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  1. Just be glad you never took up Elysians.
  2. One of the things that kind of turned me off of Frostgrave as a campaign skirmish game was the fact that only the wizard and apprentice gained any kind of experience. Hopefully they'll take a more Mordheim-esque track with this one and let the "henchmen" gain experience too, in a more limited form. Otherwise, looks nifty. I want to check out Rogue Stars, too. I just need to gather more models and get more people to play these oddball games with. 😛
  3. I accidentally bought an army today...
  4. I was just tossing out an example, but I think you're right, if it healed a wound on a successful test it would be better. I just think it's a needlessly complicated rule that could be accomplished in a much fluffier manner much more simply.
  5. The new Reanimation Protocols rules seem unnecessarily complicated and rather harsh on multi-wound models. Destroyers of all types get kind of hosed by it. It would have been so much better to just say "after every attack, roll 1d6 for each model slain; on a 5+ that model comes back, otherwise, it's gone for good." This "adding dice to a pool" crap doesn't work well in this situation.
  6. This. We're getting there, but right now, it's just clunky and awkward and slows down the games. It's a fun novelty, but it requires that everyone involved have the apps, and most people I know aren't so gadget happy as to add another 20-30 minutes to their games just so they can tinker with an app on their phones/tablets.
  7. I guess this is kinda cool? It seems like a solution in search of a problem, and it will slow games way down, because instead of just using the tape measure you're already familiar with, you have to pull out your phone/tablet, start tapping buttons and scrolling through, etc. It would make the setup process take longer, too. I've used a number of game "aids" in app form, and in each case, they just end up bogging things down.
  8. "Roll to see if I'm getting drunk!"
  9. I would disagree. In 40k, there are definitely different tiers of units within a given army; some are trash and some are overpowered. Which means that if you want to be creative and have control over the game, you're probably going to lose a lot of games while you futz around having fun. Some game systems are just like that, and 40k is one of them. A lot of the stuff they've put out so far, with the exception of the narrative stuff like Crusade, seems to be a lot more oriented towards tournament play, especially considering how much of the new mission stuff they lifted from the ITC stuff in 8t
  10. That's the true strength of 40k. As someone who's been playing off and on for 20 years or so, I can honestly say that the biggest mistake people make with 40k is taking it too seriously. It's a beer and pretzels game, and as long as everyone involved understands that, it's a lot of fun. You just have to understand and accept that GW is GW, and they're going to do [big bad swear word] like this. If you're okay with it, groovy, you play 40k and have fun. If not, you move on to other games, like a lot of us have in the past. Just be selective about where you play and who you play with, and
  11. I mean, I feel like this is starting to turn into a discussion akin to the new table sizes... you don't HAVE to use these new rules. 40k has gotten by for what, 30 years now? Give or take? Without this kind of stuff. If someone absolutely hard-line refuses to play without these new rules, well, you don't have to play with them. Personally, coming from Infinity, I want to see terrain take a bigger role in the game, but not to this degree; it's massively overcomplicating an already complicated set of terrain rules. It's neat and all, but also wholly unnecessary. I don't imagine I'll be playing m
  12. I love the look of that new HeroQuest stuff, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little steamed that not only is a monolithic giant like Hasbro resorting to crowdfunding to bring out a new game, but they're setting the pledge goal at one million dollars. And judging by the cost of the pledge levels, it's not going to be a cheap game even if it does make it to retail. I still have my OG copy I bought at a yard sale for $5 20-someodd years ago, and a 3D printer. I think I'll be alright.
  13. I'm probably going to pick one up, just to have an instant board's worth of terrain for my small home table. That's basically exactly the product I wanted GW to put out, and lo and behold, they have catered to my unspoken desires. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, GW! Also, I salute you, sir. That was the most staggeringly impressive feat of alliteration I've ever seen. Well done.
  14. Also, Napster didn't host the files, either. The way Napster and the other torrenting systems worked, the data was streamed in bits and pieces from online users who had put the files up for that purpose (I used to use Napster and its descendants a lot back in the day.) They still got nailed, but I think that was more because they weren't even trying to police stuff. They survived after the lawsuits were concluded, but they just wound up putting disclaimers up, because they literally had no way to stop people from sharing music and stuff illegally.
  15. I'm pretty sure Battlescribe doesn't host the data files, do they? I thought the files were hosted elsewhere.
  16. I haven't had this table for that long. Besides, my partner still has a vague delusion of trying to protect it.
  17. I, for one, would love to see that court battle.
  18. Been painting over Zoom with a couple of friends. About five hours over two days produced five Intercessors and a Venerable Dreadnought.
  19. All true. This discussion is further complicated by the reduced relative purchasing power in the United States as wages have stagnated over the last 20 years or so. I actually got into a long winded debate on a Facebook group I'm on about this (it went from the OP video and turned into a debate on Marxist theory, so I have no idea how that happened.)
  20. I would be very curious to see how this translates to USD. It's a well-established fact that GW tends to inflate the cost of models in the US market versus the UK; whether that's because of the cost of customs, importing models to the US distro centers, assumption that Americans have more money, or just regular old English ethnocentrism, coin for coin, you'll get more models in the UK for your cash than in the US. I also recognize that inflation in one country is different from that in another. But the cost of models in the US is usually about 30-50% more expensive than in the UK. Also, t
  21. So with the 'rona still running rampant (alliteration is fun!) I was wondering if anyone would be interested in such a thing? Just kind of set up a specific day and time when we could meet up on a video chat server and socialize while we paint. Good way to keep accountable on the hobby and do some socializing for those of us that can't come out and game. Anyone interested?
  22. It depends on how it's worded in the codex, we won't know until that drops. The Chaplain may only affect core units, as well. It looks like they're trying to tone back how easy it is to buff characters into being mega-monsters that kick the tar out of everything in their path.
  23. This is kinda going to suck for armies that get their 9th ed codices first (though Marines don't get to complain about anything these days) but once it's fully rolled out, I think it's going to be very good for the health of the game. And let's be honest, Marines are the ones this nerf bat is being directed at the most. I like it.
  24. Okay, question for the hive mind. Those who have used resin and FDM printers, which is more reliable? I have an Ender 3, which is a great little printer, but I'm getting really tired of having to mess around with it and dial it in every time I get a fresh roll of filament. I can get a Photon for $170, and if I had to, I could bodge together a vent system to barf the fumes out the window. Is a resin printer going to require less messing with to get it to work right?
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