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  1. Is this the roast of Sherbert thread? Hell yeah!
  2. Super excited for my first ever T9A tourney, as well as meeting and playing people outside my LGS! Best call your local rat catcher because the Vermintide is on the way!!
  3. I've lobbied JT to do it, but ultimately it's going to fall on those interested to do something. I'd love to speak more on the matter! It's something i'd very much like to happen.
  4. The 9th Age released a statement at the 2.0 release saying there is no plans even in the far future for these rules to be changed again, so it's a very good time to learn! We're both interns down at DT maybe I could do a demo for ya 😏
  5. I myself need to catch up on the new rules but I wouldn't be opposed to a game sometime in the future!
  6. Thank you gents, this has been a load of help!
  7. Hey guys, i'm looking to move to magnet bases for some of my Fantasy armies. Peeked about online and found magnetic movement trays decently prized. But when it comes down to the magnets themselves I'm only finding packs of ten for like $8. I've got a Skaven army and an Empire army, 200+ infantry models so i'm not trying to spend close to $200 on magnets. Anyone know a cheaper place to buy? Or perhaps buying in bulk?
  8. I am interested in all of your orks minus the two trukks, specific grey knight units, and all of your Dark Elf spearmen! I would like to message you later about the details.
  9. Hey guys, for those unaware i'm an intern down at Dark Tower Games. Usually I demo 40k, write the blog posts, do the codex reviews, podcasts, and the upcoming battle reports. But for those that DO know me, you know that my bread and butter(and frankly what I won't shut up about) is 9th Age as well as a side of good ole Horus Heresy. Now down at Dark Tower we want to open up the battlereports (and events, leagues, tournaments etc) to those interns willing to put the work in. And by Sigmar i'm willing to put that work in. I'm looking for a show of hands here in the Hamsters who would love to go on camera with me down at the shop and roll some dice over some toy models that fall under 9th age and 30k. The "power" of the game is decided by the players, no tricks here! I do have to warn that as of now there's no reward for doing this from the shop, besides me offering to buy you a beer and maybe a few bad jokes about my armies while we play. If you are interested, just know that the store's policy is fully painted and based models. The battlereport process is simple, the end of turns are recorded, with a bit of dialogue about the overall game at the end, as well as an army display in the beginning. We don't require a ton of talking, but of course welcome it all the same. Put on a show or don't! Oscar nominations not withstanding.
  10. Ahhaaa The blood runs cold. We take our loot but don't get old! Ahhhh ahhhh o' ahhhh ahhh! Yo ,yo-ho, yo, yo-ho Oh Hail the mighty Manaan, he's arisin' from the deep! With tattered sails and incredible tales, We're caught'n endless seas! These Tilean Privateers (Pirates) are making sail to a ruined City of Mordheim near you!
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