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  1. Let us know when you do another shadespire Sunday. I'm definitely interested in giving the game a go.
  2. Thanks. I don't have the FW instructions/box, because I assembled the model. I didn't even know one could buy recasts of this stuff. In any case, I don't want to put up pictures of all the stuff now, but if anyone is interested, ask me and I will. All the boxes are new "AOS" branded, with round bases, other than the Chaos Warshrine.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not really interested in parting it out. I'm not in desperate need of money, I just want to put this up for sale. I never considered putting up pictures of the boxes, as I figured "NIB" pretty much tells you what you need to know. But maybe I should get on that.
  4. I've tried to sell them online for about $50 more, and no one's biting. If I sell local I can lower the price since I don't have to worry about shipping. Here's hoping!
  5. Hi folks! I hope my slaves lot can make someone happy. I love them, but I'm just not playing the game and the longer the gray plastic sits there the sadder I get. Everything is NIB unless otherwise specified. I listed MSRP after each item, just to give a sense of what things cost originally. I am asking $350 for the lot, which is 50% off MSRP ($693). Thank you for looking, and please ask me any questions you have! * Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness — Everything is assembled or partially assembled and primed black. The Chaos Warriors are about 85% painted (with their shields off – you can see what they look like here). — $85 * Chaos Warriors Regiment — $40 * Chaos Warriors box of 3 — $10 * Chaos Marauders — $38 * Chaos Spawn — $41 * Chaos Lord/Sorcerer on Manticore — $54 * Chaos Warshrine — $58 * Chaos Chosen — $45 * Chaos Lord — $25 * Wulfrik the Wanderer — $19 * Forgeworld Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw — assembled; Nightmaw is primed dark grey — $32 * Daemon Prince — assembled and primed black — $41 * Lord on Daemonic Mount — assembled — $40 * Archaon — $165
  6. Hey folks, It obviously behooves a BB player to write names and positions on the bases of the minis (something somewhat unique to BB). I've been looking around for a light or white micron paint pen that I can use for this purpose, with little luck. The smallest I've found are 1mm, which frankly are kind of fat and difficult to get decent penmanship out of on a base. I'm sure I can figure it out with a fine-tipped brush, but I thought I'd canvass the vets to see if there are solutions out there I'm not finding. Thanks!
  7. I'll be playing in the Super League, running good ol' Humans. Also, I think I accidentally registered twice on Ordo Bowl, so if someone can delete the login that doesn't correspond to this display name, that would be great. Thanks!
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