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  1. Hey brother Burke is reaching out. I don't blame him. Do you want to try and get the game in now? I know I did a FF but I can muscle out the game
  2. Hey brother can we reschedule our game for the weekend? I just got in and I forgot that I have another game booked for later this evening.
  3. Hey boss do you want to play today? Im pretty much good to go. If its easier to communicate you can always send me a text. 604 616 3134
  4. hey brother been feeling under the weather the last few days. lets try for something later in the week. Ill keep in touch Thanks
  5. Hey boss GG. Your Ogre really was a bit of a bone head in the second half.
  6. Hey brother I'm working all day , might be able to do something tonight. Can't guarantee though. I have another game scheduled for 730 tomorrow morning and than need to do some family chores. Tomorrow evening might be an option as well.
  7. Hey brother guess we should try and get this in. Whats your schedule like for this weekend?
  8. Ready?

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    2. dylanator


      Hey well played. There was a lot of running around the pitch and scambling. Your troll was a bit off in the first half. 

    3. michaels


      Haha yeah. This team is so bad. Not sure I can handle playing them another season. 🙂

    4. dylanator


      you played well with them. They just need some more skills. There quick too. The low armor kinda sucks though. 

  9. Lol! So what your saying is I dint pay attention to what you already told me.
  10. Hey brother I got a bank appointment at 9am this morning and than another game at 2pm. I've got a bit of running around today but Im sure I can do something. what's your schedule like today?
  11. Saturday might work. I let you now tomorrow
  12. Hey brother you and I are up. I got a crazy schedule but I know we gotta getter done to catch up. Throw out some times and I will try and accomidate

  13. Lol! Good for you. I got 1 level up but is was my extra arms guy. Im lacking block right now and I need some. Right now your team has a safe amount. I think by the end of the season here you'll be looking very strong. Again well played. I enjoyed that game a lot. Cheers🍻
  14. Very tight game and evenly matched. Dice rolls for both of us were fair. Well played
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