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  1. Hey brother just saw this. Might be able to do something tonight or tomorrow. Let's keep in touch through text. I don't always check the form 604 616 3134
  2. Hey Russ I just got home. If your into it we could try and get our game in. Let me know. Shoot me a text 6046163134
  3. Hey brother maybe we could plan something for the weekend.
  4. Hey brother weekdays after 8 are generally good or weekends. Thus week is pretty busy but maybe we can try something for Wednesday or Friday. Just to make communication easier just toss me a text. I don't alway come to the form and check the messages. My number is 604 616 3134 Thanks boss
  5. Burk Hey boss I just got home. You wanna play now?
  6. Hey brother I'm working tomorrow but should be home at decent time. We can try for 5ish or maybe later in the evening around 8. Let me know what your thoughts are
  7. Hey boss might be able to do something tonight or Saturday/Sunday evening
  8. I can play weekends or after 8pm during the weekdays
  9. No problem brother. Keep me posted
  10. Burk Hey man sorry for not keeping in touch. What's your thoughts on a Thursday or Friday game? Sometime after 8pm
  11. Might be able to do something mid week. wouldnt be until the evening though
  12. Hey brother I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention to the threads. Ill touch base with you tomorrow and we can set our game up..sorry man
  13. Send me a ticket brother. I'll be running the same team Thanks
  14. Hey brother Burke is reaching out. I don't blame him. Do you want to try and get the game in now? I know I did a FF but I can muscle out the game
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