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  1. Ultramarines are kinda...meh. But you get access to Bobby G who has the best aura in the game, period. Dark Angel's are nice because the rerolls of 1 if they dont move. Which also works nicely with the bolter rule. They also get the spooky land speeder for -1 to hit and Azreal for 4++ bubble. So you can make your gunline quite resilient. Also they have the second best terminators in the game. Which is a nice unit to prevent charging your gunline. Salamanders have a reroll which is nice. Deathwatch obviously has special issue ammo which is amazing on intercessors. Or anything wi
  2. Dont make the Castellan House Raven, bam done. No cawls wrath, no reroll 1's on everything. Now the Castellan is good not overpowered. Also I didnt really see anything in the ad mech that was super scary either. Play the list you want and bring it back a notch during game. "Oh I can delete that unit if I shoot everything at it, but I'll separate my shooting." However OFCC isn't for me either even though I could make every game fun even with Castellan/Catachan horde.
  3. I believe its supposed to be used with their medium. They also have a paint that glows even in daylight. Which would look pretty cool on plasma.
  4. Yup... but it happens! I just have bad luck with knights in tournaments.
  5. Q- tip cotton, white glue, shape into misty shapes. Use the absolute black from culture hustle. It's the 2nd blackest black paint in existence and absorbs light.
  6. Game 3. The finals. Necrons vrs Catachans. His army; 3 croissants, 2 cannon pirate ships, 2 triarch stalkers, 6 destroyers, some hq's and immortals. Necron turn 1. He veil of darkness's into my back lines, he shoots everything. I fail 10ish 3++ saves on my knight. It takes 28 wounds. Well crap. That's not good. It's ok. Brandon Grant lost his Castellan turn two at LVO and still won. Just control the board, score points. I can still do this. Necron player: "Roll to explode" Me: "What?" NP: " You need to see if the knight explodes." Me: "oh right!"
  7. Boom! That's actually foreshadowing for later, but instead lets get to game two! My opponents army; Uhh, honestly I have no idea exactly. It was tau. And it had like three different septs, a riptide, broadsides, shadow sun, cold fusion commanders, devil fish. I think it may have had one of everything but the flyers. My army; My incompetent Castellan & Associates. Pic of my turn one. Hammer & Anvil deployment. Basically my goal was to control the center of the board, cover as much space as possible and force as many drones to jump in front of bullets a
  8. There is not a single rule anywhere, written by anyone saying that your Blood Angel's have to be painted the exact shade of red that GW paints them in. Or even that you have to paint them red. You can paint Blood Angels any color that you want. There is not RAW for painting armies. There can't be, everyone has different level of skills in regards to painting. Heck, some people cant even see the same color as most. And painting your army any color you want, regardless GW's fluff, works for anything. Dark Angel's, Ultramarines, Alpha Legion, Bad Moons, anything. Your issue/hang up/personal
  9. I mean you can play whatever you want and call them Dark Angel. So if you want Forgotten Gargoyles Azreal just make sure he has a power sword and combi plasma. Then make him fit your chapter.
  10. Oh... right. I did not look closer. I saw a bunch of terminators and though "oh that's so many storm bolter shots".
  11. Well every tournament I've entered with knights, something has gone horrifically wrong. If you stay tuned for games 2 & 3, you will see how this one screws me as well.
  12. So I went to a local tournament this weekend. 2k, ITC, no painting required, 3 rounds. It was fun, but I've decided that knights are something I shouldn't personally run in tournaments. They just don't... well let's give a rundown of how things went. My first opponent was a local named Ben running SoB. His list was; SoB lady with wings, SoB in tanks, SoB with wings, SoB with heavy bolters and some SoB missile tanks. My army was; Now normally I like to take a bit more bad pictures to document my games. But Ben put me on my back foot almost immediately and I mostly
  13. I mean I saw it coming but that was quick. I'm kinda glad cause two armies with vect would have pushed orks way down in usefulness but I'm also kinda grumpy cause not one major tournament was played to see if it would have actually done anything.
  14. Ohhh I'm liking this army. With bolter drill it had a fair number of shots too
  15. Regardless in like 3-6 months the summon strat will be like 2-3cp. Until then you'll have to learn how to position better. Which will make you a better player overall.
  16. From top left to bottom right; crusader from AM, magus for gsc or primaris psyker for AM, tech priest for ad mech, servitor for any imperium, inquisitor.
  17. I approve of this. Good luck finding that many storm bolters though.
  18. I dont see very many situations that you would be upset at spending 1cp and 85 points to choose an assassin. That stratagem was the tipping point for me changing my entire list a week out from a tournament. An assassin sideboard is so useful.
  19. Because I didn't think of that clever name? Also the way I play orks is not fun for opponents. Chewing through 250+ "fearless" models as they keep racking up points off objectives is a draining experience. And I just dont have the models to play any other way. I promise I will have more orky content in the future as I love the little green hooligans!
  20. I mean it sounds like you had fun, learned a bunch of stuff and had a chance to win most of your games. Solid outing is what it sounds like.
  21. Finally got down to the FLGS. Opponent was more casual but wanted to try a more competitive game in preparation for a local tournament. His list, written with what models he had and what my list was; 3 squads of dev squads with a mix of hb, missiles and Las cannons. Bobby G, Chronos, tech priest, 3x 5 intersessors, 2x assault cannon Razorbacks, anti airplane rhino, flag guy and a knight. My list; 3x gallants, 2x helverins, 2x vultures, "loyal 32" but with 45 models. My deployment. His deployment. So because I needed some info/practice playing a uphi
  22. Do we know the full contents of the box?
  23. Took a brief look at the codex today. Still seems like a solid utility army with some great tricks and horrifying close combat options. I personally enjoy dropping 20 hand flamers 3" away for 160ish points.
  24. Man it's been a minute but I got another game in. So my opponents army; Kx 139 supremacy suit 7x5 strike teams 2x cadre fireblades and coldstars 3x6 shield drones My list; 3 gallants/ 2 helverins 40x catachans/3x mortars/ commander/ ig wizard / 2x vultures Since he had more drops than me I couldn't really set up my knights in a favorable position. I also figured only one knight would actually make it to combat so... ehh. So deployment and my turn one. I pushed my knights to almost mid table. Moved some infantry squads closer to objectives
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