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  1. Hey, I might be interested in joining at your place on Mondays at the end of May. I get my second vaccine on Tuesday, and I obviously need a few weeks (and also for my partner to get her second.) What's the state on vaccination and protection at your place?

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    2. necrontyr


      Still thinking of joining us this month? Maybe in a couple weeks?

    3. Sgt. Rock

      Sgt. Rock

      A couple of weeks, yeah. My partner is getting her second vaccine today, so we want to make sure we wait that two weeks to be fully protected. We're a little paranoid because we're both vulnerable populations, so I figure another couple weeks won't hurt me any. Unless you have someone else champing at the bit to take my spot?

    4. necrontyr


      Nope, just trying to figure out a plan. Two weeks is perfect.

  2. I would be potentially interested. Give me an excuse to dust off my old teams, maybe actually paint up those Norse minis.
  3. Ah! Aid from an... unexpected quarter!
  4. ...Now I need an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor modelled after Mel Brooks.
  5. I read about that. That is the absolute most Lemmy thing to do. The world is a lesser place without him. Kinda reminds me of this: https://www.guitarworld.com/news/man-builds-guitar-out-of-his-dead-uncles-skeleton-uses-it-to-play-black-metal
  6. I, for one, am quite excited.
  7. Kusanagi is definitely beautiful. I really, really want to like that Monstrucker, but I am so goddamn sick of models with one leg on some kind of crap that makes it impossible to properly base the damn model.
  8. I suppose that's true. When we move (soon!) they'll all be in one room, except the beardie, who lives in the living room (we free-roam her during the summer; she likes to wander around and sit in sunbeams and the windowsill and things like that.)
  9. Okay, yeah, you're way out of our league. You're breeding, and you obviously have a much larger home than we do. There's no way we could even find time to take care of that many guys. Though we've always wanted a gargoyle, they're so pretty.
  10. So basically, an official version of the TAG deathmatch everyone has been playing for years anyway. Probably. Although I find it interesting that the quote they took was from Voronin... Ariadna TAG?
  11. Ugh. If only my printer weren't as jacked up as my arm, I'd try to take you up on that. I'm working on gathering terrain to play Sellswords & Spellslingers at 15mm, and I'd love to be able to make some new stuff.
  12. Each in their own. We had a couple of the viper geckos together at one point, but they started getting sassy with each other, so we had to separate them. Most reptiles don't live well with each other, so they tend to all get their own little apartments.
  13. Yeah, we normally go to the one at the hotel up by the airport twice a year, but the 'rona has put the kibosh on that the last few times.
  14. What reptiles, he asks... okay... *Deep inhale* A bearded dragon, two crested geckos, two leopard geckos, a Bauer's chameleon gecko, three viper geckos, and a corn snake. We... may have a problem.
  15. Yay! My children receive respect from the fish-folk!
  16. I have aquariums! They don't have fish in them, though. Or water. Or... really anything to do with this thread, because reptiles live in them. But I wanted to feel included, so I'm piping up to derail the thread. ... AWAY! *whoosh*
  17. Good to know. I assembled one of the ten dudes already with a flayer, so I'll definitely have to bulk that squad up to 20, but I'll put reapers on the other squad I build. I'm probably going to get two full squads of Warriors and one of Immortals and call it for a while (I don't necessarily intend for this to be a big-time collection.)
  18. My friend's RPG that he's making went live on Kickstarter! Looks like a fun alternate take on the history of the Americas.
  19. Might could do that at some point. I'm getting ready to move house soon, so it's going to stay inert until after that's done and dusted.
  20. I use Cura. I've tried MatterControl, but I didn't like it very much.
  21. I have a glass plate. I've tried hairspray, I've tried glue stick, I've tried just bare. I have a build-tak plate, as well, which usually produces better results, but when a print fails, it's impossible to get the damn thing clean, and then I have to pitch it and go back to the glass plate again. Even with brand new filament, it does this. Sometimes I have to re-dry my filament if it's been sitting there for a while, but I just have had so much trouble with it. Honestly, bed adhesion is my number one problem. Nothing else seems to be giving me trouble, just that.
  22. Just one thing after another. Bad bed adhesion, parts breaking down, bad filament, just everything seems to go wrong. I've poured good money after bad into the thing, and I'm considering just cutting my losses, selling it, and getting a resin machine. I hate to consider that, because it was a birthday gift from my partner, but I never seem to be able to get the damn thing working right. Every time I think I have it dialed in, something goes wrong and I have to walk away for a while to keep myself from getting pissed off. I think that might be part of it. I'm not a very technically adep
  23. I usually stick with Hatchbox, either grey or black. The biggest obstacle I constantly run into is bed adhesion. I level, I re-level, I do everything I can think of and that other people can think of, but anything more than a few small prints (like, less than 2-3" square) won't stick, it either turns into spaghetti or melts all over the hot end and I need to replace it (which is the current state of affairs.)
  24. Ender. I sent the Monoprices back before I got it. The Ender spends almost as much time out of commission as running, and has produced more failed prints than successful ones. I'm beginning to think I'm just bad at it.
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