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  1. $30 and it’s yours. I’m in SE PDX. 182nd and Powell basically.
  2. Anybody have left over bits from their death guard terminators? I need at least 2 more meltas, but would prefer more like 5-6 of them.
  3. So, couldn’t find a GM. But do need another player. Fantasy. Darker style. Gonna try my hand at it. Looking for 1-2 more players. Couples are okay as long as your personal issues don’t turn into character issues. Text the above number if you want in. Character creation session today at 4 pm.
  4. In pretty much every game I've ever played, any "gravity" gun is pretty much purple. Gravity spells in FF type games are usually black or a dark blueish purple with white "stars" and such. So, go with a kick ass purple with maybe some cool particle effects in it? Like a galaxy.
  5. Hey, anybody have these? I have a few of them. I've found that casting the molds as many times as you have to is super time consuming, so, I'd like to borrow, or, if you really want to get rid of them, maybe buy some of the molds I need to cast several times. Anybody have any?
  6. Still have lots. Just look up darktower. I renewed it and every time I do that it makes a new post.
  7. Had a GM for gurps. Fell through. Looking for another. Open to pathfinder or DND, just don’t have the books. Prefer gurps, but, well, beggars can’t be choosers! Mostly want a thorough and involved GM/DM who cares about what they’re doing and wants a good fun game. Must be willing to use miniatures and terrain (as available) though. We all definitely prefer the visual aid. Plus, I’ve spent so much money on this stuff I’d have to tear my eyes out not to use it. Just go ahead and text if interested. 971.255.2315
  8. We want to play some orks! Who’s got orks and wants to bring them to a Monday night game night?!?
  9. So, I'm selling a bunch of stuff for my buddy. I made a craigslist ad for it. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the ad link on here, but, you can simply search for "Dark Tower" on the toys section. That's one of the games. My phone number is also on the add and searching for that should work too. I'm trying to include the link to the CL ad as well, if it works, awesome! https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tag/d/massive-lot-of-board-games/6739222297.html
  10. A friend of mine dropped off a veritable store at my house to sell for him. One is blood bowl from 2002 and the other is a 1996 box of space hulk. Both boxes show age but contents are there and in great condition. Assembled but unpainted. Some are still unglued. Ordo won’t let me upload photos from my phone though. make me an offer on blood bowl. Space hulk asking price is $150
  11. I have a pretty kitted out hobby/warhammer/RPG room near Gresham (182nd and Powell basically). We play weekly on Monday evenings, however, I'm open to other evenings as well depending on schedule with my clients. I'm a Death Guard/Nurgle Daemon player. Looking to play other people besides my regulars (Chad/HappyCamper and Pete who I don't know his SN). PM me if you're interested and what day you'd be available to come by. The room also sports 4 airbrush stations, all the basing material you could want, most of the paints you could want (bring your own brushes/airbrush and hose but no compresso
  12. $15 each. Will ship if needed (you pay shipping of course).
  13. Also will consider trades for NOS terrain for fantasy or 40k. Definitely looking for goblin town from hobbit, or the sigmar mausoleum, that kind of stuff.
  14. Apparently my asking price is too high. So, I'll drop it to $50. Firm though. Its unopened as stated.
  15. Unopened box. Brand new. Landraider box with the chaos upgrade sprues inside. Normally $76. Wanting $60 for it. Less than the 15% off you can get online. 971.255.2315 Text me if you’re interested. I am terrible at checking ORDO. And not worried about my number being online. I run a recording studio so my number is very public. And Chad. You’re shady. Beat you to it.
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