha," in that weird, electronic voice o hiz. Well, Archie shuffles on over to that robed guy who's speakin' in some weird tongues thing and making gestures and such at Archie, but Archie don't seem no bothered 'cuz he picked up that robed guy and squeezed. I swear I saw his eyeballz pop out right before his head popped clean off! It wasn't all peaches and cream though. One of them bastards took a shot at Archie and managed to dent him up. Then one of them crazy dudes with tatoos all over his face charged Archie. Heh. Even the dumbest dummy down in the mines knows better then that! Archie grabbed 'em, then started pulin'. Haven't heard no sounds like that since, well, never really to my reckonin'. Someone's gonna have to clean up Archie, and it ain't gonna be me. Well, bout this time, Jonesy's got the last walking meat... sorry. Humon rounded up, so wes decided to leave. "

    Great game against Brian's Chaos Cultests, though I forgot to use a bunch of skills on my Champions and Leader. I'll try and remember next time. I just couldn't roll worth a darn in the early to mid game on the wound dice. I was really thinking Brian had me when his Sorcerer guy showed up and totally ignored my flame thrower, not to mention up to this point, every time I shot, I'd roll an Out of Ammo and promptly fail my ammo check. At least I had the card that allowed me during the end phase to make an ammo check for all my guys. I lost my leader to some bad save rolls on my part, and an awesome wound dice roll on Brian's part. He's only out for a game, though it means I'm playing my next game leaderless. The star of the game was Archie the AMBOT. On paper, he doesn't look like much, but I forget this isn't 40K, and everyone has a T3, 6+, 1 wound. Suddenly, his S5 and 4's across the board make him a bad mofo! Post game treated me very well, and now I need to get to paintin'.


  3. These look great! Instead of photobucket, may I suggest Imgur? https://imgur.com/

    You can set your profile to private and you have a ton more storage available then Photoshop. I can't remember if Photoshop still has photo editing or not, but Imgur has a basic editor for cropping, resize, colors, effects, etc. etc. And when you post the image, you don't get a giant Photobucket advertisement over your image!


  4. In previous editions, SoB's were a close range shooting army. The army was seemingly designed for 8"-24", with the sweet spot being 6"-12". They had very weak close combat, with no access to power fists or thunder hammers, and very few models could have a power sword. Evicerators on the other hand were handed out like candy, but sadly really sucked.

    What other options besides meltaguns and Exorcists will they have for dealing with high toughness, anti-armor? Do they have a good close combat unit yet, or is it still going to be a unit with T3 models, making 1 attack, at -1 to hit, so hitting on 5's, with no armor save and only one wound? It's also looking like Miracle Dice will be hard to generate, causing you to spend CP's as well as Miracle Dice.

    I look forward to the new plastic models, but I think they won't be "top tier" and will require considerable play experience or thought to play well. They will be a tough army to play. Just like previous editions! 🙂

  5. I'm looking forward to the box, but think it'll be a while until I field an entire army... like Spring 2020? I'm thinking the box has about... 800 points? Maybe?

    The Sisters seem more like a refreash then a rewrite. No new units, just the same units updated for 8th and in plastic. From what has been shown so far, they will struggle against armor (high toughness). Their main anti-armor source is the meltagun and multimelta. 12" and 24", and that random d6 for damage, yikes. Will the only viable lists include three Exorcists? That would be a rumored 9d3 shots? I'd think an Imperial Knight or IG Deatchment of Leman Russes would probably be more competitive. Kinda depends on the Miracles and Strategims they get. Just, right now... how in the world will they deal with an all Knight list? Or Eldar Flyer list? never mind the new Space Marine Meta!

  6. On 11/20/2019 at 10:30 AM, DisruptiveConduct said:

    he looks so angry....

    Well, his Primarch got the living [big bad swear word] beat out of him and the Emperor left him for dead (side note: He ain't dead. He's just... Mostly Dead). That set up a weird, timeless Psychic Feed Back Loop of "WTF Horus! I thought we were play fighting!". Meph, being cursed/blessed with Psyker Powers has to deal with that baggage 24/7. That makes him surely and moody. So much that even Dante comments on it, and Astroboi is constantly giving him the Stink Eye, while Lemarties is like "My Bro! Come join the Glorious Orgy of Battle with my Death Company!" But Meph doesn't swing that way, and when a building is dropped on him by some Orks, he is too stubborn to die. He also is left for dead... [big bad swear word]ing Lemarties and his Bro's. And Astroboi is all like "For sooth! We suffer for the loss of Mephiston! Boo hoo (snicker snicker)."

    Now Meph, trapped under that building rages. Not a regular rage. Not the Black Rage. We're talking Mega-Black-I'm-Gonna-Rip-A-Heart-Out-Of-Astroboi-And-Make-Him-Eat-It Rage. After a week of MBIGRAHOOAAMHEI Rage, he suddenly realizes he doesn't have that stupid "WTF Horus! I thought we were play fighting!" thing constantly buzzing in his ears. Instead, he finds his new rage, and he can sharpen it to a razor thin edge and use it.

    The Orks were a little bit surprised when the building moved. They were even a little bit perplexed when this dude in red shoves aside a one ton slab of ceramite, grabs the nearest Gretchin, twists it's head off, and proceeds to drink the green blood (or is it red? Even GW doesn't seem to know...). Nob Red Eye got pissed. "Oi! Th'a waz mah lunch! Nows, I gotta eat you!" 

    What happened next would make even Lemarties blush ("Yo Bro! That was savage!"). When Meph showed up at the main Blood Angels encampment, the sentries thought he was a Dark Angel as he was covered in green blood and gore. He proceeded directly to the Command Bunker where he found Dante, Astroboi, and Lemarties ("Bro! You're back! Bro Hug!"). Meph stiffed armed Lemarties and walked right up to Astroboi. Astroboi, seeing the glowing yellow Eyes of Meph, took a hasty step away searching for his axe. Dante started to straighten , and then stopped clutching his lower back. Old age is a bitch. He sat back down in pain.

    Meph, eyes glowing, swept the command bunker. Though Space Marines Know No Fear, none would meet his gaze for more than a few seconds. Finally, he spoke. His voice was cracked and gravely as if he had been screaming under a building for a week.

    "The Black Rage no longer holds me. I have transcended it, and anyone that doubts me, can kiss my ass. I'm gonna go take a bath, get some new armor, and then go out and kick some Ork Ass. Ya'll are welcome to join me, except you, Astroboi. Your days of hacking up our breathern because they have fallen to the Black Rage are over!"

    And without another word, he walked out. He kept his word. Got some new armor, then single handedly won the Battle for Armageddon.

    Afterwards, Lemarties was asked what he thought about Meph. "Bro! Savage!"

  7. That is such a better model now. Mephiston was Beast Mode in 5th edition. I remember rampaging across many a table with him alone. The rest of my Blood Angels just kinda hung back and watched the carnage. Then came The Great Nerf of 7th edition, and the Absolute Neutering he received in 8th. Looks like crossing the Rubik's Cube Gate Thingy McGuffin barely touched him. I mean, he was already a bad ass, so... still, +1A and +1W doesn't seem like much... maybe Psychic Awakening will give him access to some new powers?

  8. LOL a preview for the BA Lord of Death set to "Deathmetal" music. Love the way GW is hearkening back to its cheesy 80's years.

    I look forward to Mephiston crossing over the Rubric and becoming Primarus. Heck, he's done it once before, why not again? Think he'll become Super Bad Ass like he was in 5th? I mean, he was an auto take if you played Blood Angels.

  9. The new Sisters Box contents have been revealed! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/11/sisters-of-battle-army-set-unboxinggw-homepage-post-1/?m_i=12f19O%2Bq733WoMggT3PAikdD1aP8Z34pgsZXgT%2B6hnsubIuW1H3_SDXzbBXX4jGbPRCZLKknI%2BLH%2BqZdlZ%2Bs%2Bcs%2BjL93UB

    The only down side? I estimate it's only about 500 points or so. 120 for the Squad, 80 for the Serephim, 75 for the Cannoness, 150 for the Penitent Engine, 75-ish for the rest. GW also promises more Sisters of Battle models... in 2020. I know they have previewed the Exorcist and Immolator. They also previewed the heavy weapons squad, right? That leaves maybe a couple more HQ types, and the elite SoB's. I really hope they don't add the Ecclesiarchy into the SoB they way they did in 5th and 6th! I thought it was absurd that they best HQ was a Priest, and using a horde of basically "cultists" and Death Cult Assassins the way to play SoB's. It would be nice if a full army of Sisters in a Battalion or Brigade detachment would be a viable force on the table, dare it be said a competitive force, without having to bring IG or Imperial Knights, or some other foolishness detachment.

  10. OFCC was a blast to play in! I gave Pete a bad time about Friday's tournament- sorry about that! I'm not a fan of the ITC (personal thing). Despite my team, Plan B, being a "Ringer Team", I had a blast. The focus on achievements instead of winning was very refreshing and made for awesome army lists. I only faced one min/maxed army list, and still managed to pull out a tie. I don't think I ever saw anything about a gift exchange with my opponents, so felt really, really lame when I was given a lot of great swag and I had nothing to give them. Thanks to Dave (teammate), he at least went out and got some brushes to give to the other players for our team. It was hugely refreshing not to encounter a bunch of meta, hyper competitive army lists. Painting was spot on! I think every army was well painted. I thought I would be one of the few Ultramarines army, and it turns out I was one of five or six playing them! I got a lot of compliments on my painting though, and that made all the work and effort worth it!

    I had three new units in my Primaris Ultramarines- a Plasma Redemptor, Repulsor Executioner, and Eliminators. The Redemptor wasn't bad, but I wish the Macro Plasma Incinerator did more than 1 or 2 damage. The Eliminators were good, but really had trouble wounding anything with S4. Now that their sniper shots are S5, I expect that to change significantly. The only downside is max unit size of three models and they are a heavy support unit. The Executioner... did well. I parked it a lot with either a Captain or Marneus Calgar and a LT nearby and it was baller. I wish it was about 50-100 points cheaper, but it is what it is. The downside: too many stupid weapon profiles. Eight different weapon profiles. EIGHT! Come on GW!

    Highlights for me: MVP Marneus Calgar. His reroll hits aura was invaluable. Even better: He punched an Imperial Knight to death, put down the Swarmlord, ground to dust several Necron Warriors and Immortals before snuffing out a Necron Lord, sanitized a Nurgle Plague Lord, showed that just because you are called the Emperor's Champion doesn't make you the Emperor's Champion, and never took more than five wounds in a battle. If I had any doubts about how good Calgar is, they were put to rest over the course of five OFCC games.

    Overall, OFCC was one of the best tournaments I've ever played in. Thanks!


  11. The Not-A-Knight-Titan Dreadnought? LOL That'll be fun. While at GenCon last week, I wondered by the 40K tourny. There was a Custodes player with like 9 Wardens+Capt, Capt on jet bike, couple more jetbikes, a Pallas, and three (!!) Caladius tanks. I also saw a ton of Eldar flyers and Imperial Knights. /shrug That was one tournament I was glad not to be in.



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